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The Girl with All the Gifts (The Girl with All the Gifts, #1)
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Elise (ellinou) | 525 comments Twenty years ago, in England–and the rest of the world, but the story takes place in England–, there was “the Breakdown,” where a fungus infected everybody and turned them into hungries, zombie-like creatures capable of one thing and one thing only: eating. A small band of survivors have gathered on an army base, and they’ve found a bunch of hungry children who don’t behave like normal hungries: they’re able to control themselves, talk and think and learn. So they grab them, study them, occasionally cut them up. One day, the base is attacked, and four human survivors set off in the wilderness with a little hungry girl–Melanie, subject number one.

It’s been a while since I read a book that made me go “oh, one more chapter before bed,” and all of a sudden it’s an hour later and I’m still not sleeping. I absolutely adored this book. It was both horrific and touching. I found in extremely original. Dystopias are a common (and, IMO, overdone) theme, but this one was special. I just couldn’t get enough. All the characters were beautiful in their own way (even the crazy doctor!), complex and human and relatable.

And the ending! Gosh, I managed not to see it coming (even though after it was like... duh...), and it broke my heart! I was having lunch at work and when I finished (which I wasn’t expecting, since the edition I had was one with questions and excerpts from another book at the end, so I thought I had like 20 pages to go still!), I just set it down and stared at it for a while.

I think this might be the best book I read this year.

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annapi | 4973 comments I loved this book! I noticed from Amazon reviews that many did not like the way it ended, but I thought it was daring and brilliant and really could not have been satisfactorily ended in any other way. I did have an inkling about what was going to happen and was tickled pink that my suspicions were correct.

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KateNZ | 2323 comments I loved it too. Definitely a 5* read for me, and I usually run a mile from zombie/horror type stuff . The characters were gorgeous, and the plot was very clever.

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Jgrace | 2814 comments KateNZ wrote: "I loved it too. Definitely a 5* read for me, and I usually run a mile from zombie/horror type stuff . The characters were gorgeous, and the plot was very clever."

I think I'll save this one for a month when the randomizer gives us zombies as a choice.

Elise (ellinou) | 525 comments I hope there's such a month soon then, because it's really worth the read!

Has anyone seen the movie? I'm wondering if there's a valid (ie non-racist) reason why Melanie and Gallagher are black instead of white, and Miss Justineau is white instead of black.

 Olivermagnus (lynda214) | 2022 comments This was one of my favorite books and not one I expected to like. It was so creative and I loved Melanie so much.

annapi | 4973 comments I can't remember why I picked up this book, probably because of recommendations, but I did not know what it was about. I started to read it and slowly it dawned on me to my amazement that it was a zombie novel, and I was enjoying it!

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