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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ta da!

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments So want to just do simple characters, name agr and appearance, let the rest just come out in rp?

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Sounds good to me! I’ll post mine whenever I get to my laptop.

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments alrighty. same. my laptop is right across the room but I'm being lazy.

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Gotcha. XD I'll get to mine soon.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments Name: Adella
Age: Appears mid 20s, actual ~250

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments {Name:} Ethan McGuire
{Age:} 23

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments How would you like to Start?

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Not sure... Somewhere close to the part where your character gets mine involved in the craziness.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments You want to start?

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments If you want me to, sure!

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments Please :)

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan shivered as he stepped out of the heated supermarket building and into the brisk, winter air. Shoving the hand not holding his few bags into his coat’s pocket, he left the sidewalk and made his way through the busy parking lot. People and cars were everywhere, masking the atmosphere loud and almost frantic. Everyone was likely hurrying to get their last minute holiday shopping done. Kind of like Ethan. Kind of.

message 14: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments It was once again Adella's turn to keep an eye on him. It was looking like they were going to have to bring him in sooner than they were originally planning, things were moving faster now with the Tuvari pushing things along. It would be better to wait until his abilities started to show themselves but if they came at the normal time that was still a couple years off. They didn't have that time anymore.

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan looked around the busy lot as he walked, watching the people and keeping an eye out for cars. Something felt strange. He couldn’t describe how he felt it. He didn’t know if he was imagining either. It was a thing he’d been questioning for awhile. It was the feeling of being watched.

As always, when he took in his surroundings, he saw no one. No one was looking at him or staring. The only person he saw give him a glance was a small child being carried by their father. Sighing quietly, he mentally kicked himself. No one is there, Ethan mentally chided himself. Still, even as he neared the safety of his car in the back of the parking lot, he couldn’t shake the feeling, nor the uneasiness that came with it.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments ((Okay so I'm taking this bit of their powers from a book series I'm reading.))

Seeing where he was going Adella shifted into her bird form. Each of them had three shapes, a bird, a sea animal and something that ran on land. Her bird form was a hawk, as he got in the car she flew up and circled high above watching. It was from up there that she noticed something else that seemed off. She noticed another bird perched on a tree not far away, not unusual in of itself but it was a bird that didn't belong in this area, shouldn't be out now anyway. Sure maybe it had flown in but she was more of the mind that it was something more. No one else was supposed to be watching him right now. That meant that it might be one of the Tuvari. That had all the same abilities as her people, used to be a part of them until that split centuries ago. She glanced once more at Ethan before flying in the direction of the owl. If it was one of the Tuvari she'd handle them, then they had to get Ethan moving. If one Tuvari had found him more would be coming.

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments ((Cool! :D)

Ethan unlocked his car and got in, shivering slightly as he sat down. Much like the air outside, the inside of the vehicle was freezing. After setting his two bags down on the floor of the passenger side, he started up the old, messy truck and turned on the heat. Next stop, home. Or so Ethan thought, until he saw how much gas he had left.

Sighing, he changed his plan to include a gas station stop on the way to his apartment. Turning in his seat, Ethan carefully looked out the back window as he slowly pulled out of his parking spot. Thankfully, the back of the lot had a lot less foot traffic than the front, and he was on the road in no time.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments When the owl saw her coming it screeched at rose into the sky to meet her. The two circled each other, each trying to gain an advantage to strike out with their talons. It went back and forth for awhile, each one landing a few blows until Adella landed a large rip in her opponent's wing, causing him to start to crash to the ground. Adella dived after to make sure to finish him off but the Tuvari though injured was still fast, moments before they got the ground they shifted again, this time into a bob cat and though the injuries carried through to the other form still managed to slash out at Adella as she drew close. She just barely managed to dodge out of the way with a curse but the suddeness of it caused her own crash landing as well. As she hit the ground she changed into her own land forn, a fox, smaller than her opponent, but she was fast and he was injured, mostly keeping his weight on his uninjured side she saw now. That hit on his wing had turned into a nasty wound on his front leg.

Even injured he still proved to be a worthy opponent and by the end of the fight Adella was breathing hard, trying to catch her breath. She changed into a bird again, more unsteady in her flight now as she rose back into the sky to find Ethan again. She wasn't sure how long the fight had lasted, he's probably be back home now or close to it. Now to convince him to come with her. This wouldn't be easy...

message 19: by Belle (new)

Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan pulled his beanie down lower over his ears, hoping he'd be able to get out of the cold soon. He leaned against the side the small, black truck and looked around the nearly empty gas station as he waited for his tank to fill. Some other cars were parked, but aside from himself, there was only one other person getting gas. The rest of the drivers were likely inside, where it was probably warm. Or at least warmer than it was outside.

Hearing the telltale sound of the pump stopping, he put it away and quickly screwed back on the cap to the gas tank. Glancing at the sky as he closed the small door over it, he frowned faintly. It'd been overcast all day and the sun showed no signs of reappearing. "I hope it doesn't rain," he mumbled to himself.

Ethan kept his eyes on the sky as he moved towards the driver's door, more to observe the gray clouds than anything else. Seeing movement in his peripheral vision, he shifted his gaze slightly to left. There was a hawk soaring overhead and it seemed... wobbly. He raised his eyebrows at the unusual way the bird was flying.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments Catching sight of him Adella began her spiral down, not as graceful as her flight normally was due to her injuries. She landed in the top of the truck, now he'd be able to see the extent of her injuries, a few slashes on her side under the wing would be partly visible as well as one on the chest. The wings themselves a bit shredded but not too badly.

Him seeing her shift would probably convince him she wasn't crazy when she went to explain everything to him, but she couldn't shift here where there was a chance more people would see her. She was hoping that he'd do something to try to help her like this, she could shift once they were a bit farther away and explain the prophecy and the need to leave to him then. If not she'd find another way. It would have to be fast though. More Tuvari would be coming, especially once they found out that the one was gone. She tilted her head slightly and cawed at him, just taking a couple steps on the top of the truck.

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan yelped in surprise when the bird landed in front of him, jumping back a step. That was... unexpected. Why would a hawk let a human this close to it? Why would a hawk come down and land in front of a human? He was no expert, but he was fairly sure this was highly uncommon.

Once he got over his surprise, the blonde frowned as he took in the bird's appearance. "That doesn't look good," he murmured, eyeing the injuries the avian had. So that was why it had been flying strangely. Maybe it'd gotten attacked? Or into a fight? Whatever had happened, it hadn't left the hawk unscathed. With how bad the animal was hurt, Ethan couldn't bring himself to shoo it away. But what could he do? He had little to no first aid experience with people, and absolutely no medical knowledge about birds of prey.

Sighing, he crossed his arms and stared at the hawk on his truck. "What to do..." He quietly thought out loud, tapping one of his fingers against his arm. After a moment, the tapping stopped as something occurred to Ethan. Wasn't there a vet around here? Keeping a careful eye on the bird, he pulled out his phone and opened up Google Maps. After a bit of scrolling, he found he was right. Awesome. Now to see if I can get it in the car.

Putting his phone away, he slowly stepped back towards his vehicle. "Hey," he said, voice purposefully low and soft, so the hawk wouldn't get spooked. Hopefully. Making sure his movement wasn't sudden, he raised his arm for the hawk to inspect and, possibly, get on. "Whatcha think? Want a ride to the doc?"

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments Adella was relieved that he seemed to be willing to help. She stepped onto his arm, relaxing a little bit. Now she just had to hope that he didn't panic too much when she did change back. Shape-shifting took a lot of energy, with how many times she had changed already today and the injuries, she'd probably be near her limit after she changed back until she got some rest. Good rest would be awhile in coming though. Now that things were being set in motioning they wouldn't stop.

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments He had a hawk on his arm. He had a HAWK on his ARM. It was both super cool and slightly terrifying.

Opening the door to the back, Ethan gently set the bird of prey next to the car seat he had for the kids he occasionally babysat, before closing the door and getting into the driver's seat. Starting up the car, he glanced at the hawk in the review mirror and mentally made a list. Okay, drive slow, avoid bumps, don't hit any curbs. The last thing he wanted to do was spook the hawk, have it attack his face, and then accidentally crash.

Yeah, that'd suck.

After staring up the truck, the blonde pulled out of the gas station and carefully turned onto the rode. The vet was probably... ten minutes away? He just had to last that long. He could do that. He hoped.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments ((Lol let's hope he doesn't crash from shock when suddenly there's a person in the back where the hawk was. XD))

Adella hoped off his arm when he opened the back door. She started the process of shifting back as soon as he started to pull out from the gas station, really hoping this didn't scare him too badly. It took slightly longer than normal due to her injuries but still only a couple of minutes. If Ethan had glanced back at all he would have seen something happening.

Human again she winced. She'd heal, she just needed rest. "Thanks. Wasn't sure if you'd give me a ride or not."

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments ((It'll be a close one. XD))

Ethan jerked in his seat like he'd been physically pushed. Spinning around, his eyes widened in shock at the woman sitting his back seat. The hawk was nowhere in sight. "What the hell-!" He started to exclaim, only to be cut off by someone honking at him. Swearing, he quickly pulled the truck back into the correct lane, narrowly avoiding sideswiping someone. He barely thought to put on his hazard lights before he pulled onto the shoulder and slammed on the breaks.

He lurched forward with the vehicle as it came to a sudden stop, but he could care less in the moment. Just barely having a sound enough mind to realize only using to break to stay stopped was probably a bad idea, Ethan threw the truck into park. The second it was safe - well, safe enough - he quickly turned in his seat to stare in alarm at the strange woman sitting back there. "What the - How did-" He tripped over his words, mouth unable to keep up with how quickly questions were flying through his mind. "Who are you?!"

message 26: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments Adella grabbed the seat to keep from flying to the front when he slammed on the breaks. She muttered a curse as her wounds were jostled. Well, that could have been worse. "My name is Adella, I was the hawk that you just helped. I know who you are Ethan McGuire and trust me when I say we need to get you out of town. We can stop back at your place and you can grab some things, but the faster we leave the better. I'm sure you're going to have a lot of questions, and I'll answer them as well as I can, but we need to move."

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan stared at her with wide, incredulous eyes. After a long moment of silence, he spoke. "... That... makes no sense!" And just like a dam breaking, words were pouring out of him. "You were the hawk?! How is that even possible? How and why do you know my name? Why on Earth would I trust a random woman that got into my car and knows my name even though I didn't tell her who's-" Probably crazy. That was how he what he was going to say. But he stopped before the two words escaped his mouth, panic fading enough for him to notice something. He frowned. "Who's hurt," he finished. Just like the hawk had been...

No. No, that was too crazy. He couldn't handle that. Pushing that thought out of his head, he looked out the window to check how busy the road was, already planning to take her to the ER. "You need a doctor."

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments "I'll be fine, right now we need to get you moving. Yes I was the hawk, that's just one of the abilities I have, that you will have as well. I know who you are Ethan because I am one of the ones tasked with protecting you until the time is right. Things are moving faster than they should have. Trust me. Please. I'll explain everything as we go but for right now you need to get together just as much of what you want that you can easily carry with you. More of the ones who injured me will be coming and they want to take you with them. We need to get you somewhere safe and start training." She took a breath. "Before you ask what all this has to do with you, you were adopted right Ethan? We've been watching out for you since you were born. We put you with the humans because it would be safer and stop the Tuvari from finding you for longer. They want to take over and you can stop them."

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan stilled when she brought up his adoption. How had she...? What did any of this mean?

He stared out the window for a long, silent moment, but he was no longer looking for cars. He was absorbing everything that'd happened within the past minute, from the hawk landing on his roof, to nearly crashing, to now. Every logical part of him screamed to get her to a doctor, call an ambulance, do something. Anything except go home and ignore the wounds. For all he knew, blood loss could be causing her to spout this gibberish.

But that didn't explain how she knew his name or part of his past. Yes, she could be a stalker or psychopath, but he wasn't getting that feel from her. Reading people wasn't always one of his strong suits, but his gut had never led him astray, and right now it was telling him she wasn't crazy.

He clenched his fists in his lap. Loosened them. Clenched them again.

After a second, he exhaled sharply and groaned under his breath. "Talk while I drive," was all he said as he put on his blinker and got ready to pull back onto the road.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments She relaxed, closing her eyes and leaning back in the seat, at least he was listening. She decided that the easiest place to start was at the beginning. "You aren't human Ethan. You are a Kaldari like me, when ever one of us is born, which doesn't happen as often as with humans since we live so much longer, there is a prophecy of sorts given. Most times it's just minor things, nothing special, however when you were born yours was more intricate. Yours was something that could effect everyone. To protect you from the Tuvari who would want to use you we hid you with the humans, hoping that would help protect you from them until the time was right, until you started to develop your powers. If they had found you sooner they would have either killed you or kidnapped you and forced you to work for them, me and others have been watching for them your whole life. Now we need to get you back home, start some of your training and hope your powers come quickly. Another year or two is average but some develop their's early and I just hope you're one of them."

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan frowned as he drove, questions piling up in his mind. While he prioritized what to ask first, he changed lanes so he'd be ready to pull into his neighborhood when they got there. After a second, he glanced at her in the review mirror. "Why now?" He asked. "If you've been watching me for years - which is creepy, by the way," he muttered the last part under his breath, before continuing, "and my supposed powers couldn't come up for another couple of years, why drag me into this now?"

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments "Because the Tuvari have found you now and more will be coming. It was safer to hide you with the humans but that's no longer the case. Even if you don't have your powers yet you can start training for other things, learning to use a weapon being one of them. While we're doing that we can hope that your powers decide to show up early." She had heard his muttered words but chosen not to comment on them.

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Turning on his blinker, Ethan started slowing down as they approached his street. Smoothly turning onto it, he frowned faintly when he realized he had a tight enough grip on the steering wheel that his knuckles were white. He forced his hands to relax as he asked his next question. "Who or what are the Tuvari?"

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments "They're like us. Many centuries ago, long before I was born, a group broke away and formed their own people. They want to take over and they want to use you to do it. If they succeed in taking over they won't just stop with conquering the Kaldari, they'll start going after humans too. We need to stop them."

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments "I'm guessing I have to help because of whatever prophecy I'm stuck with?" Ethan guessed with a sigh. He turned right and pulled into a worn down driveway, parking once they'd reached the top. Turning the truck off, the blonde turned around to look at the girl in the backseat. "There's a first aid kit under the passenger seat," he told her. "If you insist on not going to a hospital, then I'm going to insist on you at least opening it."

message 36: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments Her lips twitched a little at that but she reached down to grab the kit. "Fair enough." She opened it up and pulled out the gauze, working on wrapping some of the slashes up. "Healing comes with our powers as well but takes a lot of energy, from all the shifting I did earlier I don't have enough to heal myself." She thought it might be helpful to start explaining other things to him as well. "You need to start packing to go, and while you do that do you have anything I can snack on? Food and sleep are the main things that will get my energy back, need it to heal and if we run into trouble later."

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments "Yeah, I've got some stuff in the house," Ethan answered as he unbuckled. He glanced at the groceries he'd gotten earlier that were sitting on the floor in front of the passenger seat. Might as well leave them in the truck. They didn't need to be frozen or refrigerated, so they would spoil quickly. And he had a feeling it'd be awhile before he returned home anyways. "How much do you need and how much do you recommend packing?"

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments "Pack only what you need and what you can easily carry. We can take your truck part of the way but that's it, we'll be camping out for a lot of the trip, since you can't shift yet it'll take longer to get there." She opened the door. "I'll just take whatever is quick while you're packing, hopefully it'll give me at least enough energy to heal and maybe to shift again later if I need it."

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments .

message 40: by Belle (new)

Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Where is "there"? Ethan kept the question to himself as he led the way inside the small house. He wanted to know what was going on. He hated going into things blind. If he could get his hands on information beforehand, he'd do it. And right then, he didn't have nearly as much information as he wanted, but so far, every answer he'd gotten had just raised more questions. Between that and the sudden shift in what his life was, he was overloading a little. So he didn't ask anything else, didn't add any fuel to the fire that was the confusion and shaken state of was his mind.

Once inside, he raised his right arm towards the small kitchen, showing Adella where it was in a sort of "take whatever you want/need" manner before going left and heading to his room to quickly pack.

message 41: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments She nodded her thanks, opening up the fridge and scanning over what was in there. She ended up pulling out some chicken and popping it into the microwave for a short amount of time. While it was going she grabbed an apple from the counter and started to search through his cabinets for other foods that the could take with them for when she needed to gain just enough energy to be able to do something. She pulled out granola bars and the like, leaving them on the counter to throw in a bag before they left.

She felt some of her strength returning as she munched on the apple, closing her eyes for a moment and letting the worst of the wounds start to heal. A moment later the microwave beeped and Adella paused in her search for more things to take with them, she had some supplies of her own hidden in the woods not far from here, and with this additions it should last most of the way if they didn't run into too much trouble. She took her plate of food with her as she looked for Ethan, wanting to make sure that he was only packing the practical.

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan shoved a bundle of clothes into his backpack once he was done folding them together. Thanks to the way he'd packed them, they didn't take up as much space as they could have an now resembled something of a brick made of slightly heavy fabric. He ran through a mental list in his head. Changes of clothes? Check. Coat? He was wearing it. Sneakers? He was also wearing those. Inhaler? In his pocket. Back up allergy medicine? Check. There was the first aid kit in his truck, along with a flashlight and phone charger, and he'd found unopened travel toothbrushes in his bag from when he'd had braces.

"This is insane," he muttered under his breath as he threw some things into the smaller, front compartment of the backpack. A hawk had turned into a girl, he was born with some kind of prophecy, apparently wasn't human, and would now be somewhat on the run. The situation was crazy. Or maybe he was.

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments .

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments (Sorry Izzy!))

Adella stood in the doorway watching him as she munched on her chicken, the plate almost empty now. "I know it all must sound crazy right now, I'll try to give you some better explanations as we go, hopefully things will make more sense to you then. We'll need to make one quick stop once we leave before we really start our journey, I have my supplies in the woods not far from here, some travel supplies, my bow, a few other useful things." Her eyes scanned over the room. "Do you need any help to finish packing things?"

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments ((It's okay! ^-^))

She had a bow? They'd need weapons? Ethan felt a small surge of gratefulness for the wooden bat in the front seat of his truck. However, it was also accompanied by a swell of panic and anxiety as well. He did his best to keep a grip on it and managed to keep himself from freaking out. Right then, anyway.

"I think I got it all," he muttered in reply, zipping the backpack shut. He stared down at the bag resting on his bed, still and silent. After a minute, he sighed and turned to look at Adella. "I know I'm probably going to end up coming with you anyway, for one reason or another, and I'm stuck with whatever this is from here on out. But..." His shoulders slumped slightly. Barely an hour had passed and he was already tired. The stress from the sudden changes, and the whole situation in general, probably had a lot to do with this. "How do I trust you? Trust this, whatever it is?"

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments She raised her chin slightly, quiet for a moment as she studied him. "It's a good question, but one I can't really give you an answer too. If our positions were reversed, I don't know what you'd be able to say to convince me. All I can say is to see for yourself. Trust me for now or don't, judge for yourself when you see everything and tell me what you think then."

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan held back a sigh. That was fair. Not reassuring, but fair. For now, he wouldn't trust her, not completely. But no red flags had gone up yet, and his gut wasn't telling him to get away. It was enough for him to go along with her. That, and she could turn in a hawk, so at least some parts of this story were definitely real.

He picked up his backpack and shouldered it, then glanced at Adella's near empty plate. "Need any more food before we go?" He asked.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments She shook her head. "Thank you anyway. The worst of the wounds are healing and I should be able to shift at least once if I need to now. Rest will help me more later. If you're ready let's go. I pulled down some more things in your kitchen to take with us."

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Belle Lightfluer (fanaticfangirl) | 35 comments Ethan nodded shortly before making his way to the kitchen. He shifted the backpack down to his arm as he walked and unzipped one of the compartments. His bag wasn't incredibly full, so whatever food she'd found should be able to fit inside.

Upon spotting the food, he scooped the granola bars and other food off the counter and packed them. This is nuts, his brain told him. I know, shut up, he responded as he shoved a container of cashews into the bag. It only took a second to get everything inside. He looked up at Adella as he closed the backpack once more.

"How close is the first stop?" He asked.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 874 comments ((Sorry for the delay, mostly reply here when I'm on my laptop which I don't have time to use days I work with the 12 hr shifts.))

Adella thought about it for a moment. "I'm used to flying it, but total it'll probably take us a week or so to get to where we need to go. We need to start going north and make it as far as we can tonight before we need to stop. After a couple days we'll have to switch to hiking most of the way, I can teach you how to use a bow then, a useful skill for down the road."

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