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((sorry for some reason i didn't get any notifications!))
Tsun sits across from her. "Hello~"

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Luna Serenity Touka walks in and orders just a plain small coffee "hey guys nice seeing you here Touka said.

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Yui appears out of nowhere, "touka can i steal you for a second?" she asks.

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Luna Serenity "Um sure" she responds

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She quickly took touka away from Tsun and lilly. "Ok. So you know that secret santa thing? I'm planning on setting up something but i need advice." ((Can i pm you so Anju and the others don't know the plan? XD))

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Tsun looks at it in amazement. "Woaah.. your really good at making illusions." he says smiling at her.

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Tsun pats her head and smiles at her.

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"Heh~ Your super cute when your embarrassed~" he says still smiling sweetly at her.

Yukino takes a picture.

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He pets her softly.

Yui takes some more picturesl

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"Woah! ok."

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((sorry!)) Tsun pets her head. "Tired?" he asks.

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"So... How have you been?" ((if you cant tell i have no idea what to do XD))

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((yes for a while i did. sorry.))
Tsun smiles and pets her.
((When you have no idea what to do other than pet a fox XD))

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((What am i suppose to do here? XD I blame my lack of knowing what to do on coffee.))

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He looks at her not knowing what to do,

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Luna Serenity "Hey guys I'm back" Touka says

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Luna Serenity ((Hey))

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Yui walks over to them. "Wassup"

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Luna Serenity "Not Much just reading the latest novel I picked up" Touka responds

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((when i first read coffee shop my mind went straight to Anteiku. ))

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Luna Serenity ((Me too XD))

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((XD)) "I'm bored" yui says and sits across from where tsun and lilly were sitting.

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Luna Serenity " have you tried reading" Touka says while reading her own book.

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Yui looks at her like she just suggested something that is impossible to do. "Um... ill.. pass..." she says nervously.

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((oh wow.. everyones dead XD))

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Luna Serenity ((Sorry I was making Christmas plans with my mom)) "Yui reading is the best thing that could ever happen to you" Touka exclaims.

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"Yeah i guess...." she says as a butterfly flies around her head. She holds out her index finger and the butterfly flies on it. she studies the wing patterns.

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((its fine. my other chats died as well as soon as this one died XD))

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Luna Serenity well I tried" Touka expressed

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"Look its not like i don't want to read. I'm sure reading is awesome" she says as the butterfly flew on the table and she begins to sketch its wings.

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Luna Serenity Touka continues to read while the world continues to go around her

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((sorry i fell asleep XD))

A couple other butterflies land on the table and Yui starts to sketch their wing patterns.

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Yui laughs a bit. "Good job lilly!" she says and goes back to her sketch. She takes one of the designs and sketches an outfit with the design.

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Hiruko (demonking) | 745 comments Mod
Axel walks into the coffee shop. He hadn't been to one in a while.

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"Yeah sure." she says and gives her sketch book to lilly.

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Hiruko (demonking) | 745 comments Mod
Axel looks around for a spot that wasn't too bright. He honestly needed a break from all the lights. He soon found one and makes his way over to it and sits down.

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"Yeah sure" she responds. Yui sees axel. "Excuse me for a bit. Ill be right back" she says and gets up. She walks over to axel. "Hello Axel~" she says smiling. The stuffed bunny he gave her was hanging out of her bag.

((Shes been carrying that with her everywhere! i did the same when i got my first stuffed animal. I rarely put it down and i would cry when they took it from me at school XD))

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Hiruko (demonking) | 745 comments Mod
((i remember when i was in 8th grade i took a stuffed animal to school and some jerk decided to play a prank on me and took it and hid it in the teacher's closet over the weekend))

Axel looks at her and smiles. "Oh hey there." He notices the bunny in her bag. "I see you still have it. So what's up?"

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"Me and a couple friends are hanging out over there. Care to join us?" she asks as she pointed to the table they were sitting at.

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((god now i cant stop listening to Kiss Kiss fall in love XD))

message 43: by Hiruko, Died March 31, 2018 (new)

Hiruko (demonking) | 745 comments Mod
He looks over to where she was pointing and gave a nod. "Yeah, I'll join."

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Hiruko (demonking) | 745 comments Mod
((tbh same XD))

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"Cool" she says. She walks back to the table. "Hello again ladies and.... Tsun....." she says cheerfully but then says tsuns name flatly. "Grrr. Ill get you one of theses days Kitty cat." he says glaring at her. "DONT CALL ME KITTY CAT YOU MUTT!" she says angrily. "IM NOT A MUTT!" he says angrily as well. Yui takes a deep breath. "That's tsun the mega jerk face Werewolf and Lilly the sweet and awesome Kitsune." she says sitting back down.

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Hiruko (demonking) | 745 comments Mod
Axel nods as he sits down as well. "Hey." He greets them as he looks at them.

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Another butterfly flies one Yui's index finger. "Why hello again James. Its nice to see you again. What brings you here?" she asks the butterfly. The butterfly flutters it wings for a bit. "Oh ok cool. I hope the families going ok." she says and The butterfly flies off.

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Tsun just continues to be quiet and he begins to read his book.

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"Either ones fine." she says smiling.

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((Hey Hiruko can Yukino call your character Zuzu over at OHSHC? its easier for my to remember since its the same nickname Zane has XD))

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