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Tsun follows lilly into the library but loses her. He looks around for heer ((HELLOo)

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"Lilly are you iin here?" he asks a bit worried,

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"Lilly....." he says as his voice quivers a bit.

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"Lilly!" he says rushing over to hug her.

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"Lilly?" ((does he know any other words?!))

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"Um.. then who the hell are you?" ((XD Woooww))

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

"ok have fun" he says and starts to walk away. ((Yeah sorry XD my character's responses are based off of what i would do in their situation XD))

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"Ok. So what am i needed for Ms Demon?" he says yawning.

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"Why do you need lilly back?" he says playing with the chain lazily.

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((i love karma now, TORTURE HIM!)

"Ok. I think id rather you not do anything to my future wife thanks." he says enduring the wasabi.

((I forgot.... this child is oblivious to pain.... he feels it but no reactions... XD))

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"I mean i plan on marrying her one day" he says as he bites the snakes head off and eats it. ((Darn you with your werewolf abilities!))

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"Yeah that's why i said one day. I love her but theres that factor. I plan on getting to know her, I'm pretty sure ill end up loving her no matter what" he said as he played with the chain. ((Lol XD))

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"Ill do whatever she says. Earlier she begged me to help my mortal enemy, that should totally die and burn in hell, out. I just couldn't resist her charm."

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"Ok. Can i pull your tail then?"

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Tsun pulls her tail.

message 17: by Luna (new)

Luna Serenity "What are you doing" Touka whispering as she walks upon the scene with an arm full of books.

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"Oh. some demon took over lilly and she tried treating me to some snacks, toys, and a nice conversation. She also gave me advice to getting lilly back" he says casually.

message 19: by Luna (new)

Luna Serenity "Um ok. I'm going to the coffee shop. See you guys later" Touka says weirded out.

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((I like how he considered the wasabi and snake as a snack and the chains as a toy XD))

message 21: by Luna (new)

Luna Serenity ((Lol))

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"Oh nothing i just confessed my undying love to a demon." Tsun says casually. ((Ok hes telling the truth. he told the demon how he felt about lilly XD))

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"Idk. they had silver eyes and just took over. They were like "MWAHAHAHA IM EVIL!IM GOING TO STUFF A SNAKE DOWN YOUR THROAT"" he says letting his imagination get a better of him. "Hm. And she totally had a box."

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"And she totally squashed a bunny." he said imagining it.

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"Tell you what" he said as he looked at her cluelessly.

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"Oh.. Yeah. I was planning on making you my future bride. Maybe start a family or something?" he says twirling his pen. ((I think I'm having an identity crisis... i think i just kinda switched his personality with yui's..))

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"Whats so funny?" ((i think ima make tsun the stay at home wife type XD))

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"Hm... Your smart, cute, nice, and your just different from other girls." ((That's what most girls wanna hear... i think.... i have no idea... never put myself in s girl's shoes XD))

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"It was just a thought. i thought it would be nice to get married to you that's all. But sadly i knew it would never happen."

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"probably. i mean. who would want to marry me anyways?" ((Omg i can sympathize with him now! I ask me that question everyday! :D)

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Tsun kisses her.

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((Idk. Just felt like a good time for him to kiss her XD))

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"Calmed down yet?"

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"Good. Anyhow happy birthday." he says and gives her a gift.

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Its small but neatly wrapped.

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"I have my ways." he says winking at her. "Anyways open it!"

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Theres a small red box inside.

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((don't worry it isn't a ring XD))

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((Watch and learn my friend.. Watch and learn~))

Theres a beautiful diamond neckalace inside.

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Tsun picks it up and puts it around her neck. "It looks stunning on you"

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He kisses her softly.

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Katzu helps her up.

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Tsun picks up the book.

((DAMN IT I KEEP CONFUSING HIM WITH KATZU! i mean they are practically the same person. But still!))

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

Tsun opens to that page. ((Oh Anju, if you want to drop in faith is having a ball XD))

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((shoot i gtg ttyl my frienddd............

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