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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason Oliver | 2063 comments I was very close to giving this book 3 stars. There are aspects I loved and points I did not.

This is a a WWI book that follows 3 characters. Caroline Ferriday. an American working with the French consulate from New York, Kasia Kuzmerick, as Polish teenager, and Herta Oberheuser,a German doctor.

The beginning of this book is amazing as it give a real depiction of the invasion of Poland, the camps of German, American life and consciousness at the time, and German desensitizing. But then the book falters. It jumps too fast, the characters all become similar, and I honestly just stop caring what happened to them after the end of the war. The story was just not engaging. My favorite character to follow was Herta, the German Doctor.

Then, at the end of the audiobook, there is an authors note. This is based on real events. Caroline and Herta were real people. Kasia and her sister are based on real people. The book increased to me. Then I realized, the parts I liked, were the true parts. I liked Caroline but not her love story which was made up. I liked Herta, Kasia was made up and I didn't like her, but I liked her story which was real.

This book definitely had potential. At times it felt as though the book was much much longer and an ax was used to chop major parts off. The experience in the camps are detailed at the beginning then skips and only snapshots are given. Other parts seemed to be needless and boring.

3.5 stars. I would like to learn more about the "rabbits" but with less fiction.

message 2: by LibraryCin (last edited Dec 20, 2017 05:21PM) (new)

LibraryCin | 8335 comments I might give it a try...

ETA: It's already on my tbr! :-)

message 3: by Joy D (last edited Dec 24, 2017 01:48PM) (new)

Joy D | 3438 comments Jason wrote: "I was very close to giving this book 3 stars. There are aspects I loved and points I did not. "

I am with you. I ended up giving it 3 stars primarily due to the made up parts. I thought the love story involving Caroline detracted from the narrative. There are a number of non-fiction books out there about Ravensbrück, but the content is very gruesome and disturbing, as you might expect from books about the Holocaust.

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