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Former Name:
Doll Name:



Role (Daughter/Son, servant, mistress):
How long have you been here?:
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?:

Important Miscellaneous Information:

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Former Name: Anna
Doll Name: Angeline

Age: Seventeen

Appearance: Angeline is truly the embodiment of Alistair's vision. She looks, as he has said himself, like his late aunt's most favoured doll brought to life by a sorcerer's enchantment. The thing that delights Alistair most about this is that Angeline was born with these doll-like features. When he first spotted her, it was almost like he was seeing a living doll walk by, begging him to buy her.
Her skin is as pale ans fresh as the new fallen snow. Although she was never prone to blemishes, as most girls are, Angeline now ensures that her face maintains its perfection through a rigorous beauty regime, and its pale complexion by never stepping into the sun without her parasol.
While some of the dolls need contacts to widen their eyes, this is not the case for Angeline. They are naturally big and doe-like. They are violet in colour, speckled with gold and framed by long, thick silvery-golden lashes. Above them rest thin, delicately arching brows.
Her face is oval and perfectly symmetrical, with eyes that are neither too close together nor too far apart, and a small, dainty nose that curves delicately towards a pair of rosebud lips. When they part, a set of straight, white teeth that glimmer like pearls is revealed.
Her hair is her treasure, her glory, her pride and joy. It is very long, falling slightly past her hips, as she has never had a true haircut. Before coming here, she only ever sat in a hairdresser's chair to have her split ends trimmed, and this is a tradition that has been continued. Her hair is lustrous and healthy and thick, and its naturally distinctive colouring is most pleasing to Alistair. He once described her locks as "sunshine and moonbeams." Indeed, it does look as though a skilled weaver has taken the golden rays of the sun and the silver beams of the moon and threaded them together on the young girl's head.
She is naturally short, standing at five feet exactly, but this works to her advantage as it gives it her a more doll-like appearance. Alistair often refers to her as 'my glass Princess,' as she truly does appear as fragile as a glass figurine. Her legs and arms are pale and slender. Her hands are smooth and dainty, her nails always manicured. Her feet are also naturally small, and well cared for.

Personality: Angeline is completely devoted to Alistair. As a little girl, he gave her the life she dreamed of, and he has taken care of her and been kind to her ever since. She is happy to obey him, and to please him with her looks and sweetness. She follows all of his rules without question or complaint, and never questions Alistair's authority. She would never want to lose his favour, though she doubts that could ever happen, now that she wears his engagement ring.
She treats the other dolls according to how they treat her, according to how Alistair expects her to treat them, and according to their station. She is disgusted by the broken dolls, as they have wronged Alistair, which is a great crime in her eyes. Their disfigured faces frighten her, as the idea of looking like them repulses and terrifies her. She is kind to the servants, as they have done no wrong, and sometimes talks to her favourite servants when they are not working, but she spends most of her time with the other daughters and mistresses.

Role (Daughter, servant, mistress): Formerly a daughter, now Alistair's betrothed
How long have you been here?: Seven years
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: "I love Alistair more than anyone in the world! This place is amazing, it's like a fairytale palace!"

Biography: Angeline Graceling was born Anna Thompson. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father abandoned her mother a few months before Anna was to be born. After her mother died, the woman's devoted brother, who had always adored her, took in the child to raise as his own. He was not a rich man, but he was able to give Anna a comfortable life.
Anna grew up a sweet child, devoted and obedient. She showed a natural talent for music, and so her uncle had her take singing and dancing lessons. The girl's grandparents also chipped in with money for her, enabling her to take music lessons so she could learn to play several instruments.
Still, Anna, who adored fairytales, dreamed of a life of luxury and grandeur. She dreamed that the father who abandoned her was wealthy, and that he would one day come back to claim her, and they would live in an enormous house. Of course, she still adored her uncle, and she would forever be grateful to him, but she couldn't help dreaming.
Then, one day, she was walking with her uncle on the street, She still remembers that day, every single detail of it. She wore a pink dress, and her blonde hair was in pigtails. She saw a doll in the window of a shop, and paused to look at it longingly. Her Uncle had stopped too, looking at the shop's sign. It was a very expensive toyshop. He bought some of her Christmas presents from there sometimes, as did her grandparents.
"Maybe for Christmas," he had said in a gentle voice, lightly tugging on her hand. Like the compliant child she was, and the obedient young lady she now is, she continued walking, unaware that they were being observed.
Alistair had seen them, and entranced with the girl's doll-like features -- in fact, he favoured her over the doll on display -- he followed her. He continued to follow her for several weeks, noting that she was only ever alone when she was in the garden. So he started talking to her. She hadn't even been frightened the first day he'd struck up a conversation over the gate. She has asked if he was her father. She wasn't even frightened when he said no. But he could be, he had told her, if she came with him. He came back every day then, to tell her stories about his mansion.
One night, she sneaked downstairs on his instructions, and he took her away. She was concerned that her uncle would be angry with her, but he had assured her that it didn't matter anymore. Her duty of obedience had now passed from her uncle to him, so she need only worry about what he thought. This had soothed her, and she had fallen asleep in his arms. When she woke up, she was in the newcomer's suite.
She had allowed him to name her, and he had chosen Angeline, for she was in his mind an angel. He gave her a room beside his immediately, and she has remained in the mansion ever since.
Getting her wish, she has been pampered and adored. Even some of the other dolls look up to her as an example to be followed. And then, the greatest thing happened. Alistair professed his love for her, and asked for her hand in marriage. Of course, she said yes. She had fallen in love with him too.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Angeline has a beautiful soprano voice, and is able to play many instruments, as well as dance. Since coming to the mansion, she has acquired advanced embroidery skills. She is often known as 'Angel,' to Alistair, and some of her more intimate doll friends.

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Former Name: Landyn

Doll Name: Rose

Age: Twenty-two

Appearance: Rose has the appearance that reminds one of her name. She stands at about five foot two, with a slim build and light curves. Her skin is pale as milk and naturally free from blemishes. Rose has beautiful big turquoise eyes that are the envy of many of the dolls--one would normally have to apply colored contacts to achieve the type of eyes that Rose has. Rose's gorgeous eyes are framed by thick, dark eyelashes, and her naturally arched, slim eyebrows. Rose has a delicate nose, and plump rosebud lips that part to reveal pearly white teeth. Rose's pride and joy is her naturally golden-brown silky hair. Her hair hangs down past her hips, and has a natural shimmer and wave to it that almost every girl envies. Rose's maids are constantly doing it in elaborate styles, and Rose loves her hair and features in general. Little has to be done to make Rose look like a doll, since she already has such delicate and perfect features.

Personality: Rose is ever the lady. She's well-mannered, soft-spoken, and never raises her voice. She has a natural grace and fluency in her speech and actions, and is delicately sweet--hence her name. She's very obedient to Alistair, following his commands without any question whatsoever. She adores Alistair and will do anything to please him, and never crosses him. She never wants to get on his bad side, though she doubts that would happen, since she's his favorite mistress. Rose both fears and detests the broken dolls. Their disfigurements frighten and disgust her--after all, who would dare cross Alistair?

Role: Mistress

How long have you been here?: Six and a half years

Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: I truly love Alistair. I know mistresses aren't supposed to fall in love, but I love him anyway. The Dollhouse is a dream come true, and it's so much better than the life I left behind. I'm so grateful to Alistair...

Biography: Landyn was born into a comfortable, lavish lifestyle. Her parents doted on her, giving her everything she wanted and more. When she was ten, however, her mother passed away suddenly. The reason of her death had been cancer, as the doctors found out after she died. Landyn's father fell into a deep depression, though he put on a happy face for her.
Landyn's mother had had a large collection of antique toys, but her pride and joy were her porcelain dolls. After her mother's death, Landyn began to carry her favorite one with her everywhere she went. On the day Alistair found Landyn, she was standing in front of her favorite doll shop, looking in through the window longingly at the newest doll, that happened to be too expensive for her father to buy. Landyn was sixteen at the time, budding into a beautiful young woman, dressed demurely in her favorite pale blue dress that day. As Alistair later told her, he thought she looked perfect, like a porcelain doll at that moment, that he just knew he had to bring her to the Dollhouse. Over the next week, Alistair convinced Landyn to come with him. He promised her a better, happier life, and Landyn quickly fell in love with the idea. She escaped from her house in the middle of the night and went with Alistair. That was when Alistair chose Landyn's new name--Rose, after his favorite flower. And thus, Rose became his first (and favorite) mistress, and her new life at the Dollhouse began.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Rose had been trained in classical music, extending her vocal range and learning the piano, flute, and violin. Her passion is music, but she also adores art, such as lovely paintings and drawings, which she's also very talented at. She also loves to design and sew dresses and outfits, and constantly comes up with new dresses for her maids to make--but typically ends up helping make the dress! Her favorite colors are pale blue and a rose pink, but she loves any soft, pastel colors, as well as creams and golds. Her dresses are typically demure, with gently scooping necklines, capped sleeves, ribbons around the waist, and a knee-length or longer flowy, frilly skirt.

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Former Name: Ariel Georgina Van Alton
Doll Name: Satine Graceling

Age: 17

Appearance: Satine is a striking beauty. Her skin is naturally pale and without freckles, and she is less prone to blemishes than other girls her age. Her sapphire eyes are naturally wide, and her black lashes naturally long and thick. She has an oval face, with full lips, a dainty nose, and delicately slanting eyebrows.
In keeping with Alistair's instructions to style her as a glamorous doll, as he thought it would be a look that suited her, her maids redden her lips, bring colour to her cheeks with a light blush and lengthen her lashes with mascara.
At 5'4, Satine is one of the taller dolls, but she has the correct figure -- flat stomach, slender arms and legs, small hands and feet. Quite a lot of her dresses are in bold colours, and have beading or sequins. He adores her bold hair colour, and loves searching for colours that set it off.

Personality: When she first got here, Ariel was terrified. She had fought against Alistair, and had been chloroformed into submission. When she woke up, she was in a bed that wasn't her own, and he was staring down at her. But she had always been a quick thinker, and observant, and smart. She had learned from their first encounter that she couldn't overpower him, so she listened as he explained 'the dollhouse' to her.
At first, she tried the approach of being as disagreeable as she possibly could, so that he wouldn't want her, and would return her. She told him that there would be people searching for her, and promised not to say anything about him if he let her go.
It took her exactly two days to figure out that this was the wrong approach.
He didn't think twice about hitting her. When she hit him back, he held a knife to her face, and showed her the broken dolls. That was when she realized exactly what sort of a man she was dealing with. So she thought of a new plan.
She embraced the dollhouse. She became Satine.
It wasn't as difficult as she thought it would be. At first, she observed his favourite dolls, and she pretended she was one of them. She pretended that Satine was a character, and she was in a play. She built up a character for Satine based on what she had observed, and it turned out to be a character Alistair liked. Gradually, she has almost began to forget that she was ever Ariel Van Alton at all. With no contact with the outside world, her memories of it are fading. She's blocking them out, embodying Satine more and more.
So who is Satine, exactly?
She loves the beautiful clothes, she loves the food, she loves the fact that other people wait on her, and she doesn't have to lift a finger. She always has something positive to say about the dollhouse. She never speaks to the broken dolls, unless it is to give them an order. Their marred faces terrify her, though she would never admit it. She would never admit that she's terrified of becoming one of them. She hides her fear behind a mask of confidence and superiority, treating them with disgust, when really she feels pity.
She is obedient to Alistair, and follows all of the rules. His wish is her command, but when she isn't busy entertaining him with songs or poetry readings, she is often in the company of Angeline. She's found it to be a very advantageous friendship, since she's picked up many behavioural tips from Angeline, but she actually does like the girl. Deep down, she knows that she would probably be friends with Angeline even outside of the dollhouse. She knows that her former friends would have adored her.

Role (Daughter, servant, mistress): Mistress
How long have you been here?: A year

Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: "At the beginning, I didn't have a clue what was going on. I was more scared than I'd ever been in my life, and I don't scare easily. But I actually like this place now, most of the time. I mean, I don't have to lift a finger, the food's amazing, I have a suite fit for a Princess...even Alistair is nice to me almost all of the time. I'm a fast learner, so I learned which behaviours to avoid pretty quickly. My father always said I was observant, so I just observed his favourite dolls. At first I was hoping to escape, since the girls with scarred faces freaked me out, and watching Alistair get angry at some of the others did too, but then I realized what it actually meant to be a favourite, so now I'm happy. I do miss my father and my friends though..."

Biography: Exactly a week after Ariel was born, her mother was murdered. Her body was found in an alley, mutilated almost beyond recognition. As a result, her father was always protective of her.
Her friends were protective of her too, but that's just because they loved her. They were the kind of group who always watched out for each other, and knew everything about each other. Even sweet-natured theatre geek Aurora could be quite fierce when provoked. Ariel's father, Abraham, was never worried when she was with them. After all, she'd known Desiree and Aurora since she was three, and Damien and Adrian since she was five.
But then she didn't come home.
She'd been at Aurora's house, helping her run lines for a new play she was in. It had been getting late, and Aurora had offered to walk her home, but Ariel knew she would get home faster if she ran.
She was grabbed from behind as she turned the corner, and dragged into an alley. Not just any alley, the same alley that her mother had been found in. Her father had always told her never to go there. She had fought against her attacker, but then the world had gone black.
When she awoke, she was wearing a silk robe, and lying in a bed that definitely wasn't hers. The man was there, waiting for her to wake up. He said that her name was Alistair, and welcomed her to 'the dollhouse.' She tried to resist at first, but then he introduced her to the rebels, or at least what was left of them. They looked like something out of a horror movie. Broken dolls, he called them, unworthy of the beauty they were born with. She would do almost anything to ensure that madman never got a chance to hold a knife to her. She even let him choose her new name. Satine...she had to admit, it was pretty.
Aurora had once told her about method acting, becoming a character, truly living them. She decided to create a character for Satine, and do as Aurora sometimes did. She doesn't have to do it so much now, because she can separate Satine from Ariel, and still remain calm.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Unknown to her, her father is now dead. He died in a car crash six months ago, making her an orphan.

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Full Name: Alistair Luther Graceling
Age: 40

Appearance: Alistair is actually a rather handsome man. He stands at six feet and four inches, with long legs, broad shoulders and a muscular frame. His short, black hair is always immaculately groomed. His eyes are a deep, stormy grey, and his chin is covered by a dark beard.

Personality: The way Alistair treats you depends always on the way you treat him. He is not one to take a bad mood out on somebody else. His behaviour towards you depends entirely on your behaviour towards you. If you are obedient and follow all of his rules, he will shower you with compliments and lavish you with gifts. If, however, you fail to do this, you may find yourself occupying a room on the dreaded second floor.

Biography: See information thread for details

Important Miscellaneous Information: Alistair is a very skilled artist, musician and singer. He rides well, swims well, and enjoys reading, though only in certain genres.

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Former Name: Rain
Doll Name: Rei

Age: 16

Flawless olive skin covers every inch of Rei's petite body. She has a beautiful hourglass figure that catches many suitor's eyes. Looking from head to toe, people see her light brown hair that travels and frames her round face beautifully, bringing out the curves of her cheeks. Her bangs lead down to show off her shining brown eyes that are like pools of melted chocolate. Between those is her gorgeous button nose that has a slope to it at the point. Under that is her full lips that have a natural tint of pink to them. Her neck is long and slender, going into her thin shoulders and down her arms that are typically free of bracelets, her hands free from jewelry besides her engagement ring to Fabian that rests delicately upon her long slender ring finger. Her fingers are perfect for playing piano, and her fingernails are typically painted to have a pastel color that could range anywhere from blue to yellow.

She has a slender waist, c-cup breasts, and her hips are wide. She stands at 5'2, slightly shorter than average.

The young woman dresses to perfection, making sure not a hair is out of place. She doesn't believe that any man could love a woman who looks like she just woke up. Well, at least she has never heard anyone say that she looks cute when she first wakes up in the morning and she looks completely natural. She secretly wishes that someone could love every piece of her, not just the side that is dolled up to impress and draw eyes. Though, a color that the young woman refuses to wear is the color white, saying that when she wears it it feels as if her body has been erased as if she was made of paper. The only white dress she would ever wear is her wedding dress, and from that point on, she would stick to her pastels, her favorite being pink.

She typically wears dresses that hug around her breasts and travel down to about her knees, some sitting above them, some flowing down below, but they never cover up her full leg. Her feet are typically barren, her hating shoes and socks no matter if she is inside or outside. Her toe nails are typically left unpainted, since they would chip easily with how much she goes around bare foot. Though, she's typically well pedicured.
Personality: Rei is sweet through and through,
not having a harmful bone in her body. She can be described as an angel, always looking out for the best of everyone.
She wants everyone to smile, everyone to be happy and for them to feel safe. If anyone doesn't feel those ways, she is known to do countless things in order to cheer them up and make sure that they have a smile by the time that she must leave. She is known to make cute little stuffed animals and pillows that she gives away as gifts for her friends, soon her sister wives, and her husband.

She cares deeply about everything and has a heart of gold.
She is fairly weak when it comes to emotions however,
because she hasn't ever experienced much negativity in her life.
She doesn't know how to deal with serious situations and will often be reduced to tears if people get upset with her or around her. She doesn't like yelling, and she typically can only deal with little issues, nothing too serious. She can typically put on a false smile and fake that she's alright when all she wants to do is break down and hide.

She is typically very excitable as well, especially when she is given gifts from her father. She is always fawning over the box, and tends to get distracted by the box before she actually opens it. Though, she is just equally as happy when she opens the gift as when she first receives the box. She tends to spend a lot of time with her father as well, being his best friend.

Role (Daughter, servant, mistress): Daughter
How long have you been here?: 15.9 years
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: "He's my daddy, of course I love him. I don't... I don't know why you're asking... He's great."

Biography: When Rain was born, her parents were decently poor. They wanted to give their little girl everything that she could ever want or need, but sometimes, they were unable to do that. Most of the time they were unable to do that.

One day, when they were taking a nice stroll through the city, Rain's parents were dragged into an alley and were both brutally murdered for the little money in their pockets. Rain, on the other hand, was abandoned, as the man ran away with the money and left the child....

That's when Alistair walked along and saw the little girl in the shabby stroller. He picked her up, seeing as she was crying quite a bit and the sun was beating down on her little legs. He looked and saw the scene in the alley, and he knew the child was alone... so he took her here.

And as she was raised, she was the most beautiful little girl he had ever laid eyes on. She was gorgeous as a doll, despite the fact her skin wasn't as pale as a porcelain doll. She was raised as his own, obviously, and she was his most perfect little daughter ever. She grew up very obedient and very loving. There only being a few times where she asked to change something that he had originally stated.

One of these requests was in changing what she called him, as she had heard the word daddy, and read about father's in story books that were referred to by daddy as well. She wanted to be able to do that, and asked, when she was only six years old, if she would be allowed to call him such things.

Other times were small as well, and all of them were sweet requests, nothing that he would really get upset about. Most of them were something that would bring them closer as well. She invited her father on daddy daughter dates where they could go and have picnics in the gardens, or have tea parties with just the two of them. She is very much a daddy's girl and wants to spend as much time as possible with her father as possible.
Important Miscellaneous Information:
She plays piano and loves to sing. She tends to not wear shoes, always running around bare foot, despite the servants telling her that she needs to wear shoes. She doesn't listen, she just runs free constantly.

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Rei is on the tenth floor. You can make her room any time you want. :)

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Yay~! I'm one of his favorite babies.

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Former Name: Elizabeth
Doll Name: Annabelle "Belle"

Age: 17
Gender: Female

Belle has long and twirly brown hair that trails all the way down to a little past her perfectly round butt. She has a beautiful hourglass figure and c-cup breasts. She has pale white skin and bright blue eyes. She has a little beauty mark right above the right of her lips.

Belle stands at the average height of 5'4 and she stands proud and tall with her shoulders squared behind her most of the time. She is the big sister of all of her siblings. She might not be the oldest, nor is she the youngest of the siblings, but she does act like a big sister to everyone, so she has to pose herself to be strong. Though, she always has a sweet smile on her face so she's also approachable.

Like her appearance, Belle is a strong and approachable young woman. She loves her family with her whole heart and tends to try and make everyone comfortable. She listens to her father without fault and will try and play mediator between other siblings and him. She likes to play peacemaker, not wanting anyone to make rash decisions because they're upset. Though, she will stand back when she knows that her father's mind is made up. Afterwards, she tends to try and tend to those that are injured, wanting to make sure that they are okay and trying to help them set themselves straight so it might not happen again. She tends to get upset when people get demoted to servants or broken dolls... Though, she understands it as well. She doesn't hold it against her father. Though, sometimes she does go to her father and cries to him, just seeking comfort.

She though, always works with the kindest intentions. She probably has upset her father on occasion, but not enough to harm their relationship in any lasting way. Maybe the two are irritated with one another for a few days, but after that, they go right back to being loving.

The only other two people that Belle is as close to has her father is her younger sister Rei and her twin brother Adam.

Role (Daughter/Son, servant, mistress): Daughter
How long have you been here?: 14 years
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: "He's my father and I care about him a lot. Sometimes I do think he would do some work with his patience, especially with the newcomers, since they are probably very scared... But at the end of the day, he's my father and I know he loves us."

Belle and her twin brother, Adam, were taken when they were only three years old. They were in an orphanage and people were trying to figure out how to get the two adopted as a pair. Though, for some reason, they weren't getting adopted. The two ended up playing in the yard a lot, and one day, a man came by and talked to them for a little bit. Then, he left.

He came by every few days bringing candy and other tiny trinkets. After about two weeks, he found the two playing in the front yard of the orphanage and convinced the two to go with him, saying that he would be their new father. The two went along with him, and they have been at the house ever since.

The two grew up being best friends with one another. They always held hands and played with one another. They took turns taking care of their siblings and of playing with Rei. The two are perfect little additions to the family and have grown to be pretty important people to the family as well.

Important Miscellaneous Information:
Her brother and her tend to do duets with one another, both being very good at singing.

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Is floor nine okay for Belle? :)

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Yeah, that's fine.

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Former Name: Richard
Doll Name: Adam

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Mirroring his sister, Adam has stark blue eyes and wavy brown hair that curls around the base of his neck and his forehead. He has a very beautiful mane of hair. He also has a beauty mark by his lip, but his being above the left side of his lips instead of the right like his twin sister's. His skin is also pale as the moon. He stands at 5'10, so an inch taller than average, but still not the tallest.

He has a dazzling smile and a harmonious laugh. He is handsome, there is no doubt about that. He stands tall and proud, much like his sister. He is strong, but not too strong. He is slightly stronger than average, but that's because he likes to help out as much as he can, since he thinks that helping people is a virtue that anyone should have.

Adam, much like his sister, is very caring towards his siblings. He likes to help people through their struggles. He is gentle, but firm when he needs to be. He is more of a protector than his sister is, but is still understanding and kind. He is the person you would go to if you wanted someone to scare off a monster or protect you from someone that you felt uncomfortable with. Which, he will protect you from without question... Unless it's their father, then he won't understand why you would need to be protected. Yes, he knows that his father can be a bit rough with people, but he doesn't understand why someone would need to be harmed if they were just doing what they were told. Though, he also understand that sometimes it isn't so easy, as some people are new and don't learn as fast as the others. For him, since he grew up here, he never had issues with his father like that.

He can be very protective, however, and will get upset if anyone harms any of his family and tends to try and keep his family safe. Though, most of the time he just tries to subdue them so their father can have the final judgement. He typically just stops things when it gets physical or overly mean.

Role (Daughter/Son, servant, mistress): Son
How long have you been here?: 14 years
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: "He's my father. He's a great man and I have a lot of respect for his. I find that my siblings are some of the greatest gifts that the world could have given me and I love having a large family."

[Read Annabell's history]

Important Miscellaneous Information:
He loves to do duets with his twin sisters. He tends to lean more towards rock music, however.

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Floor ten for Adam! :)

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Former Name: Sarah
Doll Name: Seraphina

Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female

Appearance: Seraphina is an ethereal beauty, and much to Alistair's delight, her looks have needed very little fine-tuning. Her porcelain skin is smooth and soft. In winter, unflecked and unblemished. In the summer, the freckles break out with a vengeance, but this is when the concealer comes out. Her face is an oval, and her features perfectly symmetrical. Her nose is a delicate snub, curving gracefully towards lips that are neither too thin nor too plump, her upper lip arching into a cupid's bow. Her teeth were once not the perfect shade of white they are now, as they are not naturally this colour, but they have managed to find the perfect toothpaste to suit her. Auburn eyebrows curving in delicate arches sit above eyes that are evenly spaced, and the ideal width apart. They are big doe eyes, irridescent in colour, framed by long lashes one shade lighter than her hair. Due to her nystagmus, her eyes are constantly moving from side to side. There is nothing that can be done about that, but Alistair does not mind, as he is fascinating by their ever-changing colours. As he puts it, her eyes are a rainbow.
So, too, is her hair. She has heard it called many things, ginger and auburn and red, but titian is the word most often used to describe it. Her hair is mostly auburn, but there are strands of every natural hair colour known to man on her head, everything from the silver of the moon to the gold of the sun to the black of the midnight sky, hidden in a mass of red.
She stands at 5'1, with a frame so delicate that one could easily compare her to a glass figurine.

Personality: Hopeful is the only way that could be used to describe Seraphina at present. Her life has been so bleak that this place is like a paradise to her, and she can't quite believe it's real. She feels almost like she's dreaming, and that any moment she's going to wake up and find herself in some new hell. Perhaps Sera has a flair for the dramatic, but she feels as though she has a right to be dramatic. Some call her overly emotional, but she finds this highly offensive. She thinks she has a right to be emotional, given all that she has been through. But the horrors of her past seem a million miles away in this paradise. Following orders is what she does best. It's something she learned well from her past, and the order Alistair gave her -- "forget your old self, your old life. Forget that Sarah ever existed," -- is one that she is more than happy to obey. She's hoping that in time, Sarah's memories will fade into oblivion, to be replaced entirely by Seraphina's.
As for Seraphina, she's not entirely certain who this girl is yet. She knows that Seraphina loves the beautiful room that Alistair has given her, and the lush gardens, and the sprawling grounds. She knows that she finds most of the people here lovely, but is wary of others. She knows that she loves tea, and she knows that she finds one of her her brothers rather interesting.

Role (Daughter/Son, servant, mistress): Daughter
How long have you been here?: "I just arrived."
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: "I hardly know him, I just got here, but he seems nice."

Biography: Sarah was orphaned at age three. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father committed suicide three years later. She was sent, then, to live with her cousin, her closest living relative. At the time, she was the only child her cousin had to care for, but her cousin soon married and had three children.
Seraphina's relationship with her cousin's firstborn son was good at first. They were very close, until he reached the age of eight and his friends began to tease her for her visual impairment. He felt obligated by family duty not to do the same, but his desperate need to fit in compelled him not to stop them, and so they parted ways. Her cousin's daughter had a habit of lying compulsively, often about Seraphina, and this put them at odds quite frequently, though they were always there for each other when the other needed it. The youngest child was rather fond of asking Seraphina awkward and invasive questions, making rude comments, and making as much noise as he possibly could, but he did love her, and he did have a good heart. He was just a typical boy. The true hell came at school, where she was mercilessly tormented, both mentally and physically. Terrible things happened to her at school. She suffered abuse at the hands of countless people, leaving her deeply scarred on the inside.
She went to three schools before her cousin finally removed her from school forever and a kind woman came to homeschool her, but the ghosts of her past would not leave her alone and her cousin did not know how to handle this. It was very clear to her cousin that Seraphina was not cut out for the real world. It was clear to Seraphina that the real world had done enough damage to her to last a lifetime. She felt that she was well within her rights to ask it to leave her alone forevermore. Evidently, someone else did, too. He had been watching her. He felt her pain. One day, when all the others were at school and her cousin was out shopping, he came to her. He continued to come to her when everyone was out, explaining who he was, explaining about the Dollhouse. It took only three visits. On the third, she went with him.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Seraphina is classed as legally blind, but she is actually severely visually impaired. She has complex PTSD and depression. She also suffers from anxiety, though how bad it is depends on the situation. She occasionally has panic attacks. She has several phobias, most notably a phobia of needles and pain of any kind, due to an extremely low pain threshold and tolerance. She has IIH, so she has a headache that never goes away. Due to habit, she rates how much pain she is in on a scale of one to ten. If it gets above a nine, she is unable to speak. She has a beautiful singing voice, being a talented mezzo-belter, and is skilled in the art of creative writing. She also taught herself to sculpt by touch, and to play several instruments by sound.

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sara (hazysunsets) | 12 comments Former Name: Irina
Doll Name: Iris

Gender: Female

Appearance: Iris is gorgeous, her skin colour a glistening golden brown, and her hair a thick inky black cascading down her shoulders into soft ringlets. Beauty marks dot her body like constellations, and freckles sprinkle her nose like stars.Her body is voluoptous, curved and soft. Most of all Iris's eyes are spellbinding, large and doe-like, the left a rapturous shade of cerulean blue, and the right hazel auburn, framed with thick long midnight black lashes. Her eyebrows are perfectly arched - framing her face perfectly. Iris's lips are plump, the colour of rose petals, and when she smiles, gleaming white pearly teeth are revealed.

Personality: Iris is witty, and full of satire.Her spirit is pure fighter, with an instinct to stand up fight rather than flee. She doesn't have any patience and can get angry very quickly. Iris is very stubborn, and is sometimes very painfully honest and blunt. She’s wild, insubordinate, rebellious, and unfortunately some people take it as vulgar, too. Iris also has no filter, and can be very creative and ingenious at points. To people she loves, she is kind, and will do anything to protect them. She also has a sharp tongue and is very decided. Iris wants what she wants and nobody can take that from her.

Role (Daughter/Son, servant, mistress): Mistress
How long have you been here?: "I just arrived."
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: "I'm fearful of Alistair. All I want to do is leave this madhouse."

Biography: Iris lived with her mother, and younger sibling, Leila. She looked after Leila when her mother couldn't, protecting Leila from her mother's series of drunk husbands and boyfriends. But Leila got sick, and Iris didn't have enough money to pay for medicine to make her better. As Leila got sicker, and sicker, Iris's resentment for her mother grew and grew, and after the melancholy death of Leila, Iris knew she could no longer stay with the person that did nothing whilst sickness was ravaging her beloved sister. Leila decided to save up enough money to run away, knowing that her wreck of a mother wouldn't notice. The same day, she ran into a man, and he grabbed her. She tried to scream, but his hands were clamped over her mouth, and he dragged her down an alleyway. Everything went black, and she found herself in a beautiful, austere room wearing a silk lavender robe.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Iris loves books of all sorts, and treasures them since she couldn't keep any at home, scared her mother's boyfriends would find it and do god knows hat do it. Iris also loves music, and has a deep, sorrowful voice that she hardly shows She also loves painting her emotions with anything she can find.

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Iris -- floor five
Grayson -- floor five
Celestia -- floor ten

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 ѕolanιne | 19 comments
  template creator ⇝ solanine

former; amelia linwood. doll; jolie; 'jo', 'sunny', maria graceling. female. age; 14, december 31st, 2004. daughter; 5 years.



standing at 5'7 jolie is lanky, her limbs long as though she hasn't quite grown into them yet. her skin on the fairer side, but not quite as pale as the some of her sibling and is covered head to toe in freckles. jolie's wide eyes are striking blue color, the lashes around them light almost appearing not there. her nose is small and slightly upturned, ears stick out a little almost giving her a fairy type look to her. lips a light, rosy color, jolie's upper lip thinner than her lower. her soft hair reaches her ribs, a lovely ginger color that if often left down or is out of her face. she dresses almost plain, though not like the broken dolls, a choice to wear things of simplistic beauty much like herself.


timid ⇂ softspoken; often shy
kind ⇂ always offering soft smiles
obedient ⇂ a trait carried on from her past life
compassionate ⇂ always looking out for others
dependable ⇂ will complete a task when asked without hesitation; within reason
wise ⇂ seems to be older than she is


jolie was originally born as amelia linwood to a maria linwood and nicholas hart who were too young and unprepared to have a child let alone fit to raise one. her parents were toxic not just to eachother, but little amelia as well. over the years amelia's father after not being able to keep a steady job turned to drinking in order to 'de-stress', the mix of stress and alcohol lead to violence. she was only six. maria though she tried to keep the brunt of it away from her daughter, creating strict rules that would keep her away the anger amelia's father could be struck with. at the age of nine, her mother couldn't protect her from nicholas' abuse any longer. her father had come home early one evening, was out, simply on a run to the store. he'd come home to no food on the table and amelia quietly doing her homework at the table. one of the rules was she was not to speak to her father unless her mother was there. when amelia refused to answer her father it had its consequences. after she'd been knocked out of her chair she was left with a bruising mark on her face. terrified and in tears she ran to the nearest place she saw as safe. the playground.

it was there she almost nearly ran into her savior. he was tall and kind but seemed very upset about her hurt cheek. the man oozed calmness enough that soothed the terrified young ameila and he ended up convincing her that he could help her, so long as she went with him. when she was introduced to the mansion the man, alistair renamed her jolie, it means "pretty" in french. the man said he thought it was fitting. later on the nickname sunny was given to her after it was found she had a liking for the sun, just sitting in it as often as she could enjoying the warmth.

when she was made over the most drastic change made was her hair. it'd been tangled and knotted into something horrid. once reaching below her waist it was detangled and cut at shoulder length in order for the hair to repair itself. the first few years being at her new home jolie didn't talk much unless spoken to, a habit that has now decreased to a almost skittish timidness. jolie enjoys her new life and thinks of alistar as her father, though she will always remeber how her mother shielded her for the better. she even asked to take her name as her middle name to honor what strength maria had. as one of the younger dolls jolie often looks to her elders for guidence though she may be too shy to ask. instead she handwrites them letters in very clear penmanship, she always seals them with metalic yellow wax, the stamp is a honey bee, its her signature in a way.


has a love for the color yellow, teas, and most soft things. hobbies include; reading, painting and gardening.

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Jolie is on floor eight. :)

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) ➤Former Name Joseph Woodward
➤Doll Name Joe

➤Date of Birth: April 21
Age: 18

➤ Gender: Male

➤ Relationship Status Single
➤ Role Servant

➤ General
height 6”1 - build muscular eye color brown - hair color brown, short at the sides and kept longer at the front distinguishable markingsscar above his left eyebrow sexuality bisexual

➤ How long have you been here? 3 years
➤ Thoughts on Alistair and Dollhouse Proud to be given a new home and hope to treat my master with the respect and admiration I have for him.

description description description description

➤ Personality Joe is efficient, bubbly and full of energy ready to take on any task; he's usually the joker of the group. He is outgoing, confident, and he inspires people to do their best. You'll find he is stubborn but is open to new things

When his fiery drive finally permits him to relax he can be sympathetic and exceptionally tender. His ambition propels him through life at a dizzying pace and it's amazing how much energy he has. He sees the glass as half full and doesn't take things too seriously, which can sometimes be a problem. Extremely trustworthy and reliable.

Joseph was the son of famous boxer, Louis ‘Monsoon’ Woodward. From a young age he aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps and exceed all expectation and odds. His father was knocked out in his retirement fight, left blind in one eye. Joe wanted to be the avenger that would get back his father’s title. He was persistent in his training, what some would call a prodigy. But in his debut fight, his father had a heart attack, sending him to the hospital instead of the ring. At the age of seven, Joe was left alone with no close relatives to look after him. 

He was taken into an orphanage and brought up with the other children. He had to learn to share, survive and overcome the difficulties. No one wanted to adopt the child. He was filled with too many dreams and never focused on the person that he was talking to. By the age of eighteen, the staff running the orphanage had enough of the failed dreamer, kicking him out to the coldness of winter.

He was begging on the streets for spare change when he caught the glimpse of a pair of shiny black shoes. Glancing up, he found himself look at an older man, Alistair. Joe saw his father in the man’s face. And followed him to a home where he was changed and given a new role as servant. He was finally given a home, a warm bed and food. He is grateful for the new life Alistair gave him and hopes to repay him with his hard work.

Important Miscellaneous Information

A trained fighter who won’t back down if Alistair or anyone in the household is threatened. Joe is secretly also a decent actor, enjoying to act out scenes from Shakespeare, and Ibsen.

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) ➤Former Name Genevieve Rothchester
➤Doll Name Genni

➤Date of Birth: January 21
Age: 18

➤ Gender: Female

➤ Relationship Status Single
➤ Role Servant

➤ General
height 5”4 - build slender athletic eye color brown - hair color curly brown kept tied back distinguishable markings none sexuality bisexual

➤ How long have you been here? 6 years
➤ Thoughts on Alistair and Dollhouse Happy to serve to mistress Angeline, a bit skeptic of Alistair but focused on her chores and duties as servant.


➤ Personality

She's dutiful and gentle. Of course she's also charismatic, curious and enthusiastic, but in smaller doses and they're often spoiled by habits of being irrational as well. Her dutiful nature though, this is what she's so well-liked for. People regularly count on this and her responsibility when they're in need of support.


The eldest daughter of the well-disliked businessman, Genevieve hasn’t had an easy life. Her father desires for his name to carry on and his business to grow on for generations. Her mother barely survived Genevieve’s homebirth. While she tried to get pregnant again, however all were stillbirths or miscarriages. Genevieve had a strong bond with her mother. She looked at her mother with respect and affection, especially after knowledge of her difficult birth. The Duke is a harsh man who has a backward view on heritage and women. After Genevieve’s birth, he has attempted to make her more masculine up to the moment when she had her first period. That was when he realised that she was not a son, but a daughter. That moment shattered his relationship with Genevieve and as a result keeps a distance from her. Genevieve’s mother argued and fought with him about the relationship he was breaking with him and his daughter. However one night, he got home so drunk that he hit Genevieve’s mother across the face, which left a mental scar on both mother and child. Only a young child of twelve she ran out of her home far from the family that didn’t want her. She bumped into Alistair, a man comforting and soothed the child’s tears. She followed him to his house where she was introduced to her mistress, Angeline. From then, she never spoke about her family again and turns to her new duties as servant.

Important Miscellaneous Information
Genni is helpless at sewing or stitching but she is a hardworking. Willing to learn how to fix things in order for everyone to be happy. Secretly hates having to be submissive to anyone, but as is her job, she will carry on doing it with a smile. She personally enjoys laborious work, away from the rooms, in the comfort of the kitchen or having to move clothes from laundry.

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They're both approved! :)

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Iggy (iggysanchez7) WOO! thank you!! :)

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You're welcome! :)

Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) | 54 comments Former Name: Maria Collins

Doll Name: Alice

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: A fair skinned teenager, Alice's body is quite curvy. She has large D cup breasts and a round, bubbly bottom. her stomach is flat but not tiny, giving her a healthy appetite. She has long, flowing blonde hair she makes sure to take care of. Forest green irises color her eyes. She's an average height and weight, nothing too noteworthy except for her chest and hips.

Personality: Alice is a gentle soul. She feels all ranges of emotions but is quick to forgive unless gravely hurt by someone or something. She finds maintaining her appearance quite important and can come off as shallow at times, loving celebrity drama and other "basic girl" activities; however, she still enjoys trying new things.

Role (Daughter/Son, servant, mistress): Mistress

How long have you been here?: Fresh arrival

Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: This place gives me the creeps...what does this guy want with me? I want out!

Biography: Alice and her sister grew up in a nice family. As siblings often do, they bickered over little things. For the two of them, it was mainly entertainment. Alice was often labeled as a "basic white girl" who loved sappy rom coms, coffee and shopping. Alice thought her sister was a weirdo who played stupid kid's games and didn't know how to grow up. Regardless, the two still cared for each other: they would help with homework, relationships, heartbreak. They followed their parents' examples of trust and looking past differences.

One day the two girls were out on the town, having just had lunch with another set of friends. They were going to another location when suddenly Alice felt herself gagged with a hood placed over head. Unbeknownst to her, her dear sister had also been kidnapped and carted to the same location, though she still has yet to learn this.

She was brought to some sort of manor where she was introduced to the master of the house, Alistair. He explained the concept of "dolls" and how she was to be one of many mistresses for the rest of her life, along with the consequences for disobedience. She nodded as she was dismissed, given a makeover and her current name of Alice. Silently, she hoped to find her sister and escape...

Important Miscellaneous Information:

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Alice is on the ninth floor. :)

Mimi Angel of Love | 25 comments

"I don't remember my past to be honest. I have lived this life for so long that I don't even want to remember."-Ali Brianna Graceling

{|Basic Information|}
{|Former Name|} Heather Lynn Peachtree
{|Doll Name|}Ali Brianna Graceling
{|Role|} Daughter
{|Time Spent There|}3 years

{|Birth Information|}
{|Birthday|}February 24
{|Birthplace|}Doesn't know

{|Relationship Information|}
{|Relationship Status|} Single
{|Sexuality|} Straight

{|Peek Into Her Head|}
{|Personality|} Though Ali doesn't remember how she was before being kidnapped her sweet caring and obedient nature still remains. She is kind of spacey but does her best to not do it in front of her Papa.
~Her life
~Playing Piano
~When Papa punishes her
~Being alone
~Small spaces

Ali Brianna Graceling was brought in after surviving a severe car accident that swiped her original memory. When she woke up and looked at Alistair who asked her if she was okay. "Where am I? Who am I?" as soon as she said that to him he informed her that she was his daughter and that her name is Ali Brianna Graceling. She believed him because she had no previous memories. Over time she became close to him and loved him like a daughter is expected to love their father. But something began to happen that she couldn't understand. Her father would punish her when that time of month happened for the first time. She couldn't understand why. She didn't know that she blacked out and talked back to him. She nearly became a Broken Doll until Alistair found out what medication she would need to take in order to get in the right mind set.

{|What She Thinks of Alistair|}
I love him but sometimes he can be scary. He is a good Papa though when he isn't mean.

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Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Does she have a mental illness that only Alistair knows about or something? Why did she black out? I'm intrigued. Was that the only time she blacked out or does it happen to her if she doesn't take her medication? Does a servant administer her medication? I know, so many questions! But your answers will help me decide which floor to put her on! She is approved, though. And she's brilliant.

Mimi Angel of Love | 25 comments @dark angel I sent you a pm to answer your questions

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Maeve is approved. :)

Ali is on the eigth floor. :)

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the_rabid_snail | 52 comments Flannery A. Caspian - Part One

Former Name:
Flannery Aoife Caspian
Doll Name: Katyushka “Katja” Vanya Graceling/ Eira January Graceling

Age: 19
Gender: F

Appearance: Flannery was once a pale, frosty beauty, like an ice princess from the frozen tundras up north. Alistair even nicknamed her his “Ice Princess.” It seems like forever ago when her silky, white-blonde locks framed her pale face in loose waves and blended in with the snowy landscapes she grew up in. Even longer ago still, her gray eyes with tendrils of blue and silver sparkled and shone even brighter than the glittering frost around her, and her porcelain, snow-white skin looked as though it had never known a single blemish. The best part of all was that her beauty was purely natural. She had never worn cosmetics once in her lifetime, and that simply made her all the more desirable. However, now her once-precious skin that had glimmered like pearls and diamonds is scarred, cracked, and demolished. Her surface tissue is still as ghostly pale as ever, but instead of looking like an arctic princess, she now looks like the shell of a tortured ghost. Her face used to curve softly and gently like an idyllic system of valleys and hills, but now it’s sharp, angular, and bony. Even the outline of her skull is slightly visible, especially when she scowls, furrows her brow, or laughs, though the latter has not happened in years. She has high, prominent cheekbones sharp enough to puncture her own skin, a small, angular chin, a petite nose, and full, pale lips. While her skin is still sheet-white, the rest of her has darkened. Her silvery-blonde locks are now dirty blonde from spending much time out in the England sun, and her silver eyes now look closer to charcoal gray with only faint slivers of pale blue and dove gray.
Flannery has never had quite the petite build that most of Alistair’s dolls have but doesn’t miss the target by much. She does have shoulders that are a little broader than desirable and doesn’t look anorexic like she thinks many of the other dolls do, but even so, she was still once considered an extraordinary beauty. Of course, now she’s mostly muscle from all the hard labor every day and has lost whatever slenderness she once possessed.
Her toenails and fingernails are always kept short and neat, though her fingernails do tend to be a little ragged sometimes as she often chews on them subconsciously. Her height is about 5’7, and she weighs roughly 121 pounds.
As for her scars, they riddle her body all over. Three, long slashes start at her forehead at a slant and travel down over her eyelid and to the corner of her mouth. These three marks are her most disfiguring scars, and even the bravest of the daughters, mistresses, and servants avoid her like the plague. Her back has several, red scars all at different angles, resembling the back of someone who had been whipped with a rope with knots and bone fragments. Her knuckles are also scarred, and several slashes deface her full chest. The rest of her scars are located on her stomach, thighs, and ankles. In addition, her right hand is horrifically mangled to the point where it is hardly able to be used for anything, and she is missing a couple of her adult molars in the back of her mouth.
She prefers to wear loose and baggy clothes that hide her muscled body from Alistair and the other dolls. Not because of a sense of shame or failure, but because being underestimated by those in power is a valuable advantage to have. She mostly wears black and gray or earth tones and clothing that is maneuverable and comfortable. Practicality trumps style in her wardrobe every time, though it’s not like she has much of a choice, her being a broken doll and all. Although she is expected to wear plain dresses, she usually wears trousers and ratty t-shirts; dresses are horrible inconveniences when scrubbing the floors or doing other menial tasks. Her clothes always have several pockets of varying sizes for the storage of cleaning supplies or anything else useful, and overalls are a staple in her wardrobe.

Personality: Flannery is a little spitfire, which perhaps is the reason Alistair abducted her in the first place. Goodness knows she was beautiful and all, just not in the conventional sense. But even after everything that happened to her in the dollhouse, she’s still just as feisty and spunky as she was before her whole world was torn apart. She has a strong will, a spirit that refuses to be broken, a blunt tongue, natural leadership qualities, a heart enflamed with passion, and the stubbornness of a mule.
Despite being the most disfigured and despised of the broken dolls, Flannery has not given up and has vowed never to let this dollhouse of nightmares and horrors crush her determination. She doesn’t give in easily, and she’s certainly not one to back down from a challenge; she’ll defend what’s left of her honor and the other broken dolls any day at any time. Just because she’s at the very bottom caste nowadays doesn’t mean she isn’t as capable of everyone else, maybe even more so.
Her outspoken nature is always getting the better of her. Many times she doesn’t even mean anything by it; she’s just stating the facts. She doesn’t beat around the brush and is always straight to the point, as she does not see the need to waste time when she can just get the conversation over with and then move on to other productive things.
She must always be doing something and cannot sit still even for any moderate period of time. The gears in her head are always turning, and her hands are always itching to do something useful. She can’t stand to sit idly around and is usually always on the lookout for something to repair or upgrade.
Though she is not always the most organized person, she is a natural leader. Her confidence and strong will draw others in (even if she has to fake the confidence bit), and most people she meets are more than happy to let all the responsibilities fall on her strong, capable shoulders. She stands up for anyone who can’t stand up for themselves and speaks for anyone who cannot speak for themselves. She despises people who prey on the weak and will protect anyone who follows or depends on her. She’s very protective of her friends and family and all of the other broken dolls. If any of them are mistreated by the daughters, mistresses, or servants, she will see that their all-too-perfect tormentors get exactly what they deserve.
Flannery is driven by emotion and passion, which sometimes causes her to do rash things. Over the years she’s had to learn how to fight back in a less direct way or risk torment from Alistair to her or the other broken dolls. Still, she’ll mouth off to anyone who provokes her enough, and the wrath of her fiery temper is nothing to sneeze at. Since she’s physically bigger and stronger than all the other dolls, it’s easy to intimidate and unnerve them. It would be even easier to crush them like Alistair did to her, stealing away that perfect beauty the master of the dollhouse so loves and adores…
It’s no secret that Flannery hates submission of any kind. She refuses to acknowledge her place and caste in the dollhouse and despises Alistair’s favorite dolls, seeing only weak, pathetic girls that are easily lured into captivity. Better to be sleeping in an alley and eating out of a dumpster than be subject to Alistair’s every whim and sexual desire. Some prisons are bigger and nicer than others, but at the end of the day they are still prisons.

Role (Daughter/Son, servant, mistress): Formerly a Mistress, now a Broken Doll
How long have you been here?: Four years this spring
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: “I’d rather eat my own, beating heart than let that abhorrence ever touch me with his foul hands again.”

Biography: Most of Flannery’s childhood was happy. She was an only child living with both her parents, who worked most of the time, but she became an honorary member of her best friend’s family a couple blocks down. She was almost never without her best friend, a nervous, fidgety girl, and they did everything together. They went to the same school, had the same classes, always ate together at lunch, joined the same clubs, played the same team sports, studied together, and binge-watched their favorite shows on Netflix together. The only time Flannery was apart from Edwige was when her family went to Russia every other year for a couple months. Her father was from Russia, and most of his family lived in Vladivostok. Her aunt owned several boats for fishing, and Flannery would often accompany the fishers out to sea, getting up before dawn when it was still dark out. Sometimes her aunt tagged along too. This is where Flannery learned how to sail, how to fish, and how to keep the port from freezing over. She always was the outdoorsy type, and she didn’t mind the bitter cold much either as long as her aunt or mother bundled her up in soft furs and rubber boots.
She loved her family members in Russia and always looked forward to seeing them. When she was back home in England, she wrote letters every week in Russian to her aunt, uncles, and grandmother. Her father had talked to her in Russian all through her early child years to make sure that she would become fluent in it when she was older. As it so happened, writing the letters greatly improved her grammar, and she spoke mostly Russian to her father, who was also fluent in it as he had grown up in Vladivostok with his sister and brothers.
Flannery and her best friend, Edwige, only grew closer as they got older. Flannery stood up for Edwige, who was affectionately nicknamed “Widget,” and Edwige, in turn, cooled things down when Flannery, affectionately nicknamed “Flannel,” mouthed off or said something blatantly offensive.
So when Flannery lost her parents in a car accident at sixteen with nowhere to go, the obvious choice was to stay with Edwige and her family temporarily. Unfortunately, a few weeks after, Alistair abducted her and brought her to his dollhouse. He called her his “Ice Princess,” his “Siberian Goddess,” but Flannery wanted no part of it. Alistair, being understanding of the fact that she had just lost her family and now found herself in a strange environment, allowed her to change her name to Katyushka Vanya Graceling, though she was called Katja for short by him and all the other dolls.
She became one of Alistair’s mistresses, one of his favorites, in fact. She was a little different compared to all the other dolls; she wasn’t quite so easy, and for some reason that made Alistair love her all the more. She would, of course, obey his rules and follow his commands, but she did so with a little bit of fire and a little bit of sass. She never seriously questioned or defied him; Alistair knew she was just playing and never actually meant it.
Like the naïve sixteen year old she was, she began to love him, or, at least, she thought she did. She began to despise how he doted on his other mistresses and took it out on herself, physically, focusing all of her sorrow and misery and ire onto her forearms. Horizontal for attention… Vertical for results…
Her despair was so great and her grief so overwhelming that she took every opportunity she had to defy Alistair. At first, he let her off the hook, thinking she was just up to her usual antics, but the behavior continued and continued to get worse. Every night she stood in the shower, crimson, sticky blood running down her arms and stomach, pooling around her feet and mixing with the water. Horizontal for attention… Vertical for results… She was careful not to let the other dolls see her cuts, but she made no attempt to hide them from Alistair, who simply told her to stop and left it at that. She didn’t listen.

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the_rabid_snail | 52 comments Flannery A. Caspian - Part Two

Biography cont'd:
The last time he had her made her feel truly disgusted, and she saw him for what he really was. The next day she openly defied him in front of his other mistresses, daughters, sons, and servants. She would not be treated like a toy anymore, and she would never again give Alistair any of the pleasure of her flesh. She would rather brand her own tongue or carve out her own heart or gouge out her own eyes than ever let that monster’s eyes linger on her curves or chest again.
Her torment was made public in the house, and all the dolls, broken or not, were ordered to attend Flannery’s humiliation. She was chained to a wood cross that Alistair had ordered the servants and broken dolls to craft outside in the backyard; the irony of this was never lost on Flannery. She tried desperately to escape, clawing at the cross and the rope around her wrists. Luckily, Alistair had underestimated her strength, and she wriggled her right hand out of the loose knots. Being an expert with knots paid off sometimes. But Alistair, wielding a hammer, crushed her hand against the cross several times, mangling it beyond repair, and manacled her wrists in iron chains. Wearing barely enough cloth to cover her intimate parts, he whipped her with a cat o’ nine tails, except this rope was also tied to sharp bone fragments, shredding her back. The irony of that was also never lost on her. Then he slashed her face three times and her chest six times and cut up the rest of her body. When he was done, he ordered everyone inside. He unchained her hands to the cross and left her on the ground, humiliated and broken. Lying in that grass, she knew she’d hit rock bottom and didn’t expect to see the rose and gold dawn the next morning. Somehow, on her stomach in the dark, she found a bone shard that must have come loose from the rope when Alistair was lashing her. It pricked her fingers, but she didn’t care; she was becoming delirious from the blood loss. Her hand shaking, she pierced her forearm with the sharpest end of the bone shard. Horizontal for attention… Vertical for results… Well, she wasn’t playing for attention anymore. She’d played that game long enough, and Alistair had never cared. Now she wanted an ending. In her delirium, Edwige appeared before her, sitting on the ground beside her in silver robes and gloves. A ghost of a smile flitted over Flannery’s face. She remembered how Widget had always liked to wear gloves. Could all of that really have lasted this long? Was it really only months not years since she’d seen Edwige? For the first time since before her parents died, Flannery cried, though she was completely silent except for a low whimpering noise. She would not give Alistair and the other dolls the pleasure of hearing her wailing and sobbing. Edwige stroked her hair and held Flannery’s head in her lap, gently murmuring like a concerned mother. Flannery’s silent tears turned into quiet hiccups, and the bone shard fell from her hand; she no longer possessed the strength to even lift her burning and throbbing head. Hours must have passed this way, for the clouds began to look like pale pink roses and soft lilacs as the sun rose. She could hear Edwige begging her to stay conscious in the back of her mind, but the only thing she could think of was dissolving into the blackness of unconsciousness, knowing that she had seen the dawn; she had won.
When she next woke up, several days had passed. The other broken dolls had brought her inside shortly after dawn and had been applying salves and hydrogen peroxide to her wounds. One of the broken dolls had been the daughter of a medical doctor, so she was able to give Flannery the stitches she needed to heal properly. They did the best they could with her hand, but without professional medical help, she would barely be able to use it.
Of course, Flannery wanted to get out of bed right away, and it took several of the broken dolls to restrain her. Even though she had lost a lot of blood, she was still feisty as usual, though a bit weaker than normal. The former daughter of the medical doctor had to redo the stitches all over her back as they had popped when Flannery tried to get up. For ten days she was confined to bed under the careful watch of one of the dolls at all times. When she had healed enough to get up and walk around, Alistair requested her presence upstairs and informed her of her new name: Eira January Graceling. He had never liked that she had picked a Russian name because of her lineage, and now he was going to change it. He also threw January in as her middle name to remind her of what she had once been. His Ice Princess, his Siberian Goddess of the Russian tundra. He dismissed her and sentenced her to live out the rest of her life as a broken doll, never to get back into his good graces in what was left of her remaining days as merely a creature of toil and misery. Flannery, being Flannery, of course, marched out of that office with as much pride and dignity as she could muster. She walked all the way down the stairs past dolls of all positions with her head held high and a confident smirk on her face. She certainly wasn’t feeling all that confident and jubilant, but she faked it anyway. She refused to let anyone see just how broken she was on the inside.
Luckily for her, looks had never mattered much, so being so disfigured and scarred didn’t bother her much. In fact, for the first few months she took every opportunity to be around the other dolls who were in Alistair’s favor just to see the horrified looks on their faces. She especially made sure to be visible when the master of the dollhouse brought back new toys to add to his collection. Might as well let all those spineless girls know what they were getting into.
Flannery also introduced herself as Flannery or Flannel, despite knowing that her new name was Eira. She would answer to Flannery, Flannel, Katyushka, or Katja, but never Eira or January. She would never respond to the name Alistair picked for her even if he himself deigned to speak to her. She would simply pretend to either not have heard him or to have forgotten her new name, but both she and Alistair knew that she was pretending, though that didn’t stop her from doing it. She tried to be as difficult as possible in any opportunity that presented itself.
As she continued to recover, she took on more and more physically straining tasks since most of the broken dolls were fragile girls with hardly any muscle. She also took it upon herself to start a list of all the repairs and things that needed updating in the house. She needed something to do to keep her busy when she wasn’t plotting what annoying thing she was going to do to irritate Alistair next. Since she knew just how he liked things, she used that information to exasperate him and some of the other dolls. None of the friends she’d made as a mistress stood up for her, so she didn’t much care if she messed up their days or aggravated them. They were all traitors, cowards, and happy to live a life of loyalty and slavery to Alistair no matter what vile things he did. She wasn’t particularly subtle at first and was punished cruelly by Alistair on more than one occasion and usually in the presence of other dolls who were currently in his favor. However, she did learn how to be more subtle. He probably knew she was the cause of most of his grievances, but she never left enough evidence for him to confirm it was her. She knew he liked to publicly humiliate her, but he also had an image to maintain. He couldn’t be seen being especially cruel to one of his dolls with no substantial proof to back his actions up. Flannery was a risk-taker, and in this instance, it paid off. Eventually she perfected the little inconveniences she concocted for Alistair and some of the other, favored dolls whom she found positively disgusting and entitled. Some of the dolls were real brats.
As she completed her list of projects to do around the house, she began tinkering with the parts she could no longer use elsewhere in the dollhouse. Anytime an appliance broke that she couldn’t fix, she took it apart and saved the useful parts to be used for something in the future. She has several stashes hidden in various spots around the house; she’s not stupid enough to leave all that work in one place. At least if anyone ever found one of her stashes, she still had all the others stored safely away in other places.
But even though she was messing with Alistair and some of the dolls and tinkering with things around the house, she felt empty, as if she had no purpose. She did most of the manual labor around the house, cursing the lazy bums that Alistair called his sons, and didn’t really interact with anyone else. Even the other broken dolls were wary of the doll Alistair detested the most, so Flannery decided to change that.
Come to find out, most of the other broken dolls were actually impressed by her courage and strong will, and Flannery became their unofficial leader or, at least, spokesperson. She had to learn how to be organized, but after several months of trial and error, she practically ran the household. She held the whole weight of the broken dolls and their sorrows on her broad shoulders, enabling the other broken dolls to go about their duties relatively happy. Flannery got to know them all personally over the years, and in the rare instances when another doll fell to their ranks, she made sure that poor girl was welcomed with open arms and reassured that being a broken doll didn’t mean she was worthless. Flannery made being a broken doll the best thing to be in the entire dollhouse no matter how bad things got. Yes, they were scarred and deformed and probably pretty ugly too, but at least they were free to think their own thoughts, free to have opinions of Alistair that were definitely not flattering to him, and maybe one day they would truly be free with no cruel master to serve, no one to disfigure them, and no one to control their lives. Maybe. Just maybe. Flannery gave them that hope day after day, proving to them that they didn’t need Alistair’s opinion or favor to be worth something more than the dirt on the ground or the grime in the dollhouse entryway.
Most of the time, Flannery pretends to be mute around the mistresses, daughters, and servants. The only time she mouths off is usually to Alistair or one of her broken dolls, though it’s playful when directed at the latter. Whenever she speaks to Alistair, she also talks in a heavy Russian accent on purpose to remind him that she is not only a broken doll, not only his former queen. She is his equal, and she can make life living hell for both of them.
Anytime a broken doll gets into trouble, she will immediately take the blame and bear the punishment. Many of the broken dolls are petite and frail; they don’t have the muscle and strength that she does. She will protect her own until she is physically and mentally completely unable to do so.

Important Miscellaneous Information: She speaks fluent Russian.
She has learned how to sew from some of the other dolls, but she has trouble with it because of her deformed hand.
She was once Alistair’s favorite doll, but now she is the one he despises the most.

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Agh she's brilliant! I think he might still be in love with her, though he'd never dare admit it, of course. That's probably why he changed her name to Eira. He couldn't stand her old name anymore because it reminded her of the days when she was his Ice Princess. I love the subtle nod to it, though, with Eira meaning snow, referring to her paleness, and January as a reference to winter. Well, she's approved, obviously! She blows my mind!

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Former Name: Samantha Bowen
Doll Name: Emilie Ariana Graceling

Age: Twenty
Gender: Female

Appearance: Emilie has been here for over fifteen years. Many of the aspects of her appearance reflect this, and in other aspects, she is simply very fortunate. She was a petite, delicately built child, and she has matured into a petite, delicately built woman. Her figure is considered to be one of the most envied among all of the dolls. Her legs are not long, but neither are they too short. As with her arms, they are slender and completely hairless, due to a rigorous shaving routine.
Were she to have been born in Ancient China, her feet would have been the envy of all. However, tiny feet definitely are desired here, and hardly any of the dolls have feet as small as Emilie's, nor are many of the adult dolls as short as Emilie, as she stands at only five feet. Her hands are similiar to her feet. They are tiny and delicate, incapable of any sort of heavy lifting. Fortunately, she needs not worry about that, She does, however, have very nimble fingers, ideal for sewing and embroidery, which is a favoured passtime of hers.
Her breasts are small, but firm, and her stomach is flat. She has a very small waist, and hips that swell out only slightly. Although this sort of figure may not make her very desirable to many men outside of the Dollhouse, she is a being of incredible beauty to Alistair, for she is, undisputibly, one of the most doll-like creatures in his menagerie.
Her skin is as pale as alabaster, soft and smooth and free of all blemishes. She recognizes the importance of blemish free skin, and thus does all that she can to maintain it, from keeping hydrated to using the right creams for her skin type. She has a heart shaped face, with large coffee coloured eyes framed by thick sooty lashes, and thick mahogany waves that fall past her hips when unstyled.

Personality: Emilie is completely, unalterably, irrevocably in love with Alistair. She does not even fear him as many of the dolls do. She feels only awe, respect and love for the man who first raised her as a daughter, and then showed her what it meant to be truly loved by a man. She is one of his favourites for a reason. His loyalty is unfaltering and unquestionable. Nobody with any sense would dare to question it. She obeys him without question or pause, and would, without hesitation, give her life for his. His love is everything to her, and without it she would be nothing. She exists for his smile. His happiness is hers.
And although she would love him even if he were not the wealthy man he is, she has grown rather used to being lavished with beautiful things as well as inordinate amounts of attention and flattery. It would be foolish for her to pretend that she does not enjoy this, nor that she would not feel as fulfilled as she currently does if she did not receive a new dress to add to her impressive collection every few days.
But although Emilie is one of Alistair's favourites, and receives all of these wonderful things, her status has never led to any major changes in her personality. She is respectful to the servants, and does not treat them as lesser beings. She requests their help, rather than demands their service. She does not envy her fellow dolls, and tries to remain on good terms with all of them. One particular thing about Emilie is that despite her utter obedience to Alistair on every other matter, she walks a fine line when it comes to the broken dolls. He indulges her because of her complete obedience in other matters, and his fondness for her. After all, she doesn't really do anything he could reprimand her for. She simply requests things politely from them, instead of issuing commands. He would prefer that she not ask them how their day has been going, but he permits her to hold short conversations with them if she sees one in the halls. And he supposes it wouldn't really hurt if she gives away the dresses she doesn't want anymore, or the ones that no longer fit her, to the broken dolls. This does not mean that she condones what all of them have done, but she remembers being good friends with quite a lot of them, and Emilie never walks away from a friendship. She might not be able to be friends on the same terms anymore, but she does what she can.

Role (Daughter/Son, servant, mistress): Mistress
How long have you been here?: Fifteen Years
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: "He's the most perfect man in the world. I don't know what I would do without him."

Biography: Emilie remembers very little of her early childhood, but she and her sister lived with her single father, her mother having died in childbirth. After the death of his wife, Emilie's father had become neglectful and turned to alcohol. Alina was the more capable of the two, and as she was ten minutes older, felt that responsibility as most older twins do to take care of the younger. Thus, she did what she could to raise both herself and Emilie. At the young age of five, Emilie's sister knew how to cook simple meals, though she insisted Emilie spend her time playing. One day, while the two girls were at the park toger at night, they were approached by Alistair. Naturally, it was Emilie he was interested in, but he addressed both girls.
"What are you doing outside all by yourselves at night?" he asked them. Their father had never taught them to be wary of strangers, and so they told him. They sat on the swings, and after an hour or so, he had learned what the girls knew of their life story -- which was quite a lot, thanks to their father's drunken ramblings. He offered them both a better life, one with no alcohol, one in an enormous house where all would be well. He asked Alina if she wanted to take care of her sister, and Emilie if she wanted a real father. Of course, both girls said yes.
Memories of her father have gradually began to fade into the background, but they are now inconsequential to her. As far as Emilie is concerned, her true childhood began when she received her true name. She doesn't even remember what her name used to be.

Important Miscellaneous Information: She is very skilled in the feminine arts, particularly sewing. She is very physically affectionate towards her friends, and towards Alistair. She loves to give hugs and kiss people on the cheek, but only if she knows they are comfortable with such things. She loves unicorns.

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the_rabid_snail | 52 comments Thanks, Angel! I had a lot of fun creating her even though it took me all day lol. I can’t wait to rp her :)

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............................................................ |Ashur Carter Roht|.............................................
......................................................................... |Ash|.........................................................

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 55 comments Eilonwy V. Masters/Roxanna S. Graceling

Former Name: Eilonwy Vanora Masters
Doll Name: Roxanna Silas Graceling

Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Eilonwy has wavy, dirty blonde hair that falls evenly down to her shoulder blades, which normally hangs loose or, on the rare occasion, is entwined into a thick braid. Her sparkling, vivid blue eyes hold specks of a shimmery silver and royal blue, surrounded by long, but thin eyelashes. With her normally rosy cheeks, it’s hard to tell which part of her face is sunburned and which isn’t. Most of the time, her nose and forehead are a light pink, her cheeks are bright red, and a few faint freckles are spattered across her cheeks and nose. Eilonwy’s face is slightly angular but mostly oval, with noticeable cheekbones and a rounded chin.
Eilonwy is very slim and petite, with protruding collarbones, slender shoulders and arms, and little curve to her figure. While she used to have a fair complexion, it’s almost completely gone now. Her shoulders and arms are always touched with pink or bright red, depending on how much she’d been outside that day, and when her legs aren’t burnt as well, they’re tanned. She’s fairly short for her age, standing at about 5’3 and weighing 104 pounds. From all her time spent outdoors, she does possess some muscle in her thighs, calves, and upper arms, but it’s not too noticeable.
Eilonwy always wears her old, thin, patched up cargo pants, which all reach her mid-calf. Her favorite pair of cargo pants are a warm, almost olive green or the cerulean blue pants that are generally thicker than her other pants and reach her ankles. She also wears mostly plain gray, blue, black, white, or green t-shirts, pairing them with her father’s heavy gray coat when it gets colder outside. All of her clothes are raggedy, old, and thin, with messily sewn patches of different, random colors covering her knees, calves, shins, ankles, sides, sleeves, and back. They’re also almost always coated in a layer of dust and dirt, with a few stray pieces of hay stuck to her pockets, pants, or back. When she does wear shoes, she pulls on her only pair, mud-coated, black combat books with torn laces and a broken zipper. Otherwise, she skips around on her grass-stained, filthy feet. Eilonwy has never worn a dress or store-bought article of clothing in her life, and she’s also never used cosmetics on her face either.

Personality: Eilonwy is a spunky wild-child, with a bunch of spontaneity, energy, and determination behind it all. She has little patience for sitting still, and she always wants to be out and about running and frolicking instead of doing more tranquil tasks inside. Eil is also very spontaneous. She climbs or jumps out of windows without thinking of the consequences, blurts out whatever defiant thing she’s thinking, and eagerly breaks rules whenever she feels like it. Since she was given a ton of freedom growing up, she never hesitates to think about the cons of her actions.
Eilonwy is also really determined. When she knows other people are making fun of her, she marches right up to them and explains that she has or had the best farm, parents, and animals in the world, and that it was better than their petty wishes for clothes, cosmetics, etc. When she wants to learn something, she spends several weeks just pouring over the skill or task. She’s a visual learner, but she figures things out best by doing it herself. With her determination and her ability to pick up things quickly, she can usually perform the task very well after a few weeks. But, when it comes to sewing or other housework, her resolve completely dissipates, and it takes her at least several years to fully master it.
However, she can quickly drop all her freedom and irresponsibility as soon as she realizes she’s actually needed. If her life is in trouble, Eilonwy will do everything she can to return it to normal. She may not be at her happiest when she’s forced to be responsible, but her resolve usually wins out. One of her worst problems with this though, is that she jumps to the conclusion that it was completely her fault when things go wrong. She thinks she must not be trying her best or that she needs to do something differently, and because of this she normally carries a mound of guilt around. Oftentimes, these bad occurences are what incites her responsibility.
Eilonwy is as stubborn as mule, too. She absolutely hates being told what to do, when to do it, and how. She likes doing things her own way, and she won’t change it no matter what. Rules are pretty much her oppressor, and she will do anything to escape them. Eilonwy is definitely a spitfire, with a defiant, spirited way of refusing to follow commands.
She is really loyal to the people she is closest to though, and on occasion she will willingly agree to do what they ask her. But most of the time, she contributes in her own way. Eilonwy is a good companion and friend, too. Since she’s always had a hard time making friends her own age, she’ll stick with the friends she does have. She hates it when others make fun of these friends, and she defends and supports them by telling whoever she needs to to back off.
Eilonwy is extremely independent, especially since she learned to take care of herself when she was really young. She can make or find anything she needs through her own hard work or handiness. She can see the best in even the most cracked of pots or pans, and also how to fix it up again. Eil has a knack for taking advantage of the resources she owns or finds, something one of the farmhands taught her. She loves performing hard, manual tasks too, mainly because it helps her get out all her excess energy, but most of all because it frees her to move and use her muscles and body. Eil also likes to make lists of what she needs because it keeps at least part of her organized, and it helps her remain as independent as possible.
Eilonwy is also very good at science and math. She especially loves the experimentation and observation part of science, as it allows her to do things hands-on. Her favorite branch of science is botany or zoology, probably because they both involve the outdoors. Some of Eil’s best companions have been animals, and she’s been known on more than one occasion to spill out all her problems to them. Botany and zoology are really the only patience-requiring things she was excited to do as a child. She didn’t mind sitting down to read the books, studying, or observing, and after she did, she looked forward to it the next time.
Eilonwy loves being around people, and most who know her would say she’s clearly extroverted. She does like to stay up late at night alone though, which is the time she finds she has the most patience for reading, sewing, or planning.
But through all of this, Eilonwy is an adventurous, wild girl who loves exploring, running, taking risks, or anything that involves the outdoors. She has little self-control, but she can find anything she needs. Most of all, Eilonwy loves animals, the outdoors, and her own freedom.

Role: Daughter
How long have you been here?: Two weeks
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: “I don’t want to be here at all. Alistair is trying to replace my father, and I hate it. And all the girls here are fancy and obsessed with how they look, and I’m forced to wear dresses. I just want to be able to leave. I feel like a dog stuck in a cage.”

Biography: Eilonwy was born into the world of rural farming. While she would never call herself necessarily poor, it was true that they had less than most. They grew their food from their own land, though meat was scarce since her father hated slaughtering the animals. Every now and then though, a cow, chicken, or sheep would die and her mother would preserve the meat so they could use it over time. However, while they had plenty of healthy food, sugar was extremely scarce in their home. A neighbor supplied them with the coffee beans of his that weren’t fit for selling, so they drank the less than par black coffee without any sweeteners, which Eilonwy grew used to over time and eventually loved. Another part of their life was that all of Eilonwy’s clothes were sewn from old, thin fabrics, old drapes or curtains, and even out of clothes that didn’t fit her anymore. After a time, Eilonwy had to start patching her clothes back up again, giving her the appearance of a raggedy, dirty farm girl, but she never noticed. And while she got cold in the winter, her clothes were practically made for the sweaty, hot summers. At least they had plenty of blankets for the frigid weather, and Eilonwy’s father even gave her his own coat, which, while much too large, was extremely warm. Every now and then, her father brought her a book too. Most of them were obviously used, with worn, ripped covers and yellowed pages of faded text. Eilonwy never noticed though, and she devoured the old classics that he gave her. It was just the way of life that she was born into.
Eilonwy grew up entertaining herself. She was nicknamed “Eil” by her parents, but most just called her Eilonwy. From the moment she was born, everybody could tell she was going to be a mischievous little girl. As a baby, most adored her rosy face, and she goodnaturedly laughed and giggled, always enjoying to spend time with other people. However, she was forever locking people out of her room before she actually realized what the lock did. She just simply looked through her books and toys while her parents worried outside her door. Eventually, she learned to stop doing it and her parents decided not to remove the lock. She was doing stuff like that forever, and once she even got stuck on the train that passed a few miles away from their house. She had ridden one of their horses down to the tracks, but luckily her father was able to find her in town and collect the horse as well. After that she was forbidden from riding the horses for a while, and that seemed to settle some of her mischief. As she grew older, Eilonwy fell in love with the outdoors. She lived on an expanse of farmland out with her parents, and there she got tons of practice climbing trees, falling into ditches and scraping her way out of them, running in tangled fields of grass, or even just laying in the light of a setting sun and staring at the sky. When she was five, her mother decided to stay out of work a few more years to homeschool Eilonwy. She figured she’d do better in a place with more flexibility instead of a school, seeing how much Eilonwy loved to explore and be outdoors. Plus, her parents hated the thought of her taking the train to and from school every day, the train being the only way to get into the neighboring town where Eilonwy would’ve gone to school. A few years turned into almost seven years, with Eilonwy being homeschooled until she finished sixth grade. Her mother taught her in an interactive way, and most of the time, Eilonwy begged for lessons about botany or zoology. And since it had worked so well with her, why not continue it? Plus, it wasn’t like Eilonwy didn’t enjoy the freedom that came with it. When she was in fourth grade, she learned to open up her room’s window and sneak out. She just locked her door to stall her mother or father, popped open the window, and jumped out to run off on their land. Mostly, she’d play outside, but sometimes she’d go to visit their barn animals. The Masters had three horses, the first two named Alcatraz and Mischief, both of which Eilonwy loved to ride. When she felt like it, she’d ride either one bareback. She’d come back covered in dust and dirt after riding them, especially Alcatraz, who was just as wild as her and would dump her off his back on multiple occasions. He was a sleek black-brown horse who was extremely fast, and therefore Eilonwy’s favorite. The third horse was a Shetland pony named Rum.

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Ashur is approved.

Eilonwy/Roxanna is approved, and is on floor four. :) By the way, she's absolutely amazing. She's had such a sad life! :'( She should definitely watch out though, because Alistair definitely won't put up with her calling herself Eilonwy for long haha. He'll also probably order all of the pants/shirts she makes to be burned. :D

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{|Basic Information|}
{Actual Name}Evangeline Walker
{Doll Name} Katherine Reckler Graceling
{Role}Servant Personal Nurse
{Been There}10 years
{Thoughts on Alistair} He's my boss and he treats me with the same respect I show him every day.

Katherine is a very sweet, patient, caring and very obedient doll she provides first aid to any doll in need.

Katherine has been in the dollhouse so long that her memory of her old life is very spotty. The only thing she seems to remember was having a baby out of wedlock and that baby was taken away from her. This devastated her but when she met Alistair and had an understanding of what he needed her for she signed a written agreement that she would work for him for the rest of her life.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 55 comments Thanks, Angel! She was a ton of fun to write, even though it took me about four days lol. After her clothes are burned a few times, she might just start sewing shorts into her dresses or something...

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Former Name: Andromeda “Andrea” “Andy” Minerva Margaux Eastwood
Doll Name: Mercedes “Mercy” Eleanora Graceling

Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Mercy has thick black hair that reaches her mid-back, but much lower than that when her tangled curls and waves are straightened out. Her hair is always swept back and woven into a neat braid or side braid, though it doesn’t stop some of the strands from curling onto her forehead and cheeks. She has a beautiful, porcelain-pale face with smoothed angles and petite features. The most stunning aspect of her face are her jade irises, which are brushed over in syrupy waves of a foamy, ocean green, giving them the appearance of a roiling, high-tided, emerald sea. Her eyes are framed by long, thick eyelashes, and above that, thinly lined, angular eyebrows. The only blemish on her face is a small, jagged, white scar that runs across her cheekbone and ends just below the corner of her eye. This imperfection only serves to make her more striking, even though she used to cover it up with makeup back when it was still new and slightly reddened. Most of the time, her lips are glossed over with a rosy-colored varnish, her normally colorless cheeks are dusted with blush, and her eyes are touched up with a light eyeshadow or occasionally some mascara. Besides these basics, Mercy doesn’t spend that much time dressing her face with cosmetics, as it’s never really needed.
Mercy has a very slender figure, with an averagely curved chest and hips. Her neck is delicately slender as well, but it’s rather short just like the rest of her body. When she sits up and pulls her shoulders back though, she appears much more graceful and even a magical inch taller than her normal standing of 5’5. With her four-month pregnant stomach, only a small bump is apparent beneath her looser dresses, which she now wears more often than the dazzling gowns she used to don. Her body is also just as pale, if not paler, than her face, and some of her limbs look a little puffier than they used to. Her pregnancy has additionally added some extra weight to her figure, which she clearly needed since she was underweight before. Mercy’s arms are very slim, with only a tiny bit of visible muscle in her upper arms. Also on her right upper arm, there’s a mass of small white scars, each a short line in a random direction. She does have a few, more distinguished scars on the underside of her forearms, which she hides by always folding her hands over her lap. To cover the other patch of scars on her right arm, she requested gowns with sleeves long enough, or she added a matching sweater over whatever dress she was wearing. Similar to her arms, Mercy possesses visible muscle in her thighs and calves, though it has lessened with time. She has delicate hands and fingers, each fingernail manicured and painted with a clear polish. Thankfully, her old habit of picking and chewing at them has been replaced with sewing, and therefore they look much better than they did when she first arrived at the dollhouse.
Mercy prefers to wear loose dresses that at least reach her ankles, as she thinks no one would enjoy seeing her swollen legs. Her favorite dress is a light blue adorned with lace, and while it’s fairly plain, it compliments her complexion and hair. The fabric is more than comfortable, too. The other dress she wears frequently is a forest green with ribbons of black sewn into the elastic circle at the ends of the sleeves. The sleeves on both dresses suitably reach just past her elbow, hiding the majority of her scars from the other dolls. The green also brings out her stunning eyes, and therefore is the one that accentuates her sparkling, natural beauty the most. She almost always uses a green, blue, red, white, or black ribbon to tie her braid off with, the color depending on the dress she’s wearing. Since heels are extremely impractical with her swollen feet, Mercy normally wears loose black or white slippers, and sometimes she even just wears thick, fuzzy, black socks instead of shoes. Mercy is the most enchanting, hypnotizing, radiant girl, especially so when she wears any shade of green. Her complexion, eyes, hair, and figure are her most exceptional features, though if you asked her, she’d say her figure was so much better before she was pregnant.
Personality: Mercy is the epitome of naïvety. She doesn’t understand how to navigate social situations, and most of the time she’s completely oblivious to things any normal person would know. Especially in conversations, she doesn’t notice awkwardness or uncomfortableness on the part of the other person, and she will continue the conversation as if they’re perfectly fine.
She’s constantly at war with herself, though. She can’t comprehend or discern between what is normal and what isn’t. In every situation, she tries to see things analytically and apply the rules she makes to help her decide what’s right-minded, but because of her limited knowledge on the world, she really just can’t. The main reason she does this is because of her isolated childhood, and the importance she places on knowing if her family was crazy and she was normal, or the opposite. Nevertheless, it’s always on her mind, and it’s probably one of the things that causes her so much anxiety.
Mercy is also very introverted. Being alone helps her clear her thoughts and breathe, since she seems to be unable to do so when she’s around other people. There are a few people she can be with at all times without needing to be alone, like her friend Matthias, but, him being the exception, people are exhausting to her. She is the opposite of chatty, and she absolutely hates talking about herself. She will always avoid answering questions that she is the subject of, and her extreme privacy has been known to get on others’ nerves from time to time. Instead, she normally directs these questions to the other person, and she actually genuinely likes to learn about their lives. She can come across as pushy or prying when she asks personal questions, but of course, she’s completely oblivious to this fact. Mainly, she uses information from their lives to transform into data and apply to her battle of normal and crazy. Naturally, it keeps the topic off herself as well, and to her this is always welcome.
Mercy is stuck inside her own little world most of the time, and she’s almost always daydreaming. Making up her own perfect worlds and inserting herself into them has brought her a sense of comfort since before she could remember, though her worlds can be drastically different depending on her mood and what she is currently envisioning about what the idea of “perfect” means. Her universes are her own escape from her problems, the constant arguments in her head, people, and pretty much her own self and her life. However, her memory is amazing when she actually does pay attention to things, and she’s good at recognizing faces, people, voices, places. She can even recall things from books she read ages ago. Once she commits something to memory, it’s with her forever.
Mercy looks at things extremely analytically, constantly shoving her own emotions away. Because of these tendencies, she’s always very indecisive. She’s always going back and forth, re-examining data, testing out different ideas, yet she gets stuck at the last decision. In her mind, the argument is whether she’s crazy or she isn’t, but she can’t seem to give herself the relief of not being crazy. Because what if she wasn’t? Of course, her irresoluteness can be applied to all the other minor arguments she hosts in her head. She can make choices after a while, but it just takes her forever because of how over-analytical she can be.
However, she cannot be persuaded away once she finally makes a choice. She will stick with her decision until she decides otherwise, and she draws a lot of strength from her own stubbornness. Mercy will stand up for the outcome she reached, and she won’t back down even if her mind is overloaded with anxiety inside. She has a ton of obstinacy and pigheadedness once she chooses a path, and it’s been known on at least one occasion to change her life.
Mercy loves keeping her fingers busy. Wherever she is, she always has some little project in her hands. Her favorite projects are really any type of needlework, knitting, crocheting, painting, writing poems or prose, thinking up similes or metaphors, and she even likes to make her own soap and candles. When she finishes a project, she’ll often gift it to one of her friends in the dollhouse. She loves taking showers because it helps her clear her mind, and sometimes she even lights some lavender-scented candles when she goes to sleep. Having a project gives her something to look forward to, and it additionally keeps her thoughts on whatever she’s working on instead of over-analyzing conflicts. Her favorite types of music are Celtic and rock music, and she has a CD player in her room with a disk of all her music. She always has this CD on when she’s in her room, especially when she’s sleeping.
Mercy does suffer from anxiety, depression, and probably a little PTSD, too. She is probably about the most fragile person on the planet, and impossibly more so now with her escalated hormones and pregnancy. Anything can set her off, and she almost always wakes up crying or sweating from nightmares. She gets along best with quieter people, and she loves talking about her favorite projects with others. She’s at her best when she’s distracted in conversation, projects, music, or daydreaming, and this has helped her heal as much as she can. Her worst, most non-helpful trait in all this is that she’s a thinker, and a very analytical one, too. Her privacy keeps every single one of her emotions or problems locked up tight in her head, but she always seems like she’s about to crack and everything will spill open. She’s very talented at holding everything inside her though, which is probably not a good thing. Nobody knows what’s going on with her or what has happened to her because she’s never said a thing about it, but they can guess. However, she always feels very alone, and her lack of sharing what’s on her mind does not help.
Mercy’s smiles are always genuine though, and does have an inviting look on her face even if she’s an introvert who doesn’t always enjoy conversations. She’s a good listener, and it’s easy to spill all your problems to her. It’s best to talk with her in the evenings, and whenever she’s working on one of her projects. It means she isn’t stuck in her head like she is sometimes, and you’ll normally get a better response out of her. She’s naive though, so she doesn’t always understand certain people or ideas. It can be frustrating, but she tries her best to be friendly and sweet. She’s probably never said anything purposely rude, and she tries to be a source of comfort, companionship, or kindness to those who need it.

Role: Mistress
How long have you been here?: One year
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: “I don’t love Alistair. And now I’m pregnant with his child and the only thing I can think about is how much I regret it. I want to get away. I want to go back to the Allen’s. I just miss Matt so much.”

Biography: Andromeda Minerva Margaux Eastwood, as her parents, Mikhail and Lilith, named her, was born the first daughter after their three sons. She grew up isolated, in a huge mansion with looming walls, a locked gate, and several rooms that reflected just how dysfunctional the Eastwoods were. Along with an armory and target practice room, there was also a large room filled with obstacles that the family used for practicing their fighting skills.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 55 comments Mercedes E. Graceling - Part Two

Biography Cont’d: Andromeda grew up watching her older brothers battle their father, General Eastwood, and sometimes even each other. Since she was the first daughter, her parents expected her to automatically excel. They wanted her to be able to triumph over anybody twice her size as well as have skill in using weapons, great leadership qualities, and a million other perfect traits that nobody, not even her golden brothers, could achieve. The mound of pressure only grew as she got older and as she always fell short of perfection.
As soon as she could read, militaristic books were thrown at her. Books, in her mind, existed as examples or lectures about fighting, tactics, wars, or weapons. She was never given middle-grade novels or good fiction; just texts that would teach her in the ways of the military. Andromeda never actually went to school. Her parents claimed that they were homeschooling their children, if you could even call it that. Because they saw all their children ending up as great war leaders in the military, they didn’t see the need for a regular education. The history lessons the Eastwood children were taught were about the greatest wars of the century, and Mikhail and Lilith were forever emphasizing how their children would someday be recognized, just like Mikhail. They gave Andromeda tests on what she’d read every week, and that was what her schooling consisted of. Andromeda actually excelled at the tests and reading, even though she found that she had little patience for the musty books her parents demanded she study. Of course, her parents could care less about her good memory or reading skills. They wanted her to fight.
At least her mother wanted to give her a few extra years to train on her own before actually fighting, probably hoping that she’d surprise them and surpass their impossible expectations. When she was twelve, her parents decided to match her up against Astaron, her oldest brother. Astaron was 6’2 already, with an abundance of muscle and the upper hand of being sixteen years old and way more skilled than her. Andromeda had no chance of ever beating him. The rules of the fight were that no weapons were allowed, and once it appeared that one was caught, failed, or hurt, the other was announced the winner. Andromeda’s first match literally lasted about five seconds. She got the wind knocked out of her right away, and Astaron claimed the victory. Mikhail and Lilith were obviously disappointed, and their daughter never improved.
For the next couple months, they pushed her even harder. She was constantly reading, practicing with weapons, or battling against the brother that was closest in age to her, Castor. Castor was nice to her at first, especially because he felt like their parents held impractical expectations for her. He even let her win a few times, but after Mikhail and Lilith caught on, they punished him for it. Andromeda wasn’t sure exactly what happened, but after he came back with a scar on the left side of his face, he never let her win again.
Later that year, a few months before Andromeda’s thirteenth birthday, Lilith threw a huge party. It was the first time that other people had been let into their house, besides the occasional war friend of Mikhail’s at the dinner table. All the Eastwood children were in awe of the people that came that evening. Most of them were families that had a relative who died in the war, while others were friends of Mikhail’s. The main reason for the party was that Mikhail was going off to join the military again, but it also served as a charity for those who’d lost somebody to battle. That night, Andromeda met Matthias Allen, the boy who’d be her best friend for the next several years. Matthias had lost his father in the war, and he was the exact same age as Andromeda. He had an older brother too, Andrew, who went by Drew, but he was a year or two older than Matthias. Andromeda spent the party with Matthias, and the two ran around eating cake and avoiding her parents and siblings. Andromeda was very private at first, so she simply pretended she loved her family but liked hide-and-seek. Of course, Matthias could probably see through that facade, especially when that look of fear passed over her face as soon as she saw one of her family members. It was obvious that she was scared of them. She even spent part of the evening hiding up in her room, the part that was allotted to her parents’ speech and announcements. Andromeda figured they’d want her to be up on the stage with them and her other sisters and brothers, but she only knew that she didn’t want to be there for it. So Matthias reluctantly followed her upstairs, where he taught her card games that they played for the rest of the night. It took her a while to get the concept of “game,” let alone that she’d never seen a deck of cards before, but she smiled for probably the first time in her life after they started playing. Of course, Matthias eventually had to go home, and Andromeda sadly watched her friend leave. For the while that she was with him, they’d had a ton of fun, and she hated the thought of waking up the next day to lose yet again to Castor, Talon, or Astaron.
Thus, Mikhail was deployed the week before Andromeda’s birthday and they returned to their isolated lifestyle. Andromeda was actually dreading her birthday, but she was glad that the harshest of their parents had gone before it happened. She could even see the relief on her unfeeling brothers’ faces, too. On December 11th, Andromeda’s birthday, her mother announced that she had a new, special rule for their fights. As the rule was relayed, Andromeda couldn’t help but step away from Lilith. The rule was going to apply to and only to Andromeda. Any time she lost a fight, they’d cut a line on her right shoulder. Maybe it’d motivate her to try harder, her mother had spat out.
That next year was even harder than the first. Her brothers would purposely punish her by hitting her across the face even after they’d clearly won, and every time her mother would come mark her shoulder. It seemed just as the last slash finally closed up, the next one she earned would run right through it and reopen it all over again. She hated her mother and brothers for it, and her self-esteem was as low as ever. She even began blaming herself for her failures after a while; her family’s opinion was starting to rub off on her as well. Eventually, her brothers would even bring in one of the knives from the weapons room to their fights, and occasionally they’d dart in and graze her wrist with it. When her mother didn’t punish them for breaking one of the rules of the fights, Andromeda’s anxiety and depression only increased. She’d walk away from every fight, dejected, bruised, and bleeding. Her mother just piled on more assigned reading, tests, target practices, and she even made Andromeda study about the Eastwood lineage, how they’d been involved in the military for decades, how skilled and talented they were in the wars. She made Andromeda feel like a disappointment to the whole world, and instead of getting better at fighting, she just got worse. Eventually, because of how afraid she was of her family, Andromeda skipped out on the family dinners. With the cutting out of this meal, she started to lose weight, and this only served to make her even less likely at winning against her brothers. After one particularly spiteful fight, with three, bloody gashes on her wrists and another slash on her shoulder, Andromeda climbed out her window on the third floor, using one of the trees to take her to the ground. She couldn’t get out through the locked gate, so she instead climbed over the wall as best she could with her exhausted, bleak, low-spirited body. It took her forever, but she eventually got herself all the way over it. She spent the next few hours exploring the world in awe, and she was overjoyed when she saw her friend sitting outside on a bench. He recognized her almost as quickly as she did him, and Matthias took her hand and gave her a tour of the town. Andromeda was as careful as possible to hide her cuts, but he noticed after a moment and led her to his house, where he bandaged her up as well as he could. Andromeda was amazed at the idea of a bandage that would just stick onto your skin, since she’d always wrapped and held the same, bloodied towels around her newest wounds after every fight. He didn’t ask about why she was hurt, but she remembered making a lame excuse about getting stuck in some prickly bushes. The brown-haired, hazel-eyed kid had just looked at her, obviously seeing through the lie. Prickly bushes would hardly give you three gashes as well as a cut on your shoulder, but he just shrugged and took her to his favorite ice cream place. Hanging out with her friend and eating a cold treat apparently did some good to her, because she was in much better spirits when she climbed back up into her room. She snuggled under her covers and fell asleep, this time without waking to another nightmare like she usually did. Andromeda made a very consistent habit of sneaking out after she got hurt, finding Matthias at his house or on his normal bench, and spending the evening with him. He always cared for her cuts, never asking the reason why she was always bleeding and bruised when they met each time. She was very careful about sneaking out though; she always waited until after dinner when her mother retired to the master suite, or sometimes when her mother was gone for the day. Matthias nicknamed her Andrea or Andy, and Andromeda nicknamed him Matt. Thus, she spent most of her time looking to when she could escape the house next.
Things continued on like this for the next two years, with her mother growing less and less patient, more and more disappointed. It seemed to Andromeda that the amount of pressure put on her was unfair, but saying so earned her a slap from any one of her brothers. She didn’t dare say it to her mother. Andromeda did as much as she could to please her, but her brothers only got taller, stronger, and more experienced. There was no way she could ever, ever win against someone who towered over her height of 5’5 and her underweight body. When she was 15, Andromeda started spending more and more time with Matthias. He was the only person she knew who didn’t completely crush her self-worth, and instead of hurting her he patched her up. She hated how she felt afterwards though. Every night, when she snuck back in, she was just confused. She’d been told she was a disappointment for all her life who didn’t amount to any of her relatives, yet here Matthias was with his own ways, so opposite to her family. So, was it her family who was right, or were they wrong? Eventually, the question turned into what was normal and what wasn’t. Was she normal?
After one fight where she received four, deep gashes on her wrist and another mark on her shoulder, Andromeda ran up to her room to hide again. But instead of waiting until her mother went to bed to sneak out, she climbed down the tree and over the wall right away. She didn’t want to wait. Matthias, after examining her wrists this time, took her to the clinic. She needed stitches on at least one of the gashes, and he hardly felt qualified to do so. But after she got the stitches and he bought her ice cream like normal, she broke down in tears and begged him not to take her back home. She’d finally made up her own indecisive mind: she hated her family. It didn’t matter if they were right or wrong, if she was worthless or normal. They hurt her and scorned her, and she wasn’t going back willingly. Matthias walked her back to his home, where he promised she could stay for at least a little while. His mother worked three jobs in the city and always crashed at a friend’s apartment nearby her jobs, so he and Drew had free reign of the house during the week.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 55 comments Mercedes E. Graceling - Part Three

Biography: Andromeda had never met Drew before, and it was a while before she could be convinced that it was alright. Her isolation had made it so she was always anxious when meeting or talking with people, and she’d been avoiding literally everyone but Matthias since she was younger. Drew was persuaded easily enough to let her stay, even though he gave both of them several suspicious glances. Since her clothes were bloodstained and soaked in sweat, Matthias gave her a pair of his sweatpants and a t-shirt. He spent the rest of the evening introducing her to his favorite music, his favorite books, favorite things to do, and his favorite foods. For once, Andromeda actually had dinner. By the nighttime came around, Andromeda was still having a ton of anxiety about going back home. Drew grudgingly permitted her to stay, though he said it was against everything he’d promised their mother. Andrea and Matt watched his favorite tv shows and movies until it was past midnight and she was having trouble keeping her eyes open. He let her sleep in his bed that night, and he slept out on the couch. Andromeda’s sleep wasn’t exactly great that night, especially since she was in a strange place. But the next morning, she still refused to go home and she ended up sleeping there another night. By the third day, Andromeda was completely sold on Matt’s rock music, but she realized she’d have to go home. So that day, with Matthias on his normal bench, Andromeda walked straight in the front door. Whether or not she was hoping to make a statement, it worked. Her mother, fuming, scolded her right in front of all her siblings. She demanded that she apologize for running away, that she’d caused her mother so much worry. Andromeda felt like laughing at the idea of her mother worrying about her disappointment of a daughter. She defiantly raised her head, then proceeded to spit out that she hated her, that she hated all her siblings, and that she was not going to apologize. At this, Lilith hit her face several times. There might as well have been steaming pouring out of Lilith’s ears; that was just how mad she was. They shared a few more heated words, until Lilith gashed her cheekbone open, which actually left a scar. Andromeda was kicked out of the house and told never to return, and she returned to Matthias mostly relieved, a little beaten up.
It seemed obvious that Andromeda would stay with Matthias and his family, at least temporarily. So, with his mother’s consent, Andrea lived with them for the next year. She was clearly not ready to go to any type of public school, so while Matthias and Drew were gone, Andromeda spent the day listening to music with Matt’s headphones, writing, or sometimes just thinking out on Matthias’ normal bench. Her wounds scarred up for good during this year too, and her anxiety and depression were much improved. The nightmares persisted though, and Matt was her whole support system whenever she got upset. She also spilled what exactly went on with her family to him, though he had guessed a lot of it already.
She had just turned sixteen when she was approached by Alistair and his crew. Andromeda was gullible and naive enough to believe the promises they made her, but when they said Matthias couldn’t come, she refused to go. Thus, she was abducted.
Andromeda was almost overjoyed at the thought that she could get rid of her old name, the name her parents picked out for her. However, she fell into another state of depression now that she couldn’t see Matthias anymore. They’d been friends for years, and she spent most of her earlier days missing him. A couple months later, she realized she was pregnant. She’d never loved Alistair, but she’d been debating inside her head for months, too indecisive to make a choice. After she got pregnant, she started thinking about her own baby, too. It’s an ongoing battle for her right now, with her weighing every single possibility, piece of data, or outcome. She spends most of her days working on a project for one of the friends she made in the dollhouse, sewing or knitting clothes for her baby, missing Matthias, listening to rock music, or sometimes Celtic music.
Important Miscellaneous Information: She is pregnant with Alistair’s child. She’s always been extremely good at disguising her feelings, but not so much now that she’s pregnant. She hasn’t ever said anything bad about Alistair; she just thinks it. At some time in this roleplay, she’ll probably become a broken doll.

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Katherine's surname would be Graceling. Is Reckler her middle name? Other than that, she's approved. :)

Mercedes is on floor eight. <3 She is amazing and I absolutely hate her family and the Allen's are amazing.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 55 comments Thanks, Angel! She, Matthias, and Drew are some of my favorites, but I still haven’t gotten around to rewriting her biography yet so it kind of stunk haha.

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the_rabid_snail | 52 comments Hailey M. Graceling - Part One
Former Name:
Meleigh Freya Amara
Doll Name: Hailey Maia Graceling

Age: 17
Gender: F

Appearance: Hailey has thick, rich brown hair a few inches past her shoulders, but she normally keeps it in a loose, side braid. There are always a few, loose strands of hair that frame her face, but the feature that most people notice about her first is her wide, warm irises of melted chocolate with a few flecks of golden honey to make them sparkle in the sunlight. Hailey is only averagely beautiful, but the instant you meet her eyes, they start melting a small place in your heart. With her dark tan complexion, slim build, and welcoming eyes, she doesn't have a hard time attracting guys, though she would prefer that they leave her alone. Her face is rounder, almost an oval shape, and her cheeks have a natural, pink dust on them. Her facial features are small and fine: slightly upturned nose, small ears, thin but pink lips, and small forehead just like a doll. It's almost impossible to find a sharp angle in her body. Everything is smooth, soft, and rounded out, but she does not possess any of the curves necessary to give her the desirable hour glass figure. It's almost a joke, actually. She's less bony now that she’s living with Alistair, but her middle torso and hips are stick straight while the rest of her is smooth and slender. Trust me, the gods have heard no end of complaints about this "injustice" from both her and her brother, though her brother actually just wants her to shut up about it more than anything else. She has a petite figure and stands at about 5'3, but she tries to make herself seem as tall as possible by always maintaining good posture when other people are around. If she's with family or close friends, she goes back to her usual slouching, since she doesn't care what they think. Normally she wears plain dresses to blend in, but she always makes sure she can breathe in it and move around easily. Her favorite shoes are her mother’s simple, black heels, and the only jewelry she wears is a cross necklace which she tucks under her clothes. She also loves to wear aprons, since that was what she wore over all her dresses in her old village, so Alistair had several aprons intricately hand-embroidered for her to wear so that she would feel a little more at home and less out of place. She mostly goes barefoot everywhere but will wear her mother’s shoes if the need arises.

Personality: Hailey is just about the most selfless person on the planet. She’ll willingly go hungry for a couple nights at a time in order to feed the street urchins and will help anyone in need whether they’re sick, stingy, or disheveled. She’s also one of the most generous people alive and finds true joy in giving away anything she can to someone who needs it even if she herself could use it more. There isn’t a selfish or self-serving bone anywhere in her body. She doesn’t do what she does for attention or merit or personal glory; she truly does find the most happiness and contentedness in giving everything away freely and barely scraping by herself.
She is also a fast learner and learns best by watching someone else perform the skill or task she would like to learn first. She generally only needs to see something done once before she can imitate it and then eventually master it. She’s even taught herself multiple skills all on her own just by putting her brain to work and figuring it out. She’s quite sharp, but most people overlook the fact.
Hailey doesn’t do anything half-way. If she’s given a task, she will put 110% of her effort into it and is a hard and dedicated worker. She figures that if she’s going to do something she might as well do it right and to the best of her ability. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time. She’ll even put more effort than thought possible into simple, no-brainer tasks just for that feeling of satisfaction she craves. The quality of her work is where she places her self-worth. If she’s done everything in a timely and organized manner, she feels good about herself and maybe even a little confident, but if she’s run out of time or isn’t able to do something up to her own high standards, her self-esteem is in the rubbish bin.
She is very low-maintenance and is content to entertain herself most of the time. Back home, anytime she needed some company she had her brother or the stray neighborhood cat, Nutmeg, to talk to, but now in the dollhouse she has no one and is too shy and frightened to try to strike up a conversation with any of the dolls or even the servants. She has always been a timid little creature and struggles to form relationships with other people beyond casual acquaintanceships. She prefers to be invisible and, after years of practice, excels at it.
While she can be quiet and shy and doesn’t always like talking to other people, she is always polite, courteous, and respectful at the very least. She will try to get away with saying as little as possible, but many times she is actually genuinely interested in what other people have to say. She is a careful listener and, if she has to keep the conversation going, will ask questions that redirect the discussion to the other person. If she is comfortable enough, she may ask questions out of sincere interest and not just for the sake of the conversation. Awkward silences make her deeply uncomfortable, and she sometimes wishes she could be like her brother, who has never felt a silence to be uncomfortable or awkward in his life. However, she is much better at communicating with small children, and she loves spending time with them and playing with them in the imaginary worlds they create.
Hailey strongly dislikes not having a plan or not knowing what is going to happen in the near or distant future. She doesn’t like taking risks, and every move she makes is carefully thought out. There isn’t a person alive who’s more cautious or purposeful than she is. She likes having specific goals and clear paths in front of he and likes to organize everything into small steps to manage her anxiety, a trick she learned from her brother.
She was raised to always obey authority figures and to keep out of trouble, but at the same time she was taught to regard everyone with a little bit of suspicion. Her brother always reminded her that everyone was hiding something. As a result, she can either be very trusting of adults and people who seem more mature than her, or she can be very cautious and wary of other people and their motives.
Unfortunately, she is a terrible liar, and no amount of coaching from her brother has ever made any significant impact on her. This is fine by her. She prefers to tell the truth because it is far easier than remembering a lie, so the only time she would knowingly tell a falsehood would be to protect someone else.
She is very creative and likes to occupy her time by gardening, sewing, knitting, sketching, reading, and embroidering.

Role (Daughter/Son, servant, mistress): Daughter
How long have you been here?: Two weeks
Thoughts on Alistair and the Dollhouse?: "Alistair seems nice, but I miss my brother and my town. This place is amazing, but I don't belong here. If anything, I should be one of the servants, not one of his daughters whom he dotes on. I've lived without a father my whole life, but if I can't be with my brother, then I don't want one."

Biography: Sadly, Hailey never got the chance to meet either of her parents. Her father was a deadbeat who had walked out on her mother and older brother several times, usually returning every six months or so promising that this time he really was sober for good. The last time he walked out was when Hailey’s mother was almost nine months pregnant with her, not wanting the responsibility of another mouth to feed. Due to complications during the delivery, Hailey’s mother died in childbirth, leaving her delicate baby girl in the arms of Hailey’s older brother, Keleigh.
Hailey’s family had always lived in a very small, rural village, so the townspeople and her brother pretty much raised her from infancy to present day, though Keleigh was always away at work from sunup until dusk. He worked in a dangerous coal mine just outside the village, barely making enough for him and Hailey to scrape by, so when she was old enough, Hailey procured a job working as an apprentice to the local apothecary. She learned how to use herbs and take care of them, how to diagnose people suffering from some ailment or another, and how to care for them properly. She didn’t earn much, but it was enough to ensure that there would be some sort of food on the table come sundown.
One thing she liked to do in her free time, rare though it was, was to sew little cloth dolls and dresses for the village girls. In another life, she would have been a seamstress or a designer, so she loved to make clothes as elegant and detailed as possible for her little band of admirers. Even though she worked weekends and all day and just wanted to crash after dinner, she stayed up late, sewing dresses and frocks and kerchiefs for the adolescent village girls with the nicest scraps of material she could find.
One of her tasks around the home she lived in with her brother – if you could call it a home. It was really little more than a two-room shack – was to put to dinner on the table since Keleigh worked later hours than she did. She quickly found out that cooking was not her forte, but at least it was edible enough. Many times she’d just give away her portion to some of the smaller children who had taken to grass where it could be found and roots. The village was situated on a long strip of barren land and did not have very fertile soil for growing crops or anything but weeds really.
Since she had never attended school and the apothecary she was apprenticed to had some formal learning, he started teaching her the alphabet and how to read and write. She was slow at it, but eventually she did get the alphabet down and had started try and write her own letters and put them together to form coherent words. At about this time in her life, the apothecary died one night, probably due to a heart attack or another natural cause. Hailey had come into his small hut as always and had found him dead in his rocking chair. There were no flowers or tears shed or ceremony at his funeral. The people in the village had become so accustomed to death that it wasn’t shocking when someone died no matter how suddenly. It was almost viewed as a chore; there was less than zero respect for the dead, and sometimes the gravediggers dug shallow graves, which the coyotes then robbed under the beams of the pale, watchful moon. However, Hailey helped to dig his grave herself, feeling indebted to the man for teaching her how to care for others, and Keleigh even came home early from the mines to make sure she wasn’t digging it by herself. A few others chipped in, but by the time the dusty dusk morphed into an inky, star-speckled night, Hailey and her brother were the only ones left. She couldn’t stand the thought of the man who took her in as his apprentice being dug up and unceremoniously shredded to bits by the local coyotes, so she and her brother continued digging with rusted, chipped shovels until she was satisfied that it was deep enough to be protected from the hungry coyotes. Keleigh had no problems digging late into the night, but Hailey, who was already fragile on top of being malnourished, had endless struggles keeping up. It didn’t help that the night was suffocatingly humid and that the tone of the evening was somber and grim, but she pushed through it. The man who’d put food on her table and taught her some of his learnings from actual school deserved to rest in peace forever.
Finally she helped lower the apothecary’s body into the ground, crossing the man’s arms on his chest and putting a daisy in between his fingers.

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