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Here, you'll find all the information you need to know.

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Alistair's History

Alistair Malcolm Graceling was born forty years ago, the only son of Jonathan and Penelope Graceling. His father adored him, as he was an obedient child and admired the man greatly. He wanted to learn all that his father could teach him.
As he grew, however, he noticed that his mother's behaviour was at odds with his father's teachings. Jonathan constantly told him that a wife's duty was to be subservient and sweet. Penelope, however, constantly argued with her husband. Jonathan told him never to take such nonsense from a wife, should he marry, or a daughter, should he have one. It was then that he took his son to the attic for the very first time. He showed Alistair a portrait of his late sister, who died in childhood, and her many dolls. The girl in the portrait looked very much like a doll herself. Jonathan told his son that the perfect girl is like a porcelain doll. This stuck in his head, and he returned to the attic every day to visit his late aunt's portrait, and her many dolls.

A year later, her mother was caught cheating on her father with a servant. Enraged, the man suffocated her. Nobody knew it was him, as he made it appear as though she had died in her sleep. After having her buried in the family mausoleum, he hastily fired all of the servants and replaced them with new ones.

But when Jonathan Graceling died five years later of a heart attack, the servants were once again dismissed. Alistair, having remembered his late father's words, had a plan. Now twenty years of age, he set off in search of living dolls.

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When Alistair wishes to obtain a new doll, he will walk the streets in search of one. Then, when a target has caught his eye, he proceeds. If the target is alone and in an isolated area, he will use chloroform to incapacitate them, then abduct them. Sometimes, he was lure his target into an isolated area to use this method. He will sometimes follow a target for a few days, or a week, if he is finding it hard to get them alone, and this is also useful in gaining information about them. Alistair is very versatile in his methods. He has even managed to talk a few girls into coming with him.


Upon arrival, the girl is placed into a category. The categories are daughter, mistress, servant.

Daughters are expected to address Alistair as Papa, and show him all the devotion a loving daughter would her father.
Mistresses are Alistair's lovers. They also bare his children, the next generation of dolls.
Servants are expected to be respectful to the daughters, mistresses and to Alistair. Each daughter and mistress will have a private servant. Remaining servants will do work around the house.

When she receives her category, she must set aside her old name and choose a new name befitting of her life in the dollhouse. If she chooses an inappropriate name, Alistair will choose one for her. After this, she is given a makeover, in order to look more like a living doll. The servants do whatever is necessary. Sometimes, hardly any adjustments to a girl's look are needed. Other times, her entire appearance must be altered. Then she is shown to her suite (or bedroom, in the case of the servants).

1. Daughters must call Alistair 'Papa.' Servants must call him 'Sir.' Mistresses may call him 'Sir,' or any appropriate term of endearment.
2. Any escape attempts will be severely punished.
3. Alistair expects complete obedience.
4. The broken dolls are forbidden from speaking to anyone but each other. They may only speak if it is for clarification on an order, or to answer a question. Dolls should speak to them as little as possible.
5. Nobody is allowed to use their former names after their new ones have been chosen.

The Broken Dolls have received the worst punishment there is. They have displeased Alistair so much that he has deemed them unworthy, and ti demonstrate this, he has 'shattered' them. Their faces are disfigured, and they wear the plainest dresses. They do the hardest work around the house, and receive the harshest punishments if they commit even a minor infraction. Rather than having their own bedrooms, they share a room, and it is always locked from the outside at night.

He will abduct girls from 0-18 to be his daughters. When they turn 18, most remain daughters, while some go on to become mistresses.
He will abduct girls ages 14+ to be servants.
He will abduct girls 16+ to be mistresses.

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The front door is always locked, as are the garden gates. A high wall surrounds the gardens. Alistair has the keys, on a large key ring that has a key to every door in the house. He keeps this with him at all times.
The Broken Dolls are locked in their rooms at night. If any of his other dolls misbehave, they are often confined to their suites for a period of time as punishment.
Only his most trustworthy dolls are given suites with balconies.
There are no communicative devices in the house. When girls arrive, any communicative devices they have are confiscated and destroyed.

The house has working electrical lights, electrical heating, and modern bathrooms (though they are of old-fashioned appearance). There is also modern technology in the kitchen, allowing the servants to prepare the food efficiently. However, there are no televisions in the house, nor any phones or computers. This is mostly done to cut the house off in all ways from the outside world, but Alistair's father never liked television, and neither did Alistair. He also doesn't want his girls watching anything that will be a bad influence on them.

Outdoors and Ground Floor -- Where everyone can socialize.
Second Floor -- Bedrooms of the Broken Dolls. Small rooms, two girls to a room. There is a sitting room for the Broken Dolls on this floor. They can only use this sitting room to socialize, and may only enter the sitting room on the ground floor if it is to clean or fetch something for another doll. There is a communal bathroom on this floor for the Broken Dolls.
Third Floor -- Servants' Bedrooms. Each servant gets their own small room. Servants have their own sitting room on this floor but are free to socialize with the other dolls in the main sitting room when not working (if the other dolls wish to socialize with them). Communal bathroom for servants on this floor.
Fourth floor and above -- suites of daughters and mistresses. Each floor is higher in importance. Fourth to seventh floor suites have a bedroom, private bathroom and dressing room. Seventh to ninth floor suites also have a sitting room. Tenth floor suites also have a private balcony. The tenth floor is where Alistair sleeps, and the floor houses his favourites.

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When his mistresses give birth to male children, they are automatically placed into the category of Son, where they will remain until age twelve. At this age, they are re-evaluated. If they have pleased their father, they remain a Son. If they have not, they become a Servant.
Alistair is more careful about abducting men. He may choose teenagers that have run away from home, neglected children that could easily be thought runaways, or even adults with no friends or family that nobody will miss. Those under eighteen are eligible to become Sons, but only the best do. Most become servants, though most of the male abductees become higher-ranking servants, personal attendants to the Sons.

Though incest is forbidden, sons and daughters are permitted to engage in relationships, with their father's blessing. A blood son may not court a blood daughter, as they share a father. However, an adoptive son may court a blood daughter, and vice versa. No son may court a mistress. If a son should wish to court a servant and the couple receive Alistair's approval, the servant will be released from servitude and bound to the Son she is being courted by. However, he tends to discourage these relationships, as he likes to be the sole dominant male in the household. He prefers to be in control of all the men and women in his family.

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