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message 1: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
All your questions will be answered here, and this is also the place where you can put forward any suggestions you have.

Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) | 54 comments So uh...what are some things that may happen in RP? Since this is different from Brides and he's much stricter.

I mean it's still real cool. I'm just confused is all.

message 3: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 135 comments Mod
So, for forever daughters, are they allowed to fall in love? Are there any men besides Alistair in the house? Like, if he has his own children and they happen to be men? Plus, someone of his stature, wouldn't he need someone to take over the house when he passed?

And what if his daughter wishes to get married but he wouldn't want to marry them? (Like, if he sincerely sees them as a daughter and would not like to marry his little baby girl?)

message 4: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
@Hunter: Well, that depends on who your character is, and who they're interacting with. :) I'd need a bit more context in order to answer that question. I'm glad you think it's cool, though! Alistair is strict, but he is sort of like a groom. His relationships are just different with each category of dolls. He treats the daughters very much like a strict, overprotective father would. He treats his mistresses kind of like a domineering husband, and he expects a lot from his servants. How he treats a person depends on how high they are in his favour. A person earns his respect by following his rules.

Yes, he has sons as well as daughters. Any girl he is interested in is not permitted to be with anyone else. However, his sons (both real and abducted) are permitted to be with his daughters (both real and abducted). He forbids incest, and each couple have to ask his consent before beginning a relationship.

message 5: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 135 comments Mod
Cool cool. Cuz I did want my little Rei to fall in love~.

message 6: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 135 comments Mod
Also, is Alistair against same sex couples? Like can two of his sons get married? Or two of his daughters? Or is it possible that one might marry a servant? Like, is there a divide with his children and his servants?

Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) | 54 comments I guess I mean what sort of activities would he have the different groups do? would they bond in some way and if so, how?

message 9: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
@Kate: Rei should be able to get married with her father's permission, especially if she's actually a blood daughter and not an abductee. He was brought up by a father who was fanatically against bisexualality and homosexuality, so he shares his deceased father's views. He would never allow two of his sons or daughters to be together. However, that's not saying they can't. A secret relationship between two people of the same sex would definitely add some good drama! He does, on the rare occasion, agree to son-servant marriages, even rarer to daughter-servant marriages, but he disapproves of them. He does try to encourage a divide, though he treats his servants fairly as long as they do their best at work.

@Hunter: Oh, yeah, they would bond! They can do basically anything they enjoy, there's just no TV or internet. When I was in the hospital, I talked to the other patients, I drank tea etc. Some people read, other people coloured. The girls here might play with dollshouses. Mistresses would be expected to spend romantic time with Alistair, and daughters would have daddy-daughter time. Bonding is encouraged between the dolls though. Servants would have lots of work to do. Private Attendants would have one particular doll to wait on and would spend all of their time doing things that concerned that doll.

Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) | 54 comments i appreciate the answer

message 11: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 135 comments Mod
Rei isn't blood, but she might as well be. XP

message 12: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Yeah, I read her, he loves her as a daughter. :) He's totally in love with her but he probably still thinks of her as a sweet little six year old haha. :D

message 13: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 135 comments Mod
Hahaha, she does act young for her age. ;)

Does he allow her to call him daddy? Because she still would probably through her entire life.

message 14: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Yes, he does. As long as his daughters call him some respectful term that is equivalent to Father he doesn't mind what it is. So anything that's not dad, pops etc, and anything that's not his actual name, is fine. :) Angeline used to call him Papa before she became his betrothed.

message 15: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 135 comments Mod
Sounds good. Is he also good with Rei's way she sometimes playfully hangs on his arm when she's trying to convince him to do something while whining, "But daddyyyy!" (Something like, "come to a tea party with me." Like, something cute.)

message 16: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
He would probably find that quite endearing, unless he was very busy, in which case he would politely explain the reason why he couldn't and promise to make it up to her later because he loves her so much. He is quite kind towards people like Rei, and especially with Rei he would be very careful with her because he wouldn't want to hurt her feelings because he would see her as fragile.

message 17: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 135 comments Mod
Perfect. They'll get along swimmingly! And he's not wrong, she is fragile.

message 18: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Yes, I think they'll get along great! :)

message 19: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 22, 2019 10:04PM) (new)



1. Face-Claim thread? I noticed that some people typed out appearances but this would actually be really helpful for those who actually use pictures and have face-claims because then we won't have any confusion about who is claimed/who had this person first and all of that.

2. Collaboration thread? This is so we can put brainstorms (like character ideas + things we would like to see for our character) and such here and then discuss like relationships between other characters and plans and all of that! It is really nice to have cause sometimes ideas can get lost in chat.

3. Instead of the whole Create Your Own Character thread -- I was thinking maybe it would be easier to separate the characters? Like keep it under the same topic but different threads and have it like (this is really to keep things organized instead of pushing all the characters together into one big folder which can get crazy sometimes)

which would include like alistair himself, betrothed(s), daughters, and sons (blood related or not)

pretty self-explanatory

again pretty self-explanatory

Broken Dolls
same thing

4. Floor Request/Roommate Request? Instead of clogging up the character profile topic, when people are done with their characters and approved, they come to this folder and request (view spoiler) which floor their character will reside on. And then if it is a servant, you can request/get assigned a roommate!

5. Room Request? Again, people will come here and fill out a simple thing like

Character Name:
Images: <./spoiler><./spoiler>

and mods can make the character's room under the appropriate floor and topic!

6. Workshop Thread? This is essentially where you'd put like your brainstorms, work in progress characters, and everything that isnt complete or needs a home in. Everything is hidden in spoilers too so everything is neat and organized.

7. May I suggest (because we dont have phones or computers in this rp) that we perhaps incorporate letters? This works as a folder of its own and a request a topic thread. Basically I figured because everyone cant possible rp with the head man all the time or talk to people in rp all the time, we could have this topic where characters talk to each other but its in a letter. An example would be like this.

(view spoiler)

and like so on as if you are writing letters between characters to your partner. It is a really fun thing and can help characters get to know each other as well if you cant rp with them yet/they arent approved yet/you just want to figure out the voice of your character before really putting them into action in rping.

8. Perhaps pin the About The Dollhouse topic as important that way new memebers will automatically be able to see that on on top of the, The Group, folder because sometimes important threads like that can be pushed down and disappear when other topics are used and it wont always be visible.

9. Character Help Thread? Essentially what it says in the title but this is a topic where people can come and ask for help regarding a character! Whether that is about face-claims or name ideas or just in general HELP which members can gladly help with, duh! But it is really nice to have sometimes.

also if you like any of these ideas and need help, i would be so happy to do that for you


1. Can a broken doll somehow make their way back up to a higher status? Say through manipulation or working through the system of the house sometimes? I know it would obviously be very hard to do that but would it be possible on special circumstances and hard work maybe?

2. Do we have to use the exact template that is provided or can we use our own and just add in the information needed?

3. Also --- I don't know if this is taken already or not. But would it be possible if I could make his oldest (actual, blood-related) daughter? And if I can, how old would you say she would be?

message 20: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 135 comments Mod
There are two threads for one of your suggestions. Those are the Roleplay Requests one, where you have your finished characters and ask if someone wants to do something with them.

Then there's a second thread called Character Seeking where you can ask someone to make a character fitting the description of what you're looking for.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh, I was confused. Generally in groups, I thought the rp requests was like requesting someone to role-play with you! My mistake.

I feel like it might just be easier to have the Collaborations thread( I am assuming this was the one you were referring to)? I know that is most common in groups and it is basically just an overall of that so instead of those two folders, you have the one which is more recognizable?

message 22: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Hi Nicole! :) Thank you so much for all the great suggestions. :) I'll definitely be using some of those, I think! That is, if you don't mind.

As to your questions...
1. In special circumstances, yes, a broken doll could do this. However, it's nearly impossible to do so. She would have to be really sorry for what she did and work really, really hard to earn Alistair's forgiveness. She would still be physically disfigured, so if her disfigurement was too severe to cover with make-up (how severely the broken dolls are disfigured depends on the magnitude of their crime) then he would give her ornate veils and veiled hats to wear so that her face can't be seen.

2. No, you don't have to use the exact template, as long as all the information required is there.

3. Of course you can! :) No, she's not taken. Well, let's see...I wouldn't say any older than twenty.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Of course! I am glad you liked them (view spoiler)! Also if you need help with anything that was suggested or questions about anything or just need examples, I'd be more than happy to help. <3


hmmmmm - i'm definitely willing to see if i can manage to do something like that XD it'll be a challenge for sure.

also yay! i'm excited to make her then!

message 24: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Aww, you're very sweet, thank you! :) There is definitely going to be a Workshop thread (for the WIP characters), and a Character Help thread. If you'd like to help, would you mind making them for me? I would <3 you forever.

Also, I did make a folder for letters, but that won't show up until someone makes a thread in it. :)

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Okie!! I can totally do that for you <3 is it okay if i put them under the character folder?

also ooo~! if you wanted, you could always put up a little intro topic explaining what the letters is? Or I could help with that too?

message 26: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Thank you! :) And yes, it is. :)

That's a great idea! Since it was your idea, would you like to do the honours? You explained it so well! You'll find the folder already made.

message 27: by Ash (new)

Ash | 2 comments Would Alistair ever abduct anyone over the age of 18? Also it’s been so long!!

message 28: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (last edited Jan 26, 2019 05:10PM) (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Yes. He abducts people over the age of eighteen to be mistresses or servants. :) People under the age of eighteen could also be abducted as a son or daughter. And yes it has!!! I've been ill. :)

message 29: by Cas (new)

Cas | 3 comments 1) any way to possibly roleplay from point of capture? And along with that what do the children go through when first arriving here? How are they brought in, are they strictly taught anything for a short period before entering or are they just thrown in the dollhouse?

2) going along with number one is resistance at the beginning enough to become a broken doll? (Of course if it’s a ton of resistance then yeah probably, but what if it’s just a little bit?)

message 30: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
1. I'll make the registry as soon as possible. :)

2. Yes, it is possible to roleplay from the point of capture. Well, they're either abducted, or coaxed to come along. The'r crash course on the dollhouse might start in the limo ride if they're conscious (though they would be blindfolded), or in the Newcomer's Suite if they weren't. Basically, they ask a bunch of questions, Alistair answers them and tells them all the rules and the hierarchy and everything. Then they go to a preparation room where they are assigned a role, a new doll name, and a look is decided upon for them (as far as clothing). Any alterations that need to be made to their appearance to make them more 'doll-like' are made in the preparation room. Then they're given a room on floor 3-10.

2. No, a little bit of resistance at the beginning isn't enough. Alistair is more lenient with newcomers as they don't know how things work yet and they're new so he understands they need time to adjust.

message 31: by Cas (new)

Cas | 3 comments Okay, thanks for clarifying that for me!

message 32: by ѕolanιne (new)

 ѕolanιne | 19 comments Is there a folder for the eighth floor?

message 33: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
ѕolanιne wrote: "Is there a folder for the eighth floor?"

There should be, unless I accidentally forgot to make one. I made all the folders for the floors, but they don't show up until a thread is made in them. Please feel free to make your doll's room. :)

message 34: by the_rabid_snail (new)

the_rabid_snail | 52 comments Could we have a workshop thread?

message 35: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Sure. :)

message 36: by the_rabid_snail (new)

the_rabid_snail | 52 comments Thanks, Dark Angel! Would it be okay if we also had like a rumours thread or something where we could post rumours or common knowledge about our characters that we want to circulate through the dollhouse?

message 37: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Oooh, that's a good one!

message 38: by Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (last edited Apr 14, 2019 04:00PM) (new)

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 3 comments Woot! Made it to where I'm suppose to be. Thank you for the re-direct Dark Angel. :)

Now for the ideas I had in mind. I have four characters already thought up but that means nothing if my ideas for them don't get approved. If they don't my imagination as always will easily bounce back and think up different ideas and characters. I just like looking over what other people have come up with and then testing my imagination to come up with something different from those. Note: Characters are in no order.

1st: One of my characters that I thought up is a child, around 6. Her parents died in a car crash when she was two and her grandmother who had been her caretaker just passed away. Instead of going with cps and being taken to a home she instead ran from them and that's when Alistair found her. I would like to have her just arriving if she's approved and leave her new name up to you.

2nd: This will be an even harder sell than the first but I think it would be really fun to RP. This female is older around 17. It's clear Alistair has a lot of money and since he keeps himself blocked off from the res of the world it has no doubt made for many rumors about such a secret place. Coming from the wrong side of the tracks I imagine my characters not so great friends daring her to manage to break in and steal from such a place. Never one to back down from a challenge she accepts. With their help she manages to get over one of the weaker spots of the wall (at the time) and makes her way inside he place. Having been curious to what secrets it holds herself. Soon realizing what a sick place it is just before she's caught. If approved I could imagine her being stuck as a servant or really whatever role you thought was a better punishment. lol! There was also a possibility of her looking like someone Alistair used to know who met a bad end and him trying to make things go differently this time, but doesn't need to happen. I was thinking it would be fun to RP the night that she broke in. So again she wouldn't have a new name or anything yet.

3rd and 4th: My two males I was thinking of making are actual blood sons of Alistair, only a few years apart from each other 17-19/20. Both having the same mother who has since passed or possibly been turned into a broken doll but both pretty different from one another. The older wanting to be the next bigger and better Alistair and be the true successor and the other thinking things should be different.
Appearance: Son 1
Son 2
There would be more to their backgrounds but those are the simplified versions of what I've thought up. I hope you like them. Please let me know if they'll work or if I need to throw any or all out and start from scratch with my ideas. :)

message 39: by Dark Angel, the awesome boss (new)

Dark Angel | 265 comments Mod
Anna N.~Back in Black! wrote: "Woot! Made it to where I'm suppose to be. Thank you for the re-direct Dark Angel. :)

Now for the ideas I had in mind. I have four characters already thought up but that means nothing if my ideas f..."

The brothers and the six year old girl are great ideas! :) However, the problem with the other girl is that nobody actually knows about Alistair at all. His house is in such a secret location that only those who are actually brought there by him have ever seen it. There aren't any rumours surrounding the house because nobody knows where it is.
We could make a slight adjustment to it. Perhaps they notice Alistair walking in town and immediately recognize he's rich? It's plausible that they might have seen him in the area before, and that there may be rumours surrounding the mysterious rich guy that only talks to random girls. I can imagine the rumours would be more surrounding him than the house. But nobody would actually know his name. The only people who find out his name are the girls he abducts. But the thing is, she'd never be able to break into that house. The security is too good. So I'm really not sure how that particular idea would work.

But the little girl and the two brothers are a definite yes.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 3 comments Dark Angel wrote: "Anna N.~Back in Black! wrote: "Woot! Made it to where I'm suppose to be. Thank you for the re-direct Dark Angel. :)

Now for the ideas I had in mind. I have four characters already thought up but t..."

Yeah, I knew that one would be the hardest one to get a pass. I like your idea though of them spotting him. I do have one last idea that might possibly work for it. If it doesn't than three out of four isn't bad at all and I'l happily take the characters that I have gotten approved.
The other idea though is that since they spot him and Alistar being the smart man that he is spots them as well and knows when he's being followed. At the same time he recognizes that these young people trailing him are people that society doesn't care about and that no one will really notice or care if they went missing, so allowing them to follow him. Assuming he has an automated gate, maybe once he arrives home he sets it to 'unlocked' and once one of them gets inside he locks it again. Not that the other two would of been brave enough to come in anyway. That's my only other idea for it.

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