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Luka R. | 43 comments Here we are. Do you want to make your character first?

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Luka R. | 43 comments Got it. I'll start working on mine as well.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Here's what I got so far:
Name: Vernon Octavius
Age: 20
Height: 5’11”
Personality: Vernon is generally laid-back person and doesn’t take things too seriously. Most people know him as a charming, witty, and likable guy. When he does take something seriously however, he takes on a whole different persona. He becomes quiet, aggressive, and focused, making him an ideal assassin. Although he appears friendly, he makes sure to keep his distance from others and has a hard time trusting people.
History: Vernon is the bastard of Alexander Octavius, one of the leading figures of Royal Parliament, and a prostitute. He was adopted by Alexander’s wife, who was thought to be infertile for some years. She ended up conceiving six years after adopting Vernon and gave birth to his younger brother, Malcolm Octavius. After the birth of his brother, Vernon lost the affections of his mother and father and was stripped of his titles and claims as the succession of the Octavius family was passed on Malcolm. He was instead appointed as his brother’s bodyguard and trained in combat for many years. When the war of factions broke out, his father decided to put his skills to use and began to order him to assassinate political rivals and potential threats. He proved himself to be a brilliant killer and soon found himself faced with the order to eliminate Jacqueline Montgomery, the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
- Is a fast learner
- Good with bow and arrow and hand-to-hand combat

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Luka R. | 43 comments Alright, so how about we start on the night Jacqueline is scheduled to be assassinated? One of them sneaks into the inn room she's supposed to sleep in and hides shortly before the other arrives. The two of them end up getting into a messy conflict and alert the guards, who end up escorting Jacqueline away from the inn before they can get their hands on her.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Fiona can be the one who enters and hides first. Vernon will show up a few minutes later or something.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Vernon quietly glided through the street, keeping to the shadows. He caught glimpse of a small, bustling establishment with light radiating from the windows. The inn. Vernon made his way into the building through the back entrance and without drawing any attention, climbed up the stairs onto the second floor where the sleeping quarters lie. The first door on the right he had been told. Surprisingly, there were no guards patrolling the second floor. Strange. His father must have paid them off. The door was locked but luckily, Vernon had come prepared. He quickly pulled out a thin metal instrument and skillfully undid the lock. The door creaked open and entered swiftly, closing the door behind him.

(Okay, so maybe Fiona thinks that its Jacqueline and attacks? And they end up making noise which attracts the guards who arrive shortly afterwards.)

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Luka R. | 43 comments Vernon, though taken aback by the surprise attack, managed to keep his cool. His fight instincts kicked in and he felt his knee jerk upwards and collide with her abdomen. She stumbled backwards and released her grip around his mouth. Before she could recover, he swiftly stepped behind her and locked her into a choke hold.

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Luka R. | 43 comments "No point in telling you," Vernon replied "since you won't be leaving this room alive." He eyed her blade carefully before aiming a kick at her wrist and sending the knife skidding across the room. Now that she was disarmed, Vernon's victory was ensured. No one had ever defeated him in hand-to-hand combat since he was thirteen. He ducked down and thrust forward, feeling his elbow collide with her ribs. The blow was enough to knock the breath out of her lungs and gave Vernon the opportunity to kick her legs out from underneath her, sending her crashing onto the floor.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Before he could say anything, Vernon heard the door slam open behind him. Four guards poured into the room, surrounding Fiona and Vernon.
"What the hell are you two doing in here?!"
"Shit," Vernon whispered under his breath. Without a second thought, he barreled straight through the window. There was the sound of shattering glass followed by a heavy thud. The landing was rough but he somehow managed to get away without any major injuries. He scrambled back onto his feet and took off into the night. Shit. Shit. Shit. This wasn't supposed to happen. All because of the girl with the knives. He looked down at his calf. The wound wasn't deep but it would probably be enough to kill him if he left it untreated. He needed to find an apothecary quickly.

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Luka R. | 43 comments "Fuck off," Vernon replied. He wasn't about to answer to some peasant girl. He spotted what looked like a stable next to a small manor in the distance. He sped up until he reached the establishment and began to scale the wall guarding the manor. Once inside, he quietly made his way over the the horses and loosened the lead of a chestnut colored mare and mounted it swiftly. He would be able to reach his father's estate by the time the sun began to rise if he rode at full speed.
The thought of his father made Vernon shiver. What would he say to him once he found out that Vernon had failed his mission? Vernon could only imagine the gruesome punishment that he would face. But now was not the time to be thinking about such things. He swallowed his fears and began leading the horse out of the manor.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Annoyed, Vernon grabbed the vial from her hand and swallowed its contents. Afterwards, he shoved the empty vial back into her hands.
"I'm alive now, happy? I have places to be so it would be to my great pleasure if you could please just fuck off like I told you to. You've already committed a grave offense by ruining my plans. You don't want to piss me off with your bullshit even further, trust me," he leaned forward and met her gaze with an icy stare. "I get mean when I'm angry, little girl. You wouldn't want that now, would you?" he mocked in a slow, intimidating whisper.

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Luka R. | 43 comments ((Sorry about that. Old habits die hard.))

"Ruin your plan? You must be kidding," Vernon scoffed, "the one who jumped out of the closet and initiated the conflict was you. So as far as I'm concerned, you're the one you ruined my plan." Vernon took a deep breath. He wasn't sure what to do next. If he went home empty-handed, the least he would suffer would be a severe beating from the guards down in the dungeon. If his father lost his temper however, it could mean torture or even death for Vernon.

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Luka R. | 43 comments "Let me guess, you were trying to assassinate her. I don't know if you know this, but hiding in someone's closet can only have so many implications," Vernon smirked, "I guess that puts us in the same boat. Two assassins who tried to assassinate the same person at the same time, huh? Now I'm probably more likely to end up dead than Jacqueline Montgomery is. Thanks to you."

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Luka R. | 43 comments "Don't get cocky, you're the least of my worries. You couldn't kill me even if you wanted to," Vernon replied icily. The longer he spent thinking about going home the more uneasy he felt. He wouldn't get away with this one, not this time. He sighed, visibly frustrated.
"Father's going to kill me for this," he muttered to himself, "I'm going to be dead the second he realizes I failed." Paranoia began to set in. What if one of his father's underlings had already witnessed his failure and was one his way to deliver the report? How would he face him? Would his father send people after him? Panicked musings raced through his mind as he stood there in front of the manor, cold and afraid.

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Luka R. | 43 comments "I don't kill for money. I'm not a dirty, little peasant like you," he scoffed. Vernon remounted the horse.
"I'm going to finish what I started. Jacqueline Montgomery will be a dead woman as soon as I catch up to her," Vernon said through gritted teeth. He had made up his mind. He wasn't going to go back to his father until he had made sure she was dead.

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Luka R. | 43 comments "I'm not a nobleman, which is why I'm not obligated to act like one," Vernon replied without looking at her, "most of the time, anyways." As she stepped in front of his horse, their eyes met. "I don't need help from you, you'll just get in the way," Vernon sighed, "I can handle it on my own. There's a reason I was chosen for this job you know." The more time he wasted here, the longer it would take to catch up to Jacqueline. Vernon felt confident that he could handle Jacqueline on his own. All it would take is an arrow to the throat.

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Luka R. | 43 comments I'm not going to be on this site for a couple of days starting tomorrow so I might not respond for a while. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

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Luka R. | 43 comments "That's none of your business," Vernon replied coolly, "do what you want but just know that if you get in my way you're as good as dead." He kicked the horse in its side and took off into the night. He didn't know where Jacqueline was but he was sure that she couldn't be far.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Vernon reached the outskirts of town and spotted a carriage that looked far too luxurious to belong to anyone in the area. He quickly dismounted his horse and merged with the shadows, keeping his eyes on the carriage all the while. It was dark so he couldn't see clearly but what appeared to be a female figure surrounded by what Vernon predicted was her guards boarded the carriage and began to take off. Interesting. She was relocating altogether. He remounted his horse and began to trot after the carriage, staying in the overgrowth of the forest to avoid being seen.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Vernon tied the stolen horse up at the inn stable and proceeded to make his way into the establishment. It was certainly less busy than the previous one which meant Vernon would have to be even more careful not to draw any attention.
"Any vacant rooms tonight?" Vernon smiled warmly at the receptionist.
"Of course, the first third room to the right," she handed him some keys and smiled back.
"Thank you."
Vernon followed her instructions and opened the door to his room. Down the hallway he could see three or four guards surrounding the entrance to what he assumed was Jacqueline's room. Breaking in to her room was out of the question. Frustrated, Vernon threw the small satchel of personal belongings onto his bed and began changing out of his clothes. He threw on some of his father's old clothes, an dark emerald tunic and some black trousers. His face had luckily remained well-hidden with a hood when the guards had busted in so he kept his face uncovered. He flopped down on the uncomfortable mattress and began to think of ways to eliminate Jacqueline.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Vernon made his way into the kitchen.
"Could I have something to eat please? All this travel has made me quite weary," he smiled at the kitchen maid.
"O-of course," the young girl blushed and ducked into the kitchen.
Vernon looked around, hoping to see Jacqueline. The dining hall was bare except for a tray with a bowl of venison stew and a loaf of beer bread a few feet away from him on the counter.
"Do you know who this is for, by any chance?" he asked the kitchen maid when she returned with his food.
"Oh, that was supposed to go to the lady a couple rooms down from yours. It looks like I forgot to deliver it to her room," she laughed sheepishly.
Before the kitchen maid could reach over and grab the tray, Vernon insisted on delivering the tray himself.
"Here, let me take care of it. You're already have enough on your plate as it is."
"O-oh, thank you very much," the girl smiled warmly, her face flushed pink.
"No problem," Vernon replied in a friendly tone as he picked up both of their trays and headed back to the sleeping quarters.
"Fortune favors the bold," he chuckled to himself.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Carrying the two trays, Vernon quickly slipped into his room. He needed to work quickly. He had only brought along four different poisons with him, thinking that his bow and arrow would have sufficed for the mission. He pulled out the vial of the deadliest poison available and poured a couple drops into the venison stew.
"Odorless and tasteless, this should work fine," he muttered to himself as he put away the vial. He picked up Jacqueline's tray and exited his room. Her room was only three rooms down from his, just as the kitchen maid had told him. Nonchalantly, he began strolling down the hallway until he was stopped by the guards.
"Do you need something?" a tall, ginger man grunted.
"Is this Lady Jacqueline's room?" Vernon smiled at the man.
The guards glanced at each other before turning their attention back to Vernon.
"What is it to you?" another man with a dark, scraggly beard snarled.
He handed the tray to the ginger.
"Lady Jacqueline's dinner, the kitchen maid asked me to deliver it to her room," Vernon replied, "venison stew and beer bread of the finest caliber."

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Luka R. | 43 comments Vernon turned around and swiftly walked back to his room before the guards could questions him any further. He could only hope that the guards didn't find him that suspicious. As soon as he stepped into his own room and locked the door behind him, Vernon began to pack his possessions into his leather satchel. He hurriedly ate his meal and changed his clothes to something less flashy before breaking out of the room from his own window. He needed to get away from there before the poison took effect and Jacqueline alerted her guards.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Vernon peeked inside Jacqueline's window before heading to the stables to retrieve his stolen horse. The food appeared to be untouched on the end table next to the bed. Vernon wished he could stay around longer to make sure that she had taken a bite of the poison but it was too risky. He ducked into the stables and untied the horse. He mounted the mare and slowly began exiting the inn grounds.

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Luka R. | 43 comments When he finally managed to get some distance between him and the inn, he took off in a gallop. He made a silent prayer to the heavens that the poison would do its job tonight and began mapping out directions home. It would take a couple hours, if not a day, minimum. Vernon mentally prepared himself for the sleepless night ahead of him as he guided his horse into the forest at the edge of town.

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Luka R. | 43 comments Vernon heard something rustle in the bushes. It was most likely some wild animal but after what had just happened, Vernon was not taking any chances. He gave his horse a forceful kick and took off into the dead of the night. He could feel the stinging of branches whipping against his face but ignored it. He figured it was better than getting mauled by a bear or whatever else that might be waiting for him to lower his guard in this forest. He rode for almost an hour before the forest began to clear out into a meadow of wild flowers. As beautiful as the sight was, Vernon hadn't come here to sight see and continued straight on ahead, relishing the sensation of not being constantly bombarded by sticks and leafs lasing out at his face and hands.

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