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message 1: by Claire (new)

Claire Wahmanholm | 2 comments Hi I have no idea what I'm doing BUT I'm hoping to add my chapbook to the goodreads database--is this how I would do that?

Title: Night Vision
Author(s) name(s): Claire Wahmanholm
ISBN (or ASIN): 978-1934832622
Publisher: New Michigan Press
Publication date: December 11, 2017
Format: Paperback
Description: In Claire Wahmanholm’s Night Vision, we are made to witness narrative’s inevitable unravelling. By placing hybrid prose in conversation with skillful erasures, Wahmanholm creates a subtle and striking commentary on the nature of language and story. She reminds us of the infinite ways that voice resists containment by history, convention, and our expectations as readers. In each lyric fragment, each fracturing of the source text, we are shown all that has been buried in the trappings of prose. This is a gorgeously subversive chapbook, a work that reflects powerfully on the circumstances of its own making.
—Kristina Marie Darling
Page count: 52 pages
Link to book page which includes the cover on a NON-BOOKSELLER site:

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 21788 comments Added here:
but left out the description, as it is a review, and reviews are not allowed in the description.

If you want to claim your author profile, you can follow this link:

message 3: by Claire (new)

Claire Wahmanholm | 2 comments Thanks!

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