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Here is a quest. Only the participants may comment here.

mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 690 comments Mod
Mel hops out of the Camp Half Blood van, which is disguised as a Strawberry Delivery Van. She gestures to the boys.
"Come on, Argus can only take us this far right now. We need to get to Olympus before its dark."
She looks to the sunset.

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dj and leon hoped out and dj said "let's go!"

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Mel grabs DJ's hand and waves for Leon to follow.
"Let's hurry."
She starts to speed walk, dragging DJ with her.

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dj started to jog and leon jogged after him

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Mel walks into Empire State Building, and stops walking. She brushes herself off and makes sure she looks good. She wants to make a good impression on Zeus, if he is there. She turns to DJ.
"How do I look? Decent?"

((When they look for Zeus, he isn't going to be in Olympus))

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(aight) "you look beautiful as ever" dj said and leon nodded in agreement

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"Take that as pretty decent" she says.
"Let's go get killed."
She looks at the boys, and by the looks on their faces, she can see that they thought she wasn't kidding.
"Oh my gods, I just joking. You don't really think we are going to die?" she lets the words hang for a moment before continuing on.
"Do you?"

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leon spoke up and said "I already made my peace with death but if I'm gonna die ima go down fighting like a true hero of olympus" dj nodded and said "same here but if I go down fighting like my brother it'll be by knowing I found the one I would gladly give my life for and for knowing what I did was right"

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Mel rolls her eyes and hooks her arms through theirs.
"Forget death. Let's go!"
She pulls them with her to the receptionist.
"Hello, we'd like to go to the 600th floor, please," she flashes a flirty and convincing smile.
She may not be a daughter of Aphrodite or Cupid, but she has hung out with them enough to know stuff.
The receptionist looks baffled.
"I'm sorry, we don't have a 600th-" he says before being interrupted by Mel.
"Sweetheart, I know that you know that we know their is a 600th floor. Let us pass," her voice sounds just a bit harsh.

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dj gave him a hard stare behind mel and held up a flaming fist leon cracked his back, neck and finally his knuckles giving the clerk just as hard a stare as dj both his and his brothers muscles flexing and bulging under their muscle shirts

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(I could c this become one of those super short movies like puss in boots: the three diablos and I can just imagine Melanie glaring at the clerk with two big and burly guys right behind her both brothers and one of them being her boyfriend lol)

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((lol ok))

Mel rolls her eyes mentally at the boys behind her.
"Show offs..." she mutters so no one can hear her.
"So? 600th floor."
The receptionist bows his head.
"Uh... yeah." he stutters

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dj and leon fished out some golden drachmas and tossed one each to the clerk and dj said "thanks" on the way past while leon said "may the gods watch over you"

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Mel steps inside the elevator and waits until Drew and Leon are in. She clicks the 600th floor button before they can. She chuckles to herself.

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dj looks at her and says "whats so funny?" when they stepped inside the elevator, leon just stood there like vegeta quietly

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Mel puts a hand on her chest because it starts to hurt a bit.
"It's just, I used to race my friends to the elevator and being the one to press the buttons was a blessing from the Gods."

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"how bout next time we drop by the first person to push all the buttons in order gets to take a dip in the styx" leon said with a chuckle

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Mel doesn't even let the words hang in the air.
"No. We will not, unless we are ordered or forced to."

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"it was a joke" leon chuckled

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Mel giggles after a bit of thinking.
"Aight, good. Be glad you told me now, because if we got onto Olympus and you told me, I swear I will throw you off." she jokes with him, giving a taste of his own medicine

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"you could try to but you would get pulled down with me or be unable to move me" leon said grinning dj piped up and said "its true"

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"Fight me." is her response.
She didn't even think of her words, they just smoothly rolled off her tongue.
'Next time I get to my planner, which of course I left back a camp, I need to write a reminder to come up with good comebacks.'

((BTW, ' ' means she is thinking))

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(aight) leon looks at her and sternly says "no I don't fight girls and I don't hit girls because it is not right..... unless they try to kill me but I still wont hit them"

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Mel groans and throws her hands down.
"Being sarcastic! It's a joke!"
She stomps away.

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"hehe my brother cant tell with sarcasm and jokes" dj said grabbing her waist

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Mel glances at him.
"Oh, no wonder. I never could have guessed that."
She Snickers.

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"hehe yeah well here we are" dj said as the elevator doors opened

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Mel has never been to Mount Olympus, so she gasps. She does that think before rushing out of the elevator.
"Marvelous! Absolutely stunning!"

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"well yeah Annabeth designed the place" leon said dj said nothing

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Mel laughs.
"No duh!" She says lightly. She sees that DJ is silent and she hooks her arm through his.
"What's gotcha down?"

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((Leon are we still going on???))

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drew looked around alert and said "i have a feeling zeus is beyond chaotically pissed right now...." his voice trailed off as he saw leon stiffen when they saw their fathers approach with grim looks on their faces "dad......" leon said "father" drew also said at the same time as leon

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Melanie grabs Drew's arm and pulls him close. She doesn't know what is happening, and she hopes it isn't bad. She see's no one is speaking, so she steps forwards.
"My lords, what do you want?"
She realises her words kinda sounded rude, so she tries to fix what she said.
"I mean... uh... what brings you to us three demigods..?"

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drew held her hand a bit too tightly and leon stepped forewards and kneeled before poseidon

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Melanie feels like Drew is restraining her. Did she offend someone? She looks back at the Gods before them.
"We are here on a quest."

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Poseidon looks at her and said dryly "yes we can see that" Hephaestus snorted in amuesment

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Mel just glares a little. She throws a hand up, and backs away.
"Fine! I'll let the men talk."
She walks and sits on some steps.

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drew looks at hephaestus and said "father where is lord zeus we must speak with him"

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Mel snaps her fingers at them.
"Pretty sure they know that one!"
She chuckles darkly.

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Drew glared at her and said "why?" (U take a turn with them my hands has been having muscle spasms it sucks)

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Mel glares back. She stands up and walks in the middle of the demigods and two gods.
"I'm afraid times up. The girl is coming back into this convo. Do you know where we can find Zeus?" she asks the gods, knowing that they probably know.

"We actually came to see if you knew that," says Hephaestus.

"So... you're saying you don't know? Great, we have NO league at all!" She grumbles.

"We may have a hint. Maybe he went to the first place he felt safe. That cave that Mother Earth put him in, it might be his safe place to rage on."

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Drew and leon Looked at each other eyes wide

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Mel stumbles back.

Poseidon and Hephaestus shuffle their feet.
"Sorry, Melanie," Poseidon says.

Mel looks at the boys, disappointed and defeated.

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drew spoke first and said "i think i know where he is"

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Mel looks at him, sad and kinda scared.
"Well, we all do. The cave Ga- Mother Earth put him in."

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"no the cave where typhon put him after removing the muscles in his body so that he couldnt move" leon said miserably

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Mel scoffs.
"Why the Hades would he go there??"

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"dunno but its in liberty island" drew said

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leons eyes widend and said "then things must be bad"

Poseidon nodded and said "my brother goes there when he is angry and gets even more ramped up we need to seal that place off and keep him away from it" Hephaestus nodded and said "drew, my son that is where you come in you and leon must collapse the cave as soon as Melanie comes out of it with zeus in tow"

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