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message 1: by Fwit (new)

Fwit I thought it'd be helpful to have summaries for the rp...

i'll just put down wut i know...

Ryan and Ivy talk.

Kya "stalks" Jaden.

message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 1 comments huh?

message 4: by Fwit (new)

Fwit something happens outside school...
dark sees a shadow guard and loses control of his power, creating chaos outside the school

message 5: by Fwit (new)

Fwit Dark and Coach Boom are arguing. A lot.
About something like
whether he should b kicked out of the school or something.

message 6: by Laika (new)

Laika how and when and where do I go to be a sidekick or hero?

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