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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) ???

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It's about this group of anthropologists (Zach,Booth,Brenan,Angela,Hodgens,Dr. Sorroyian) who work at this place called The Jeffersonian. They work on murder cases.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) oh

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Emily (ipodaddict18) its really awesome I LOVE booth and hodgins there so yummy!!! so there is booth a special agent for the fbi and brennan is a forensic anthropologist (person who studies bones) its so cool she can tell how old you are, if you've had kids, and your favorite sport even its so awesome.her nick name is Bones. she and her team of specialists who work at the jefersonian help booth solve murders. Cam or dr.sorroan is the flesh lady and posien and etc. lady, and Hodgins is a bug and slime and dirt guy, Angela is the artist/senario tec lady, and then theres bones assistants shes had many of them after Zach left but Zach is the main one as of yet. Oh and booth and bones are secretly really in love but neither of them realizes it yet. Its like one my top 10 shows along with ncis,criminal minds,rizzoli and iles,covret affairs,memphis beat,all three csi's,and well theres alot more actualy but I've gtg.

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