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she should have been part of the special three!not dovekit or vinekit!

Lol...Naruto Rocks! (Katelyn, Haku.) Hey! I like the two! Whitewing's imporatant now. But I did not like Hollyleaf's death.

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Me neither... I do like Dovekit and Vinekit, but I wanted Hollyleaf to be able to reach her dreams. :( I still haven't read the newest two. (Bluestar's prophecy, fourth apprentice)

Lol...Naruto Rocks! (Katelyn, Haku.) Sigh...poor Hollyleaf.

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Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) *Furious* Hollyleaf wasn't JUST naive, she was obsessed with the warrior code! Step a PAW over a clan boundery and she freaks out, "Oh! It's against the warrior code! We can't do that!" even if it's important we do! I didn't like Lionpaw either! He BELEIVED that TigerClaw was just helping him! I hate dem both! *growls**sudenlly turns sweet and friendly* but I LOVE Jayfeather! ^^

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