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message 1: by Peni (new)

Peni Renner (penijo_renner) Has anyone here studied the Tao Te Ching? I have a copy and think I'd get more out of it if I had someone to discuss ith with.

message 2: by Starr (new)

Starr | 183 comments Mod

The Tao of Daily Life: The Mysteries of the O…(Paperback

by Derek Lin

This also looks interesting. Situations are explained in short stories that help illustrate the wisdom of the Tao.

message 3: by Starr (new)

Starr | 183 comments Mod
Sorry that didn't cut and paste right!

message 4: by Peni (new)

Peni Renner (penijo_renner) Yes have read that one too. Have you visited ? I think that's Derek Lin's site.

message 5: by Richard (new)

Richard | 15 comments I know it's another book to read, but you may consider Wayne Dyer's book called "Change your thoughts, change your life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao." It contains all 81 verses of the Tao, which he read over one year's time, compiling the essays which eventually became this book.

message 6: by Peni (new)

Peni Renner (penijo_renner) Yes I did read that one. Just don't own a copy

message 7: by Starr (new)

Starr | 183 comments Mod
Yeah, Wayne Dyer's 'Change your thoughts' is on my to read list. I kind find a physical copy of the interpretation Peni suggests, but I've read some excerpts online. It looks interesting.

Peni, how would you like to go about discussing this book? Do you want to discuss it chapter by chapter or just as thoughts pop into our minds as we read...?

I need to order my copy, which will take about a week.

message 8: by Peni (new)

Peni Renner (penijo_renner) Hm..well I was thinking of discussing the 81 verses one at time; see what insights we can share about them, with some spontaneous thoughts sprinkled in? For example: "The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao," is the first line in the first verse. That alone says so much to me. To me, that means everyone's spirituality is so personal it can't be expressed in words nor explained to others. Does that make sense?

message 9: by Starr (new)

Starr | 183 comments Mod
Verse by verse with other thoughts mixed in it is! Perhaps we should post each verse and then comment underneath it? What you think?

I can definately see how the first verse explores how personal everyone's spiritual expression is. For me that first verse also embodies the idea that you live the Tao...there's an itegrity behind practicing the Tao in a way that communicates love and peace in ways words can't always express. There is a mystery to the universe that can't be spoken, only experienced. When you are truly experiencing the feelings envoked by the Tao, words can't express them.

message 10: by Peni (new)

Peni Renner (penijo_renner) Yes, ok! Posting the verse with comments underneath sounds good! The Tao is so all-encompassing!
I'm hoping we can get more participants in this discussion!

message 11: by Starr (new)

Starr | 183 comments Mod
Me too! I'm thinking if we post each verse as a thread and then common underneath, the verse may attract others who find it interesting. It will really add tons of threads, but I think it will make it more noticeable. Would you be OK with me adding one new thread a week containing a new verse?

message 12: by Peni (new)

Peni Renner (penijo_renner) Absolutely, go right ahead, my dear moderator!

message 13: by Starr (new)

Starr | 183 comments Mod
Wow, Bruce. Thanks for sharing. I can definately see how we can change the verse by trying to "understand" it. We all place our own perspective on things. But I have to say that I'm curious about some of the random unexpected ways the Tao has spoken to you over the years. Can you recall any instances? Only tell us if you're comfortable.

I also think translations is very important. It always amazes me how one book can express the same idea in a completely different way.

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