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I'amber (xiamberx) | 602 comments Mod
Maybe we can help!

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♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments ok WHAT is up with her??
what does she mean u and ur bf caz too much drama? i mean serioulsy if uve found someone u like then she should b happy 4 u!! she isnt in ur love life! im sorry but REAL friends should be at ur side through thick and thin and if she doesnt even let u hav ur own love life idk..maybe u shud just drop her
theres a saying some friends come in ur life for a reason and some just for a season

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Sorry! i was just venting..
im done tho so i delete the posts.
Wait.. what did i say wrong tho?

ImperatriceofGloom | 88 comments AAAHHH!!!

You can't just say that and expect us NOT to be curious!!!

I'm dying over here!!!!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

yah! im dying too!(very slowly,tho, i'd dye of curiosity, but im waiting)

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

what did she say????? gah, tell me!!!

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JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments I deleted them.. i dont even remember what they said hahaha sorryyy

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♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments what did u say that wasnt pg?

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♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments oh ok
i dont swear or sware or whichever it is xD but loads of ppl i hang out with do so im used 2 it =]

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments I dont think cussing is bad..
and all it said was pissed.. sooo

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wt..sorry. i cuss in real..

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Me too. But i try not to do it very much on here.

message 15: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments yeah sam here
oh im rly used 2 ppl saying pissed
sometimes when parents r around or something my friends is like i was so p.o.ed

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Haha i accidently cussed in front of my mom the other day... i dropped something and i was like S*** and my mom was standing right THERE! i dont think she heard me tho cuz she didnt say anything

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments lol ugghhh
my friends are sooo annoying
sometimes i love em but sometimes i wanna hide in a corner from themm.. you know what i mean?
So like my friend found out about something i did with a guy. and she told my other friend (who has a REALLY big mouth ugh) and so she called me this mornigna and yelled at me.. turns out i was on a 4 way call..
she put my other 2 friends on and i didnt even know and that pisses me off so much.
What i did happened last year and i was hoping it would STAY in the past, so that there would be less drama this year but now dramas started ALL over again.
Some of my friends already thot i was a slut and now even more do and ughh im justt ughhh
i told them it was a rumor.
and they believed me, i think.
i hope.
friends suck sometimes.

message 18: by JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl (last edited Aug 18, 2009 02:24PM) (new)

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments If any of yall are wishing u were popular..
The girls in that clique suck.
There mean and ther full of drama.
There also my friends..

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first day of school was today. gosh, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo exhausted!!

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Woop woop!
how was it???

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

boring. all we did in every class was go over the school handbook. STRETCH was fun, though. We had a Spontaneous contest and came in second place. We also had a game with marbles, since the Extempore theme is 'Don't lose your Marbles!'

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Lol sounds like fun.. except the handbook thingy.
We gotta do that too.
School starts on Monday for me.
What grade are u in now?

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Sigh.
Like, some of my friends are great. They really are.
But some of them make me wanna run a blade across my arm. Not even kidding.
If i try to unfriend the girls that are doing this,
they will make my life hell.
They've done it before.
Eh, at least its all over now.

Yeah. U should be happy about that.
I've heard so many people say "oh i wish i was popular" or "i wish i was in ur clique"
but really.... its not that great.
You get guys and your known by alot of people but
I think id rather have good friends.

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Haha exactly.
It is.. ugh.
Wow yeah u were really lucky. I sorta wanna back out but then i dont..
i dont know where else to go.. like agh
there arent that many cliques at my school that i really wanna hang with... soo...
lol oh well.
Thats life, right?
Gotta make the most of it.

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JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Story of my life.
I no.. u dont know who to trust these days lol.
Ya.. .but at my school,
your either a loner with no friends.
Or your in a clique.
Doesnt give me much options =P
Oh well, this is a new year and a chance to start over i guess.
We'll see how it goes(:

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Thank ya Sunni(:
is that ur real name btw?

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Omg i love that!
thats my nickname(: hehe
but ahhh i wish i had a name like yours!!

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments Ur welcome(:

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments ahhhh school in like 2 days!!!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!

message 30: by Sasha (new)

Sasha (Miz_Sw33tnS0ur) | 2 comments A girl that was supposed to me my friend framed me and said that I talked about my other friends. She said that I called them (to keep it clean): Hoes, bee-oches and other things.
Now, on Monday (tomorrow) I have to talk to the Directer of the school, because she wants to know who framed me. AND I DON'T KNOW!

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

That is intense that really sucks wat did they frame u for?? Just talking about them?

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 306 comments wow that sucks.
Im sorry... well just tell her ur not quite sure.

message 33: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments Sunni the Dinosaur wrote: "No. It's Sunshine. :)"

I TTLY LUV UR NAME ITS SO AMAZING!!!! i luv ur nickname 2 :D

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♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments nxt book i write, i am naming my main character after u :D

message 35: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments lol :D ill tell u when i do

message 36: by Della (new)

Della | 91 comments Mod
Sasha wrote: "A girl that was supposed to me my friend framed me and said that I talked about my other friends. She said that I called them (to keep it clean): Hoes, bee-oches and other things.
Now, on Monday (..."

woah! I'm sorry

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Della | 91 comments Mod
Dimon wrote: "my school got shut down so i had to go to anyother school so now im in the tenth grade at this new school and i think im failing half my classes the way they do things is really differnet like cons..."

You should get a tutor or ask the teachers if they can help you after school. Most schools have some sort of program to help kids who are struggling with studies after school; mine does. If you really pick up your grades, you might be able to get a scholarship!! Good luck. :]

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♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments aww im sry
do u have some friends there that hav been there 4 a while? they could help
or if uve got like a favortite teacher or something, get them 2 explain it, its not ur fault , they shud understand, rite?

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Della | 91 comments Mod
no problem!!

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i got into a rllllllllllly big fight 2day... im rly mad not gonna say pissed 4 the sake of youngsters but thats how i feel... c cause it wasn't me it was actually someone else and now this girl's rly mad at me and loads of my friends r too even though i did NOTHING >.< i hate life sometimes... i swear i wanna strangle both of them

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♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments what happened??? wait i'll email u...

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message 43: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments ur profile pic looks all dark and mysterious now.. :P

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message 45: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Rizzo | 61 comments JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl wrote: "lol ugghhh
my friends are sooo annoying
sometimes i love em but sometimes i wanna hide in a corner from themm.. you know what i mean?
So like my friend found out about something i did with a guy..."

I kno right my friends call me a slut too for what I did with my boyfriend!

Ruby~am I a part of the cure? (openupyoureyes) | 346 comments School Drama... I join it! LOL!! No there is a lot going on O_o

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