Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Batman question

Is Batman a Vigilante or a superhero?
Benk36 Benk36 Jul 12, 2014 05:10AM
Batman has no superhuman attributes or powers, although has powerful technology, vehicles and many resources.

Is he a Superhero or Vigilante?

Plus, who thinks the Dark Knight Returns paints a (darker) but clearer and more realistic image of Batman?

Both, of course. Although Batman has no superpowers per se he is so heavily favored by the atuhorial thumb on the scale that it amounts to a superpower.

Neither... he's a rich dick that gets to play out his revenge fantasies.

He's at the peak of human conditioning. He can lift 1,000+ pounds, run faster than most other humans, and can rival most acrobats and gymnasts with his level of agility, and is a master of 127 martial arts, stealth, psychological manipulation, has an indomitable will so he can take a lot of punishment to his body and keep on fighting. He is a master of many sciences, including forensic science and criminology. And people still simplify him to be just a guy in a bat costume.

One Flew It doesn't matter how well trained Bruce is, he is still is taking the law into his own hands, which makes him a vigilante.
Feb 19, 2016 10:31PM
Peter Hale He is a vigilante. If you have no powers, then why are you "super"? Your just a hero. So he's just a vigilante.
Jul 09, 2017 09:55AM

Vigilante is probably a nice way to put it, violent criminal is closer to the mark. The police have strict guidelines to follow and often fail to stick to them. The last thing we ever need is people attempting to dish out justice on their own terms and definately not weirdos dressed up in bat costumes or tights.

Batman is a vigilante who constantly surrounds himself with gods in the dc universe e.g. Superman. He constantly proves that he can out think and sometimes beatdown gods, and hes only a man...


And TDKR paints are rather bleak future so lets hope it does not become realistic.

Neither Anti-Hero

Batman is both. He does not mete out revenge or kill criminals. He does let the courts decide the bad guys fate. His main goal is to make the people of Gotham feel safe on their own streets.

Sometimes we as citizens need to take the law into our own hands and help others. Characters like Batman and The Punisher while committing violent acts are helping people. Batman is a vigilante but anyone who is willing to put themselves on the line to help other people and save them is a hero i my book.

That's a great question, because IMO he always spends 99% of his time fighting antagonists who wouldn't even exist were he not there to fight them--and he created a lot of them himself through action or inaction. I've never thought of Batman as a superhero since he has no powers. Just a guy in a bat suit with gadgets and ninja skillz.

Batman is a vigilante who takes law in his hands to make sure people of gotham city remains safe. His existence only signifies that prior to him the police department were unable to fight the criminals properly or the crimes had been at a very higher rate in the city and which ultimately earned him the superhero status..

The vast majority of Superheroes are Vigilantes by definition. so I don't understand the question.

Batman is a vigilante detective, he doesn't have any super powers except his intellect.

It's not even a question. Everybody in the DC universe acknowledges batman as a vigilante.
Whether he's a superhero or not, well, that's debatable.

I'm gonna go with "vigilante." He has no super-powers, and is a bit too law-breaky to be a hero, so. . .vigilante.

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Batman's for sure a vigilante. He has no powers and is an ordinary man taking the law into his own hands.He just also happens to be a genius and has a lot of really cool stuff.

batman is a vigilante. He fights crime because his parents were killed.

Batman is just a not superhero vigilante. He is my favorite DC character, though.

Is he a vigilante? Depends on which comic or film. When Batman is tolerated and accepted by law enforcement, he is a mandated and legitimate crime fighter. In works like the Dark Knight Returns, he is a criminal himself, and illegally fighting crime. That would make him a vigilante.

Is he a superhero? We will call him one for convenience, as he appears in superhero comics, but it is more complicated than that. A superhero is a character with superhuman power. Does this mean they have extraordinary natural ability? Something that no normal human could do? Like Superman's invulnerability or Storm's weather powers. Or does it refer to the degree of power?

Power doesn't only mean physical strength. In political theory, it simply means the ability to achieve an intended result. Batman excels at just that. He is one of the most competent of all DC characters.

If we go by the political definition of power, then Batman is a superhero as well.

To your last question: I prefer the darker, flawed Batmans. Thus, I love Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

he goes against the law, they originally thought that batman was a criminal

Classic either/or fallacy...

And aren't all superheroes "vigilantes"? Except for those government-sanctioned weenies, the Avengers, led by Miss Priss herself, aka Captain America?

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