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Amelia Mapstone ((here we go!))

Ella sat on a bench at the road, waiting for the bus to pick her up. Unfortunately Devon was talking everyone in his car and mum and dad had to use her's because there's was broken. To her it was a load of trash. She'd be alone all day until late at night. Her siblings were at some museum. She rubbed her hands together thinking, 'Perfect. A time to do whatever I want.' she smiled and got on the bus. When she arrived home, she sat on the porch waiting.

message 2: by Turtle (last edited Sep 13, 2014 09:02PM) (new)

Turtle Pettiford | 1 comments (Lol, are you hungry? You must've been waiting on that porch for some time. Don't want to use actual text because I know this IS your RP.)

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