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Here is where you introduce yourself.
I'll start!!!!

Hey there, I'm Sorano!!! You can call me Aure, or Sorano, or Erin! Doesn't matter which one! Anyways, I'm 11 and i love reading, and the percy jackson series. I also love writing.

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Sasha (Miz_Sw33tnS0ur) | 5 comments Hi, I'm Sasha. You people can call me Sasha, Sash, or Vesper(Youtube...Ask if u want 2 knw y). I love to read and write. I write loads. And when I mean loads, I mean, my mom tells me to stop wasting trees. Not paper, but trees. Anyways, I just got back from NY so I might be a little late(Can't blame me!!!!). I'm 12(and from what my fam. says, 'Shes 12 going on 30'....Haters. LOL)

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Hey, I'm Sidnee. I'm almost 14. I love to read and write, wich is why I like RP's. I like hanging around friends. and that all there is to me.

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Hello young children. I am 286 years old, my hobbies include molecular biology and quantum physics, and I'm secretly a transexual.

JK JK JK Hi, you can call me SG girl, or May.

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kk! hi may!!

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i think ur pretty normal compared to me most of the time

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hey, I'm hyper too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm eating jelly beans, gummy beans, m n ms, and raisonettes.

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o.m.g...... U remind me SO MUCH of my BFF bowman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yes!!!!!!!! well..... i think so!

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is THAT a bad thing?!?!?!?!!? o.O


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Leader Echo hi!!!!

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HEY ECHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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She's in another one of my groups.

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Leader Echo ....coolios........

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Leader Echo (im echoing)

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Leader Echo ......bye.....

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Fwit lol
yay! wbwbwb

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Fwit welcome back (:

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Leader Echo .....thnx.....

((this is fun.))

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Fwit lol
it is...

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Yeah it is. lol

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Fwit yay!!!

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Rosemarie Hathaway | 2 comments hi i'm new i'm kelly and i'm thirteen and love the pj series and read all the time when i'm not working

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Rosemarie Hathaway | 2 comments not much whats up with all of you?

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Not much.

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Fwit nuffinggg

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LOL, awesome!!!! I LUV JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kk, I'm not doing much.... still summer.... still bored half to death!

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Why does everyone love Japan? I seriously don't get it, when most people haven't even been there (most people that are obsessed with it, I should say)

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Well i really want to go to japan so i can meet people like, Hisayo Mochizuki!!!

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Sure I'll take her.

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And Hisayo Mochizuki is the voice of Pudding in Tokyo Mew Mew.

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Leader Echo MAX IS A GIRL??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Austin (animedude) | 3 comments hi i just joined! im Austin, im 11, i like reading manga and the percy jackson series and other books

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Hey Austin!

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) Hi I'm Jessica! I am half-way through the first book so please don't spoil anything! My sister has already spoiled too many things...

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) Hi Ash! Do u have a charrie? 'Cause I just made mine!

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Jess (ju5t4n3rd) i can change my girls name...

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