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((RP here after you have your character!!!!))

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Sasha (Miz_Sw33tnS0ur) | 5 comments Does ur charater have to be from the books?

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Sasha wrote: "Does ur charater have to be from the books?"

((if your going to talk normally put double parenthisis. it just makes it so its not confusing.))

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((yea!!! U has a warning, now!!))

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Sariah woke up with the sun, like she always did, got dressed and went out to the practice range to shoot some arrows. Then she went to the Dining pavilion,and sat with her brothers and sisters.

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Arianna sat alone at the Zeus table, eating in silence. Sometimes, she was glad she was the only Zeus kid. Other times, she got awfully lonely. She finished and went to sword train.

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Sariah finished her breakfast and went to sword training with the rest of her cabin. "Ugh!" she thought, it was the only thing she wasn't good at.

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Arianna glanced over her shoulder. She stopped fighting and put her sword away((it's an anklet again.)). She started walking out of the arena, because she had archery next.

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Sariah tried to convince her older brother Mike, who was the head of the apollo cabin, to let her go to archery instead of sword training. He told her yes, if she promised to train with him later, she reluctantly agreed.
When she got to the archery range there was alread my someone there. Sariah thought she recognized her, she was Zues's girl, maybe. But Sariah went to practice anyway.
"Hey." She said as she let an arrow go and made a perfect bulls eye.

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"Hi." Arianna said, aiming and getting kinda close to the bulls-eye.

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Madeline woke up really late. She rushed over to breatfast, quickly grabbed what the camp workers were about to throw away, and ran out to the archery range.

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Arianna frowned. She aimed again, and missed the bulls-eye by centimeters.

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"Your pretty good," Sariah said to Arianna.

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Madeline saw the girl shooting her arrow, and walked over to another ((what's it called again?)). She touched her treble clef charm, and out came a black bow and arrow with icy blue trim. She shot it and also barely missed.

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Ariannna shook her head. "Not really... It's just practice. Lots of practice..." Arianna said. She looked at Madeline. "Great job. Better then me.." Arianna told her.

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Madeline smiled slightly at that comment. She wasn't used to being complimented.
"No, you're really good," she said to Arianna.

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Sariah didn't know what to say, being the daughter of Apollo she was natuarly good at archery.
"You both are really good." she said and took a shot and purposly missed by a lot. "Dang it!"

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Arianna smiled too. "Thanks, but I'm better at sword fighting." Arianna said. She didn't like to mention her other weapon because it made her feel different, like she didn't belong. She could destroy the camp if she wanted.((We SOOOOOOO need Kronos...))

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"Lucky," Madeline said, jumping into the conversation, which was unlike her. "I'm horrible at sword fighting."

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((so is it going to be like after Parcy and Annabeth, or are we going to like be the heros instead of them? since your charrie is a daughter of the big three it could work perfectly.))

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Arianna smiled. "I could help you if you want." She said.

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"That would be cool," Madeline said smiling back.
"I'm Madeline, by the way."
Am I finally going to have friends? she thought.

((Oh max, where are you? you sound cute...))

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"Oh, could you help me too?" Sariah asked.

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Arianna smiled. "Sure!!" She said. "Do you guys wanna practice in the arena or the woods?" She asked.

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"Arena would probably be better," Madeline said

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"Ok! Lets go.." She said, taking their hands and running towards the Arena.

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"Wee!" Sariah said sarcasticly.

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Madeline got to the arena and went to pick out a sword.

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Sariah went to pick out her sword too.

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Arianna's sword was already in her hand.

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Madeline finally picked one that felt balanced in her hand and walked back over to Arianna.

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Sariah did the same.

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Arianna smiled. "Ok, show me what you know.."Arianna said to Madeline and Sariah.

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"uh.....this is what i know" Sariah said and made a slash in thin air.

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Arianna frowned slightly... "Your posture is a little off... You want to try and lean forward a bit.." Arianna explained, showing Sariah what she meant.

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"Ok." Sariah said, nodding.

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"Yeah, that's all I know too," Madeline said.

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Madeline watched, paying close attention.

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"Oh my... We have a long way to go..." Arianna muttered. "Now, what do you WANT to know??" Arianna asked.

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"Do know anything about knife fighting?" Sariah asked.

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"Well, a little, but not allot.." Arianna said.

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((I'll make a Satyr to go find her!!))

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Madeline just sat back and watched.

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Arianna showed them how to disarm others, and a bunch of other, complicated stuff, along with the basics.((lol, i don't rlly know how to sword fight..)) They practiced until lunch.

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Madeline noticed the time.
"Um, guys? Maybe we should go to lunch now," she said.

((btw her name is pronounced Made-e-leene))

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((Madeline pronounced Mad-a-line sounds like, Mad at line))

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Arianna nodded. "Sure." She said, her sword going away.

Meanwhile, Edmund was chasing a cyclops which was chasing a demigod that he was supposed to bring back to camp half-blood.

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Edmund had some trees and plants squish the monsters to DUST!!!! Edmund ran up to max and grabbed her hand. "Come on!!" He said.

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