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message 1: by Caylah (last edited Aug 09, 2009 06:34AM) (new)

Caylah | 49 comments Mod
Marilyn Lee just released a new Book at Changeling Press

Title: Nighttime Magic
Series: Moonlight series/Bloodlust

Both these series are intermingled.. however this is the next book inline after reading the other 2 series..

I havent read it yet but here is the link!

I am already hearing great reviews on this one!!!

message 2: by Caylah (last edited Aug 21, 2009 11:35AM) (new)

Caylah | 49 comments Mod
I totally read this and this is what i think:

Nighttime Magic Blood Lust Series VI

I throughly enjoyed the story. Dimitri is Dizam hot yummy and oh so sexy...

Besides that I like the way he is protective loving caring but also he doesn't take shit. He us all manly and tender when it counts. I was so happy with what happened between him and Neely's ex. I loved Vlads appearance as well I'm not sure I would change a thing except more details on his sexual excapades and maybe some more exchanges between him and his cousins. I like how he turned out. As for his mother she was soooooo acting like herself so unneccesarily though I mean hey it's like he's a vamp what tha hell could Neely really do to him it's not Like he cant sense and smell things

But I guess I can understand it's her baby no matter what. Also, i liked how he and his fathers issue was resolved
It was cool as it should be.

Oh and I liked the scene at the mansion when the girl opened the door to the all blk outfits - don't wanna give it away anyhow...

Now Im looking forward to Pali's story and that of her sister too!!! Woot woot

Over all a great read~ as usual!

I love to read about this family just love it!!!

message 3: by Cherryce (new)

Cherryce williams | 8 comments i have not read this book yet. but i will add it to my marilyn list. money is kind of tight this month because i had surgrey but i will be getting the rerelease of of a thing called love


message 4: by Caylah (new)

Caylah | 49 comments Mod
I know how tight money can be at times. It will be there waiting. As for Marilyns newest release I too haven't gotten it yet but I will tomorrow

I hear that is a good one too!!!

message 5: by Caylah (new)

Caylah | 49 comments Mod

Now Available @ RED ROSE PUBLISHING....

It Had To Be You
Contemporary, Inspirational, Interracial/Multicultural

Here is the link:

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