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message 1: by Eibonvalepress (new)

Eibonvalepress | 1 comments Dear Weird Fiction Readers,

We are the UK specialty publisher, Eibonvale Press, publisher of intelligent modern horror, slipstream, science fiction, magic realism, and the surreal. We are currently hard at work promoting our newest release, the short fiction collection Experiments At 3 Billion A.M. by Alexander Zelenyj. We at Eibonvale Press feel that the unclassifiable, genre-bending nature of the book exemplifies the literary focus of the Horror Aficionados discussion group and we would be very grateful if you would consider visiting our websites to learn more and possibly help spread word of the release. We have included our official press release for the book and relevant links below, by way of providing a more thorough description of its stylistic and thematic contents.

Thank you so much everybody. We hope you enjoy your visit to our websites! Take care,

Eibonvale Press

Windblown wildernesses; celestial fire; women from the moon; inexplicable phenomena in sleeping counties and visions of blood amid mazes of urban sprawl; tales culled from subterranean depths, from the A.M. darkness and from stolen afternoons of nostalgic sunlight and weeping rains

message 2: by Mechelle (new)

Mechelle | 9 comments This sounds neat! Your catalog has a lot of authors that are new to me and I look forward to reading their work :)

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