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symbolic moments of adrian+rose

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message 1: by Sidra (last edited Aug 08, 2009 07:38PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sidra i love dimitri..but i also love adrian..and i was looking for ssymbols that cud hint a bit of light on which couple richelle has in mind for the future of the series..i was thinking v cud perhaps discuss those really SMALL scenes in the book which usually go unnoticed but which cud contain imp information abt adrian/rose..

.. one of the main background themes i wanna mention as a symbol for adrian and rose is..(its not exactly ONE scene..but what we have been seeign throughout the series..) - the fact that moroi men tend to see dhampir women just as playing objects..time pass..not just moroi men - in fact every1 see dhampirs as the same..

then we have minor scenes that tell us abt this: rose's mother pulling her away from adrian..the queen warning rose..i dunno i just can't thhink that all these scenes were there "just like that"..i think that richelle plotted them as seeds..and wht wud follow is perhaps a big showdown between the queen/rose's mom/adrian where adrian wud defy all those moroi rules and choose rose as a partner..i think that wud be a good ending and i think since all ends have to be tied at the end of the story...

IF dimitri has become a strigoi and DOES die.then ithink rose adrian together wud be one of the best ending..since if there is one moroi who can change all these wierd rules is adrian..and he seems to like rose enough to make a long term commitment to her..

i dunnno why but i just have this feeling that those scenes of every1 doubting adrian and rose..and the queen warning rose..they make me think that richelle has a lot more planned for rose adrian than just her asking him for money..

also the promise that rose made..i knwo it was fake - but i just can't ignore it..i for some reason think its symbolic...

so what other moments or things do u guys think is symbolic and hints towards adrian rose as a future couple?

NB: when i talk abt adrian rose as a potential future couple..i'm not suggesting that rose cheat on dimitri..i don't even suggest that dimitri dies..i have no idea HOW i want to see adrian rose together..but i JUST have this feeling that we are going to see them as a couple atleast for SOME time..

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Keagan NEAT

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Keagan 15 MORE DAYS

Michelle i've always loved the idea of adrian and rose together. and in blood promise when she said she was "relieved" that adrian liking avery was just compulsion i almost died of happiness. haha. and then at the end when she felt "warm feelings" looking at him. man. i REALLY hope those are signs that might end up together.

i mean i like dimitri and all, but i think richelle made him a strigoi for a reason. and even if he does get turned back into a dhampir, after reading blood promise, i would still prefer adrian over him.

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