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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED YA-Historical Fiction about a girl working in the textile industry [s]

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Cara | 23 comments Okay so I know the title is one word and it's the name of the main girl. I'm just having a real hard time remebering the name. The book I read was in paperback and the cover had a picture of girl with her hair swept back. Brunette I'm pretty sure.

The girl is in her late teens and she is sent by her family to work in the textile industry. She has kind of like "boyfriend" who goes off to sea but she never hears from him again. She thinks it's probably because he isn't that interested in her but (this part is hazy but..) in reality his letters get lost and she sees him later some how. I can't remember if she ended up with him, but I think so.

Before all of that though she has a hard time adjusting to her new job. You hear about how harsh they treat them, and the whispers of strikes. I remember a girl telling her that she would teach her how to put up her hair because it was dangerous just to let it be in a braid or ponytail. Something about how her scalp could get ripped off. She makes friends and meets this other guy who is some kind of mangaer (or something along those lines) at the textile plant. It looks like for awhile that they might end up together but once the stirkes start happening the girl realizes she can't be with a person who condones the conditions the workers have to work in.

I think that's all I can recall. Any comments would be much welcomed! Thank you in advance.

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rivka | 303 comments Hmm. Was the Triangle Factory fire involved?

message 3: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 33 comments Is it Lyddie?

message 4: by Cara (last edited Aug 09, 2009 12:40AM) (new)

Cara | 23 comments Thanks rivka and Meghan, but I found out what it was! Thanks to your link to Lyddie I found another discussion that mentioned that book, and while looking at the post I found my book! Joanna Apparently it was part of a series. Unfortunately it's out of print, but I'm so glad I found it. Thanks to Meghan for providing the link and Holly for knowing the book unknowlingly:)

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