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this is for fern and scott and later others

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scott pulled up in front of his hide out

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Fern slowly started waking up.

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scott blanked her vision out

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Fern opened her eyes and couldn't see. "Ok, you b******. Where am I??" She asked.

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scott dealt her a blow that sent ther crashing to the ground "why should i tell you"

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Fern would have glared. "My brother is going to kill you." She growled.

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scott laughed and knocked her out with a kick

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Fern had muttered something with a smirk before he knocked her out. "Power Disrupter!" Thank god it worked. His powers were gone, for a least 20 minutes.

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A knock sounded at the door.

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Fern woke up a few minutes later, and she could see again. "Hey, shallow idiot." She said, cracking her knuckles. She smirked. "I told you not to mess with me!" She said. She punched him in the face, so hard, he flew backwards into a wall.

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Scott roled comming up with a taser she was out again inn seconds

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A voice was heard coming from the floor, "Not giving her much a chance are you?"

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scott spun around pulling out a gun man he hated this "who's there" he called

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Fern was still knocked out.

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"who's there?" the voice mocked. "hahahaaa"

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scott sighed and turned around if the voice wasn't going to tell him then he wasn't going to care

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"What's the point in keeping her here then if you aren't going to have any fun?" The voice followed scott

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" because she is bait multiple capes are following her"

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"oooh, sounds like i might have fun today..."

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Fern woke up, but heard what they were saying and acted like she was still out cold. 'Crap.. gotta warn noah.. She thought..

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scott roled his eyes the pointed at the floor with his gun each shot narely missing the figure conceled there

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scott felt his powers come back to him he smiled and continued shooting

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Charlie sprang up, "hey hey hey! no need to shoot" Charlie had a wicked grin on his face, like he always does

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Fern didn't move, she just kept trying to think up a plan.. 'If i could just convince him that i could help him....' She thought.

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scott smiled finnaly seeing him suddenly the alarms on his desk began to whine some one was comming he hit fern with the knock out thing again only harder kicking her limb form for good measure

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"about time" Charlie was pacing the room

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Noah kicked the door open. He saw fern limp on the ground, and scott standing there. "You did NOT kick my sister." He growled.

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scot re laoded his gun and dissapeard from all but charlies eyes

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"well at least they got here, i'll wait to surprise them." Charlie became Scott's shadow

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Noah disappeared, and Fern was gone in a matter of seconds...((hard to hit a target thats going almost as fast as light.))

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rohit sent the dissapearing scott and charlie crashing throught the wall

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"ooh bummer," Charlie whispered into Scott's ear, "Should've layed some traps, eh?"

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scott roled his eyes and fired at rohit ripping of part of his ear

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Noah was right outside the lair... He put the again unconscious fern on the ground and went back in.

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Charlie slithered over to rohit, still in shadow, and wrapped around his legs w/o him knowing

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scot kicked noah in the groin and fired at his head rohit stopped the bullets

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Noah grimmaced, then was gone and re appered, Scott's gun in his hand. "This is for fern." He said, aiming at Scott.

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scott dissapeared causing a HUGE pain in noahs hands the gun felll

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Charlie tripped Rohit while turning back to human. Then cloned himself until Noah, Rohit, and Scott each was on his back with one of charlie's foot's on his chest

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rohit sent that version of him flying through the window

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then grabbed fern and noah and flew out the door

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"Well, it looks like this was a fun day." Charlie's smile was huge by now. "And seeing as Scott, now, is basically my only competition he shall be the first to go." The clone holding scott down brought him up by his hair, while the original charlie shot at Scott's chest ((ok, ben told me to do this so don't deletez me or anyting!))

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((I kno, Ben told me!))

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((ok good lol))

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Fern woke up and was in Rohit's arms, along with Noah. "Gosh, I was handling it.. You guys didn't have to come.." She said, glaring. But truthfully, she was glad they came... She was bleeding and bruised up, she just wanted to get home. Noah sighed. "Fern never trash talk a guy like that." He said.
Fern looked at Rohit, and his ear was bleeding.... She bit her lip... that was her fault...
((Fern is just embarrassed, so...))

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Rohit landed and set down fenr he sighed and turned to leave

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"Wait!" Fern said, going over to him.

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Rohit turned

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Fern hugged him... "Thank you.." She said...

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