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Niki Instructions:

Please do not use a story previously used on goodreads. After the week's contest, you are welcome to put it on your profile writings, but please refrain from using stories you have already put on there.

You have until Saturday afternoon to post a story on here. Please post it directly onto this topic, rather than posting a link.

This week's topic is Bird. If anyone has any objections to this topic, send me (Holly) a message. The rules are pretty loose. You could write about something that has to do with Bird. Or you could just have the word in the story.

Weekly stories must be at least 500 words long to 2,500 words long. (if the whole story won't fit in one post, divide it into two)

Winners will be announced Monday afternoon.

Good luck!

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A pale man, resembling a ghost walked down the familiar path that led into the deep depths of the woods behind our newly renovated home with a wheelbarrow and a shovel. He was whistling along with the tunes that the birds chirped. How could the birds chirp so happily on a day so dreary?
We had just moved into this house. It was in horrid conditions when we bought it, but my father insisted that all it needed were a "few" changes. Those changes consisted of tearing down walls and carpet before replacing them with new walls and unstained carpets. There was a tilt in the newly tiled floors in the middle of the kitchen. In about a week, we could beging moving in our belongings.
In the months that I wandered though the small town, I heard rumors of out house-to-be. It was suppossedly haunted, but my father promised that it was just a story.
Where I headed now was surely proof that the rumors were true. This morning, I walked outside to see my dog, Marley, hagning from her chain on the tether. Her body was stiff as she hung a foot off the ground. Now, this site was most interesting. My dog was talented, but was not able to unchain herself from the long chain and arrange it to be only two feet long. Nobody lived near our house for miles and nobody hated Marley enough to randomly hang her.
When I saw Marley hanging from her tether with a black expression, her jaw clenched tight with her eyes glazed over, I stumbled backwards into a tree. I was gasping, forcing back a shriek. What kind of human being would do such a thing to an innocent creature? She was only a puppy. Tears began streaming down my face as I slid to the floor. I couldn't even move my eyes from hers.
"MOM!" I screamed.
There was no answer.
I jumped to my feet and ran into the house. There was a chilled feeling once I stepped over the threshold.
"Mom? Dad?"
I walked through the house, trying to get Marley out of my head.
My parents door was closed. I opened it slowly. Their bed was empty. I stepped in all the way, feelign uncomfortable. The light was on in their bathroom, so I knocked. There was no answer there either. My feet echoed as they walked across the tile.
A scream jumped out of my throat. I couldnt' breathe. My father was hanging from the shower. His expression looked identical to the one that was masked onto Marley's. I stumbled out of the bathroom and collapsed to the floor. In the closet, my mother was lying on the floor. The shelf that she was hanging from had broken. She was still alive. She blinked rapidly before setting her eyes on me.
"Katherine!" she gasped. "Run!"
"Mom," I sobbed.
She raised her hand, indicating that I leave now. I crawled to my feet as I ran out of the house. I threw open he front door. I couldn't make it any farther than our backyard. I heard a scream, so I ran behind the large oak tree in front of the woods.
Minutes later, I saw a pale man, resembling a ghost, carrying a shovel over his shoulder as he manuevered a rusty wheel barrow down the cleared path. The wheel barrow was covered with a large blanket. It hit a rock and an arm swung over the edge, dangling. On it, I saw my mother's weeding ring that slipped from her finger and landed on the ground...

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((Sorry, it's kind of strange. Not my usual genre, but my day has not been the best...))

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Esther (essie7198) ((yeyeyeyyeyeyeyyey!!!! *jumps on holly*))

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Kriss (krisslee) | 292 comments Well, this is not the best story I've ever come up with, in fact its probably pretty corny, but here it is :)

The Fire Bird

The young boy stood alone, the field that surrounded him stayed golden by the falling sunlight, lighting the orbs of pollen that fell softly from the nearby pine trees, like powered golden-jewelry spiraling slowly towards earth in a show of invaluable metals.
The edge’s of the clouds that obscured the sun shone with the same golden colorations, tinged as if burn or coated with metallic splendor. The young boy’s whistle cut through this peaceful atmosphere, like the crack of the whip, but this high-pitched sound resived and answer, after only a moment something responded. It was a noise the ears of nature not often perceived, for the creature that sounded it preferred to stay in silence. A clear, yelping whistle split through the air, just as the boy’s had, echoing off the mountains and cliff-faces, across the valleys and over the rushing streams, resounding fully through the forest, causing the other birds to fall silent over the majestic song.
Aspiring from a far-off mountain was an eagle, feathers golden-brown. Wings beat the air as he took flight, the raptor flying high above, the forest falling silent below. Faster than any land animal could hope to be the eagle sped across the mountain-paths, over rivers and lakes, across the expanse of a forest, before finally reaching the meadow of golden grass.
The giant raptor landed not far away from the boy, amber eyes opened wide, black pupils flooding the light-tinted iris with the change of light, swelling the optics to make them seem nearly entirely black, ringed with a thin strip of gold like the chain of some necklace.
Feathers ruffled as the accipiter stared across at the young boy, before slowly making his way across the meadow, lost in the waving sea of grass, before his beaked head would once more pop over the forest-like growth.
The boy stood watching, waiting it seemed with wide exuberant eyes, the color of molten caramel, flecked with streaks of tawny-gold. The Golden Eagle flapped wings, feathers ruffling and falling to the ground in spirals, showing tawny-brown. “Aquila,” The boy said with affection smothering his tone, extending his hand to stroke the birds head, receiving a pleasant whistle in return.
Something in the air gave a sense the two where friends, the boy and the massive bird, the human and the raptor, the very air hummed with friendliness, happiness and sorrow-less joy, happily reunited with one another once more.
Though something was amiss, within the depths of the great forest, something flickered and snapped within the great depths, blazing like a beast from hell, growling and flaring with eyes red as blood, with fire for a heart causing black smoke to fill the sky and ancient timber to fall, groaning and cracking with ashen bark.
But the boy did not know this, did not know the flames kindled far away, traveling fast on the wind, fast as any bird, but you see, Aquila knew this, and as the bird stared wide eyed into the forest, with knowledge in amber depths he would not leave his forever companion, the boy knew that Aquila was acting amiss, and not yet why, and as a tender hand reached out, brushing along the eagles colossal wings, Aquila turned and nudged the boys small hand, a whistle exiting parted beak.
“Fly away, my Aquila,” the boy said softly, but that’s not what Aquila wished, and now the raptor was growing frantic, golden wings occasionally beating against the air, talons digging into the soil as if he could root himself there.
“My dear Aquila, what is wrong?”
Fear fell across molten amber eyes, seemingly hardening the structures. Run! The bird though, but tongue could not form the words. The fire was not far away now, the smoke rising thicker and thicker in the air, cloaking the view of the sun, casting the world into shadows.
But by the time the boy noticed the flames, they were already licking the sides of the meadow, circling like a pack of wolves, snapping with angry cries of defiance. Cinders fell like stars shooting from the heavens, falling upon their little paradise and casting it into flame. Aquila fell into a dark panic, wings hitting the air as the cinders closed in on them; he shot into the air, leaving the frightened little boy below, with no escape. No wings to aspire on. The golden angel descended for the bond between him and the boy was much too strong to forget, it was calling him back, making him fear for the boy’s life.
“Aquila! Aquila! Fly away Aquila!” But Aquila didn’t fly away, he fell to the ground beside he boy , wings beating with violent frenzy, dulling the flames in a single area, casting them to the sides, leaving a scorching path. “No, Aquila, fly away!” The cinders fell, lighting wings aflame, but alas! He had cleared a burning path, a path tinted black from the destructive fire.
The golden eagles wings caught fire, feathers quickly turning to flames, wings burning though never lessoning, the fire spreading up his body. Aquila screeched a whistle of defiance, a note in it though held worry and love, sorrow and joy, victory and loss, and somehow this made the boy turn away, tears streaming down his face and run through the path the golden raptor had made, the stream of crystalline tears hitting the earth, and all the love, loss, pain, anger, angst he felt grew life once more, the golden blades of grass spreading away as he ran down the path of burning fire.
Little did he see, the tears fly with the wind towards the golden eagle, and little did he see them extinguish the flames, though the golden eagle had fallen, the love brought town by the heavens gave a gift. The gift of scorching fire, entering the veins of Aquila’s very being, and the phoenix was born from the ashes of love and loss, from the never receding loyalty, because Aquila had given his life for the nameless boy, and he would do it over again.
Flaming wings hit the air, leaving trails of golden dust, though as this fire hit the ground it did not burn, in fact spread warmth and life and love across the burnt valley. They say this very day, the phoenix lives in those mountains, a guardian of the forest with wings flaming gold. The golden eagle that was transformed by the inferno of destruction, and rebuilt by the tears of life. He was the Fire Bird!

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Niki Okay, sorry that I didn't post the winner earlier. I completely spaced, with golf starting this week and everything.

Both of you, great stories! It was really hard to make a decision, but I had to make Megan the winner!

I hope more people participate in the next contest!

Maria [the clockwork creeps on useless lives] (mariachhile) | 95 comments When is the next question?

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Niki Whenever Abbee, Krista, Jessica, or I get around to making one.

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Esther (essie7198) hehehe srry i didnt have time to do it... sad... anyway, you know last weeks story i did? you know how i said i was going to make a book around it? well i just desided to make it a short story series! sooooo before you read my story for next weeks contest you should probably always read the last one so it'll make more sense.

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 Hope I want to try to be in the next contest, when will it be?

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Esther (essie7198) i have no idea... HOLLY!!! wait... *looks at her name* NIKI\!!! do the next contest!!

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lol. I can do the next contest if you guys want me to..

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Esther (essie7198) YES!!!

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I did...I couldn't think of a good topic so I just picked: Sky..

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Esther (essie7198) iz fine... wait what is it?

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