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Foster Care

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Jeanna As a person looking into doing foster care I didn't like the ending. I thought it was unrealistic that the parents really came back... alhtough I am sure that is what all children who enter the system hope for. I was hoping for a realistic view of how children really do lose parents and how they really think about it and deal with it... but then maybe the book would be too sad. Any recommendations on other books to read? I loved the story and recipes... fun read... just need a book where the parents DON'T come back and how people deal with that.

Laura Read Lurlene McDaniel's books!

Lena I know...I suspected they'd come back because of the whole "haven't you ever just KNOWN something" theme, but it would have been more realistic for her to end up with Uncle Jack (was rooting for him to get together with the lady from the diner).

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