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Oh RIGHT!I just posted a suggestion in..Boyfriend help!;]]

Let me copy and paste that....I want your opinion

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Lets see...I was wondering if we should make a topic called Crushes cause even though this topic is SOMETHING like that, it is different, it is about people who are already together and....well you get the point..and crushes are when someone likes...Well you know..hahA..ANYWAY....i was wondering if we should make that topic?

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Lily wrote: "I was also thinking we could have a 'Newbie' folder for newbies to introduce 'emselves!"

Yes!!!...But should we have Folder...or topic??

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But...a whole folder...for one topic??

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Hahaha, Its k!:]]]

I'am thinking of making a folder Problems and put the topics such as...Boyfriend help and Crushes there??What do you think....?

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No, I think i won't!:)

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message 10: by I'amber, I'll forget this world (new)

I'amber (xiamberx) | 602 comments Mod
I think we reallllly needa get this group in order with folders and things.

I agree, Lily :D

This gruop should be more than just prblems, u know?

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I'amber (xiamberx) | 602 comments Mod
About to do it, and I'M PUTTING A CHIT CHAT topic back dang it ><

message 12: by I'amber, I'll forget this world (new)

I'amber (xiamberx) | 602 comments Mod
Uhm okay folder names,




OR should we just have a folder nmed 'problems' and put those as topics so we don't have to put all kind of topics, just if you got a friend problem that and well you know?

message 13: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments i think we should make a topic called wish me luck...
it could be in general
everyon needs luck, right? so maybe in this topic u could just put the stuff u need luck for! sorry stupid idea, i know i was just thinkinh =]

message 14: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 11, 2009 07:00PM) (new)

how bout in fun and games we put jokes? ive seen some yo mama jokes on goodreads, but they, no offense if u rote them sucked!

Pamela( ♥Fall♥) (superfunny) | 72 comments we should have an event or something when we all log on and say how great the group is and how it has helped us in ways. Mybe talk about helping us find freinds and poeple who understand us.

maybe not its a stupid idea. my ideas are allways stupid.=(

message 16: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments aw, no its not stupid Pamela! its a good idea! :]

Pamela( ♥Fall♥) (superfunny) | 72 comments Thanks , see thats why i love this group!!!
Every one's so nice . It make me feel important.I can talk about things i cant talk at home or school.

message 18: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments i kno what u mean
and sorta, i guess it has something 2 do with me not actually knowing anyone, but u can post ur probs without being embarrased or anything if u kno what i mean?

Pamela( ♥Fall♥) (superfunny) | 72 comments I know right!!!

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

i ttly get that!! xcept i dont actually have any big probs but i can talk about stuff anyway! lol

message 21: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments ha ha same but still :D

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

ya, if i did i would ttly take it here! lol

message 23: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments XD same...
ooo heres a prob, not very big though :P
this girl thinks i stole her calculator bcaz i borrowed it last math class and its not in her bag and no one saw me give it back 2 her (?!) and im like why i wud steal a freakin calculator??? how lame!
he he not a problem, just felt like posting it :P

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

lol actually a lot of ppl steal calcs, or actually the batteries to them! lol ya its pretty pathetic but a bunch of guys take eachothers batteries its kinda funny

message 25: by ♫Huneeya♥ (new)

♫Huneeya♥ | 737 comments ha ha no but she though i actually STOLE it i was like why the heck would i steal a lame calc? wudnt i just BUY one instead?!

message 26: by Lia RaeAnn (new)

Lia RaeAnn (MyHappyEnding) Some people are crazy like that. lol.

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