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message 1: by Heather (last edited Aug 08, 2009 01:18PM) (new)

Heather | 83 comments I am reading an interesting youth series by Nancy Springer that is both mystery and historical fiction. The author has created a fictional younger sister for Sherlock Holmes and she is a delightful heroine. I am on book four of the series and I have enjoyed each of them. This series has a few of the charms of "Her Royal Spyness" which some of us read but I think it is a bit more 'toothsome' in its historical detail and approach to subject matter while maintaining the appropriateness of a youth novel. In the four books I've read thus far, the author has ably handled themes from Victorian society such as a women's' inability to inherit, arranged (forced) marriages, poverty, and class. The historical detail and style are very rich and the writing is very clever. I think many of you will like these. I hope so. I enjoy hearing your thoughts.

message 2: by Amber G., Group Creator (new)

Amber G. (lavenderbutterfly) | 288 comments Mod
I'd like to consider one of these for a book club read.

message 3: by Carri (new)

Carri | 44 comments Ooo, this sounds like a series I would love! Another book club I am in has a genre of the month. June's genre is "Set in Europe". This will fit perfect.

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