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Cabin descriptions

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The books don't really give complete, foot-by-foot descriptions of these cabins.
And, well, I thought it would be nice if we could describe them the way we thought they looked.

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example (the way i think a Hades cabin would look):

The entrance to the Hades cabin looks like a small black box hardly big enough to fit a newborn. The outside shimmers with an absorbing, non-reflectant black sheen. Blue and green tendrils of color flash under the surface.
Inside, there is a staircase of the same black material, leading underground.
Underground is an enormous building, the walls made out of the same black stuff. Even though it's underground, the entire room bathed in pale, neon blue light from the floor.
Each bed looks like a dense cloud, and there aren't any blankets. When you lie down on the bed, you will sink down, and there will be a layer of blanket on top.
The desks also look like storm clouds, and the chairs are smooth, round black orbs, hovering in mid-air.
Everywhere you look, if you inspect everything closely enough, you can see the ghostly shapes of the dead flicker across the room.
The Hades cabin has an aura of comfort and mystery.

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That sounds cool.

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Yeah. I have an image of all the cabins but they are too hard to explain. They are all perfect in my head.

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Not even close with me. It is shiny and sparkly and white and just like a palace.

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I'm not sure how completely the book described it, but I imagine the Apollo cabin to look sorta like this...

The Apollo cabin's entrance is a low arch of pure gold, with bright light shining from it. Faint strains of music can be heard from everywhere inside the cabin.
The walls are woven out of light, and the air is warm and calm. The sounds of light-hearted laughs can be heard streaming faintly from the walls, and the ceiling seems to open directly to the sun.
The beds are bright blobs of light, shoved into corners and against the walls.
Soft, brightly colored blankets are strewn everywhere across the beds, and chairs of light are arranged around long, low tables of pure sound.
From the floor, a song is constantly playing in the background. Depending on the mood of the majority of the cabin's inhabitants, the music will change genres.
There are individual closets built in to the walls, each hidden by a screen of light.
The Apollo cabin is a haven of light, peace, and music to all who seek it out.

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... the hades cabin sounds better... XD

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i know since percy's a Poseidon kid
we all got a pretty good description...
here goes

At the far end of the lake, on the very bottom of the lake bed, is a huge blue bubble of water. The walls shimmer different hues of water. From green to blue to purple, it is never the same.
There is no glass in the windows, but some mysterious element inside the Poseidon cabin keeps the water out. Sticking your hands outside, you can easily wash your hands.
The beds are bubbles of the purest ocean water, and each bed can push into the floor.
Everyone in the Poseidon cabin can breathe, even though it is filled with water, and the desks and bed are built-in shelves of water on the walls.
There is always a cool blue light in the cabin, even in the middle of a storm.
The Poseidon cabin is a place to revel in the glory and power of water.

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meh. still like hades better! ^^

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How do you make them go ittalics

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but use <> instead of *

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wait so like this hi

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Yeah I did it!!

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Artemis Cabin
There is a single small, slender silver-white arch of pure white gold, and it gleams a pale, bleached color like the reflection of the moon. On it grows vines of blossoming flowers that bloom only at night, and have the most intoxicating smell. Only girls may enter, and to go into the cabin you must walk through the arch.

The inside of the cabin is constantly night, with a full moon. The walls are a pale, shimmering silver material, and the beds are soft, cool banks of starlight. They can be pushed into any shape, and there are ledges built into the walls that cam be pulled down for use of tables. There is no ceiling, and it seems to open directly onto the moon. Often enough, deer or other animals will creep into the cabin, and may stay without fear of being harmed. One hunting dog, one falcon, and one antelope per Hunter is always near the Cabin, and can be summoned immediately. The closets are hidden in the walls behind multiple hanging of silver silk.

The weather that the Artemis cabin is in is always the same, and the time it is in is never anything other than the perfect time of night for the Hunters.

For those who want to experience the maiden joy of freedom, the Artemis cabin is the perfect place to be. Of course, only for girls.

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