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Please tell us if you think aliens exist and why you think they exist.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) I think they do! Many reasons! I find it hard to belive that where the only creatures out there. There are so many species of things we haven't discovered. And several more things out there! The universe is huge! Why wouldn't there be any more creatures or Aliens as we call them out there? God created us and the whole universe. The universe is so big why would we be the only living life forms?

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) I don't rust videos I've seen because thoose can always be fake. And the Earth and the moon revoloving thing... Well they move slowly. And There's been no prove(that I know of!) of any life out there...other than the belivers..

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) haha... I think that they might have discovered aliens and have them in a secret place and there keeping it secret from us so we don't freak...alot of people know about it though. (that's what my bestie said who like never lies :D)

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) Not hostage just the ones the've found...and there doinf research and that stuff..idk much bout it this a conversation we had many moons ago! (lolz moons goes with topic!)

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) Why? I think aliens might be peaceful

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Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 8 comments I think most of the sightings are bull. But I do find it hard to believe that there is only one planet that can sustain life in the whole universe. And if NASA didn't come back, on the off chance that the video was true, I'd like to point out how infinite space is. And how unpredictable.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) I agree with you Leiko.

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Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 8 comments Also, the spaceship is the most complicated machine. It also costs billions. Here is an excpert from the ABC: Was The Trip To The Moon Worth It?

"...In fact, public opinion has always been split. In a July 1967 Harris poll, two years in advance of the first moon walk, 43 percent of Americans were in favor of the effort, 46 percent opposed — hardly a rousing endorsement. And in 1970, a year after the landing, 56 percent said it had not been worth its allotted $4 billion a year for nine years...."

A second trip so soon would be useless and a waste of money. Anyway, NASA is planning on returning to the moon in 2018, sending four astronauts for a seven day stay. If the video was true, why would they be going back?

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) Ok....(note: I did not read following statement...it looked scientific and I probally wouldn't be able to understand) Well I just have to say I hope that if there are aliens out there that in my lifetime I will see one....(not an encounter face to face though all alone)

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Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 8 comments AJ! Geez..... would it have killed you to try to read it?!? It isn't that confusing.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) Hahaha...Um....What? Lolz YES! ok back to the topic! Why do you belive they are real?

message 13: by Leiko (new)

Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 8 comments Because that as far as we know, space is infinite, and I really can't imagine that there is only one planet that has the keys to sustaining life.

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byhera (ordinary) | 1 comments i dunno.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) you either belive or not.... no one knows for sure.... well ok some do!

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i KNOW they exist, I used to TALK to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 8 comments God, no offense Karissa, but why does whenever any group about that paranormal that isn't a roleplay begins, there are always people claiming to be something like a vamp, or were, or ghost whisperer (Or what ever they're called...)?

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lolz. she was younger when she 'talked' to them

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Alex (nasagirl) I believe there are aliens out there. I think theres definetely life on other planets, and that that life is inteligent.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) THEY ARE DEFINITLY OUT THERE!!!!

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Martyn (bigchocdad) | 1 comments I think i can safely say that all of us think they out there. What fascinates me is why come here. What is it about our little mudball, third from the sun that is so interesting that they come here and sorta play hide an seek with us. I mean im gonna make the assumption they are technologically and most probably mentally more advanced than us. They must know that we're (the general population) have the means to capture them on visual recording devices. Yet no overt contact, overt in the sense of making themselves known to the humanity. In a way, so if listening to our media they'd know that the case for extraterrestrial life was moot.

So guys I'd really like to here from anybody about the... why's.

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Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 8 comments I don't believe they've come here.
Or would.

But if they did..........

Maybe they've ruined their planet like we did-er-are.
Then they see our planet.
On the assumption that they as strong/stronger than us, they'd want our planet.

Or not.

Or maybe, we should care less about them, (who we don't know exist!) and care more about our problems we know exist.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) we know there out there, but they havent visted us...that I think

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i know for a fact that if there was life on other planets id like to know and see them

message 27: by Paul (new)

Paul | 4 comments I have just written a book that was compiled over two years, in regards to extraterrestrial contact, I know all of the people involved, and the contact is very real. (it is not an abduction tale) The book will be released on Amazon in 10 days and is called "Alien Interaction - Communication with Extraterrestrials." Does it TRY to prove aliens exist, not at all, but the message that comes through the book is very interesting.


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m.o.m. | 3 comments Hi Paul, all,

Just wanted to mention that ufo researcher/author Richard Dolan will be speaking at The Rabbit Hole bookstore on Saturday, September 11th at 1:00 PM. If you are interested, come out and hear him talk about this controversial subject.

As for me, I've seen strange objects in the sky. What it may be, not sure, but I don't rule out that maybe 'aliens' may already BE HERE.

Here's a link to the Dolan website.

And here's a link to The Rabbit Hole's website:


message 29: by Paul (new)

Paul | 4 comments Hi m.o.m

It actually goes further than, "Do UFO's exist" or "Are there Extraterrestrials," Scientists have theorized that there are multiple dimensions, through quantum mathematics. In reality these dimensions have always existed, and the beings who live in those realms perceive "US" as extraterrestrials. The ET who live in our physical universe do contact many many people, and mostly come in an act of friendship and love. We have nothing to fear from them, if they chose to they could obliterate the earths population easily (we are nearly doing it ourselves unfortunately) this is one of the reasons they visit humans. Not all visits end in abductions, also nearly all sightings of craft do not end with contact. there is a reason for that. They perceive some of the inhabitants of this planet as being "very hostile," they have chosen different people to contact who may be more open to discussion, it's easy for people to say "Oh, I want to meet an alien!" but given the chance to do so, they may be in great fear.

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m.o.m. | 3 comments Hi Paul,

Well, I will definitely have to check out your book. On another note, have you ever thought that maybe 'aliens' have already invaded here? It's just a wild thought, thinking outside the box, but sometimes I feel that with the world going bonkers and that there are so many psychopaths ruling our world, that possibly 'aliens' have infected a large population of the masses by messing with our dna.

Awe, that's probably not the case, just like to expand my though processes to include even the wildest possibilities!


message 31: by Paul (new)

Paul | 4 comments Humans don't need aliens to turn into psychopaths....lol

message 32: by Paul (new)

Paul | 4 comments You can check out the book at :

message 33: by Emma Mylinson (new)

Emma Mylinson Why do I think? Well, here's your answer... Well God created the universe for something, which is life forms. Would you really consider that God only made us? I don't think so. There has to be real evedence that there is other life forms , SOMEWHERE in this whole HUGE universe. Which there is, have you seen the UFO's in the sky, they are easy to pick out. But you have to be out at the same time. And, they are NOT fake. Go and whatch "Fact of Facked Paranormal files" those guys try to debunk mysterious things, like apperisions, and ufo's. Also Aliens.

message 34: by David (new)

David Seals | 3 comments Yes. My reviews on 'The Roswell Incident', 'UFO Quest', and 'Inside the Space Ships' point out reasons and works done before. My own books on kindle e-book are 'INVADERS FROM MARS HILL' and 'MARTIANS, THE FLAGSTAFF OBSERVATIONS', and on paperback on Amazon 'THE CREATION MYTH'.

message 35: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Delarose | 16 comments Wow. One comment in 2011, and one in 2012 before mine.

According to the group rules, anyone who doesn't post 20 comments a month is abducted. I guess that means you're all flying high aboard the ship by now.

message 36: by David (new)

David Elkin | 6 comments Another David. I just have the enjoyable experience of meeting Dr. Frank Thayer, one of 4 authors of the Aztec Incident. The book is current not listed in the goodreads database but it is self-published. Frank is just a marvelous chap who teaches journalism at NMSU. His website is here: http://journalism.nmsu.edu/members/fr...

The Aztec incident is here: http://www.theaztecincident.com/

Maybe a way to increase traffic would be to invite authors.

message 37: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Delarose | 16 comments Actually, David, I am an author :-)

And an experiencer... and a big-time believer!

message 38: by David (new)

David Elkin | 6 comments My lack of knowledge shows. I will make it a point to track down one of your books: Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions [Kindle Edition]

message 39: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Delarose | 16 comments Maybe between the two of us we can rekindle this subject :-) I heard somewhere that 50% of Americans believe in UFOs, don't know about worldwide, so you'd think this forum would be more active.

And thank you!

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David Elkin | 6 comments I did email Dr. Thayer about my post. Maybe if we announced it on some UFO forums. One of the concerns some might have is "saying" they believe. I am of the mind that you can be curious and still be a skeptic. I like what Stan F. said one time-95% of it is explainable or a hoax, but the other 5% is true.

message 41: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Delarose | 16 comments I agree. I do not believe every story, or photo, or claim that I read. I believe that sometimes hoaxes are intentionally planted to muddy the waters and it seems to be an effective ploy. All a skeptic needs is to find one single hoax to discount everything else.

message 42: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Delarose | 16 comments I haven't found any vibrantly active UFO forums as of yet. If you come across any I'd love to know about them.

message 43: by David (new)

David Elkin | 6 comments What do you think of this one? http://ufocasebook.conforums.com/

message 44: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Delarose | 16 comments Thank you, David! That one looks lively :-)

message 45: by David (new)

David Elkin | 6 comments I did sign up. I used my gmail address.

message 46: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Delarose | 16 comments So you're a newbie there? You were pretty easy to spot, LOL!

They've got some really interesting discussions going on.

message 47: by Vincenzo (new)

Vincenzo Macrino | 1 comments Check out my view on the subject at
Lmk what u think

message 48: by Gerard (new)

Gerard J.  Medvec | 20 comments Of course they exist. I've had first hand experiences with the alien phenomenon 34 times as of this date. I expect to have my 35th on Jan. 31, 2014, depending on the weather! (That is, the weather would be a problem for me and my human friends, not the aliens.)
See my books: "UFOs Above PA" (Pennsylvania) and "Mid-
Atlantic UFOs" for a few of my personal encounters and those of many other people in those regions. My next UFO book will out in the spring of 2014.
People who are still wondering about this question have not taken the time or trouble to personally investigate. Yes, it's possible to see things by pure luck, but you're more likely to see something/someone by going to your LOCAL HOTSPOT. Check with your local UFO group to find out where that is. Or you may have to read books about your region (like mine perhaps) to get of sense of where they are hanging-out. It is also possible to contact them yourself and ask them to meet you at a specific place and time (see: Mid-Atlantic UFOs, chapter: The Nine). I'm involved in this experiment right now. So far, we're 3 for 3 in Atglen, Pennsylvania---that is, we've invited them 3 times an they've showed up 3 times. Atglen is a HOTSPOT. For anyone interested, I'll be happy to post my report from our Third Alien Invitation in Atglen.
Bottom line: get off the sofa and you'll be amazed at what is going on around you.

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Zach | 7 comments Betty Hill drew a map that the grays, who abducted her, showed. It turned out to be Zeta Reticuli system. It also could be that the grays lied and we have no idea where they are coming from.

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Gerard J.  Medvec | 20 comments Thanks for reading this.

Gerry Medvec
Mid-Atlantic UFOs – my book
UFOs Above PA (Pennsylvania) – my book
Ghosts of Delaware—my book

Fourth UFO Experiment in Atglen, Pennsylvania

January 31, 2014, 6:15-9:10 PM

I met with Gerry Medvec and Dinah Roseberry at a private commercial property in rural Atglen, Pennsylvania because they had reported witnessing lights (UFOs) there on several occasions.

We were to meet at 7 pm and stay till 9 pm. I pulled down a long driveway, into a parking lot between a large corporate steel building on the right and a big working barn on the left. I arrived at 6:15-:20 pm.

I got there early to set up and test photographic equipment I intended to use in case something alien showed-up. I parked at the far edge of the lot that bordered a large flat “open field” that was below my vantage point for its nearest half, but sloped upwards from there and ended in a “ridge with a tree line” on top. Google Maps measure this field at about 2,000 feet in total length, with the slope-up beginning where you see the striping in the maps. So the sloping area was about 1,000 feet in depth.

The field was covered in snow and the trees up on the ridge were bare of leaves.
The temperature was 36 degrees F and it was damp. There was almost no wind. A moonless night, the cloud cover was low, sporadic and striated (could see stars off and on). The predominant air traffic I observed, mostly light aircraft, came from due E/slightly SE. New to this location, I’d checked my iPhone compass to get my bearings as to which directions I was looking at any given moment.

From 6:20-6:40pm I unpacked my filming equipment, tried out several lenses and cameras, and took test stills to evaluate the lighting conditions. The “large steel building” seen in Photo B had several big sodium lights that fully lit the parking lot, and this is where I did my test shots. It gave a strong light-bounce off the large white barn directly across from it, but when I swung the camera into the field all my light was gone, so I knew I wouldn’t get much imagery done.

Though this floodlighting would give me wrong readings relative to strict nighttime shooting, it did allow me to pull focus, and check out the autofocus and tele aspects of the Canon L lens I had borrowed from a friend. I was using a Canon 5D MarkII camera.

Suddenly, from across the field, I heard what sounded like a coyote or wolf call. It was the classic whoop-whoop-woooo sound with the rising end-note, like you hear in the canned wolf calls in the movies. In fact, as a film maker, I said to myself, “Gee, wish I’d been rolling sound on that….Nice sound file to have for a wolf call.”

It happened maybe twice within a few minutes. And given the sound dynamics of an open field, and being in between two large buildings, it was impossible to tell how close the animal was. But it was loud and clear. It was not miles away or indistinct.

Alone, I thought, “Hmmmm…rural area, recent cold snap. Hope there aren’t hungry coyotes or wolves looking for food…”

When I test-shot the field with my camera I was not getting good exposures because of the commercial floodlight from the building, and because of the darkness of the field on this moonless night. At about 6:30pm the floodlights on the building went off, probably on a timer. I then had a better overall ambient light environment, but my final judgment was that I wouldn’t get much imagery because my camera weren’t fast enough to handle this low-light environment.

Unfamiliar with this location, I had neglected to ask Gerry as to which direction I should focus, so I kept turning around in slow 360 degree circles. I studied the field, the parking lot, the adjacent barn, the hills across Route 372 beyond the entrance to the parking lot, and, of course, the sky. Already my feet were feeling the cold.

By this time, my cameras were ready to shoot, but I’d put them back in the cooling car so they would slowly get adjusted to the cold, and wouldn’t fog. (I never took my cameras out again because I wasn’t at all confident they would capture anything, but at least they were ready.) So my observations from this point were by naked eye.

Looking into the field I realized I had about a 160 degree field of vision of this open field, left (NE) to right (SW). With North-South Route 41 to my right.

Looking right I could see the distant car headlights coming at me in profile so that you could see a vehicle’s front passenger side diagonally from where I was standing.

Route 41 was about 3,000 feet from me (Google map scale), so the headlights and taillights I could see had a resemblance to twinkling christmas lights like on the exterior of a home. They twinkled because of the trees between me and the road.

It was about 6:40pm. I was checking my watch regularly because it was cold and, waiting on Gerry and Dinah, wondering if I should warm-up in the car.

But I kept scanning right to left, away from the headlights on the road, to the tree-lined ridge directly in front of me. This area was also busy with traffic. I thought, “Here I am in a rural place, but there’s still traffic at rush hour…” I often wonder what population density is like in rural and work places, how they commute and what their lives are like.

And—I was bored, annoyed that I hadn’t asked Gerry which direction to look for alien anomalies.

Looking straight at the tree line on the ridge, I saw a series of red lights that looked exactly like red tail lights moving in a straight line, left to right, toward the traffic on Route 41. I hadn’t noticed them before. There was no up and down movement to these lights. Only slow, left to right, like one-way traffic.

I checked my watch, and thought, “Geez, how much ‘rush hour’ traffic does this little town have, and it’s past rush hour anyway…” I brushed it off as a sign of the times.

I had assumed there was a road there, maybe 25-50 feet in from the edge of the woods since the trees had obscured the red lights somewhat as they moved.

I realized that I hadn’t spotted that road on the ridge when I first pulled into the parking lot probably because there wasn’t any traffic on it at the time and it appeared at a glance simply as trees on a snowy ridge.

As I observed this new road, another thought occurred to me.

The lights moved symmetrically, like cars when they are in a long line, waiting, then edging forward towards a traffic light.

Because I didn’t know what I was looking at, thinking this was traffic, I didn’t count the number of lights. But I DO remember musing to myself, “Hey, that’s gotta be about five or more cars, and they’re going to have to wait on the traffic light at Route 41 and 372. Must be a nuisance getting out of work this late and being dumped into a busy intersection.”

Google Maps measures the length of the ridge line right-to-left at about 2,000 feet. The line of lights covered about 800 feet. They were evenly spaced, approximately at car lengths, headed SW, linearly along the ridge line. That’s why I believed I was looking at a road with traffic.

As I watched, I also wondered whether they were car tail lights, or were they two or three 18-wheelers moving slowly. The lights had evenness to their spacing like the side reflectors and side running lights of 18-wheelers. I smiled, thinking, “Funny, a traffic jam of 18-wheelers, way out here…” Buy they were all red, none of the orange lights you might get on 18-wheelers.

My gaze moved on after my musings, looking further to my left over the fields.

It didn’t occur to me that I saw no WHITE lights AHEAD of the red lights, that is, I saw no HEAD lights in that line of traffic.

Buy my gaze moved on, and I looked over the fields to my left, at the two houses snugged into the hill above a crop field, where the interior house lights were just barely discernible, and then back at the barn, the parking lot and entrance I’d come in from, and the large corporate steel building, with the fields now at my back.

And I waited.

At 7 pm promptly, Gerry and Dinah showed up. They immediately told me that the 160- degree view of the fields I’d been watching were indeed where I should be looking. They described the various anomalies they’d seen over three prior visits to this location. We talked for about 40 minutes, watching but seeing nothing.

Finally I said, “I can’t believe the traffic around here for such a rural place…I mean it wasn’t bad by city standards, but (pointing right to 41), look at that line of cars over there. And I saw what looked like a miserable line of cars, maybe some 18-wheelers, waiting in line up on that ridge.”

Gerry stopped in his tracks. “Where did you see that again? On that ridge…?” He pointed to exactly where I had seen the lights.

Me: “Yeah, bad traffic management, huh…?”

Gerry: “There’s no road there, Richard. That area is about three-football-fields-deep with forest”

I was stunned.

Gerry smiled. “Congratulations, you just had your first sighting. But be sure to check Google Maps satellite images when you get home to verify what I am saying. That is dense woods up there, Richard. No road.”

At about 9 pm we departed. I drove south along Route 41. There was no traffic so I stopped--at 9:10 pm-- when I reached that part of the road that cut through the ridge line that I’d been watching all night. Indeed, there was NO ROAD. In fact the ridge line was significantly above the top of my car. And the wooded area, just as Gerry Medvec noted, went deep and unbroken for another thousand feet south of the ridge!

Worth noting…While all three of us were there, we all heard another “wolf” howl, but this time it seemed like multiple animals. My friends noted that they had heard other animal noises during an “alien invitation” in September, 2013 at this location. They, also, had not seen any animals at that time. This second howl on January 31 was identical to the ones I’d heard earlier.

Richard Cutting

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