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One of my favorite country singers. I'm not all crazy and obsessed with her though.

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Carlee Jane (chycebelle) Neither am I--well, I'm borderline. She's just really down-to-earth, which I appreciate. I love how real she and her lyrics are. haha I can sing along with all of her songs though. I'm just obsessed with lyrics, that's all.

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I love how down-to-earth she is too! But she'll never be Dolly Parton X(

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Carlee Jane (chycebelle) I guess she won't, but I did see her on Oprah today--SO cute!!! This little 11 year old girl got to interview her (don't know the background story, didn't see very beginning) and she showed her the house--the bedroom, even the bathroom! Gah, I love Taylor! She's such a sweetheart!

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Taylor is awesome!

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