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Introductions and Goodbyes

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message 1: by Vinny (new)

Vinny (BurntMacaroni) | 2 comments Mod
Hey there! Thanks for taking a look into the Society of Nocturne. This thread is used for all members to come and introduce themselves, as well as a place for members to say goodbye and leave the society.

Here is a template for you to edit, fill out, and comment. After each is a brief description of the question, please delete the description text and fill it in

✪ Name: This could be a nickname or preferred name!
✪ Preferred pronouns: The Society welcomes all gender identities, so please let us know what pronouns you'd like others to use for you. He/She/They/Etc!
✪ Age: This is entirely optional, you may delete this if you are uncomfortable with giving out your age.
✪ Short description: Tell us a bit about yourself! Your hobbies, favorite games/music/films/books, your favorite season, etc!

If you are leaving, we understand and we will miss you. Not everything is permanent! Feel free to say goodbye here, too.

message 2: by Vinny (new)

Vinny (BurntMacaroni) | 2 comments Mod
Ill fill this out!

✪ Name: My name is Vincent, but Vinny, Vince, or Goat are all ok!
✪ Preferred pronouns: he/him/his only, please!
✪ Age: 17
✪ Short description: Hey there! I'm the moderator of the society, a goat demon who learned how to use a computer. I'm a homosexual trans guy, and I've been happily taken since 2/28/16! I love werewolves, the occult, Lovecraftian horror, and hot coffee on a cold day.

message 3: by Valley (new)

Valley Bonn | 1 comments Hi! May have some mistakes, cuz mobile~

✪ Name: Valley
✪ Preferred pronouns: She/Her
✪ Age: 22
✪ Short description: I'm Valley, I tend to fall in and out of hobbies and right now I'm really into surreal books akin to House of Leaves and the like. I like sleeping and sometimes think about ancient horned gods and cat toes!

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