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Jasmine Ng
Age- 13
Daughter of Poseidon

Appearance- Short dark hair with an all year tan. In the winter wears blue tee shirt with jeans. In the summer likes to wear dresses.

History- Gets in trouble no matter what she does. Got kicked out of schools for different “accidents”. She has dyslexia and A.D.H.D. so, it was really hard for her to pay attention. 1. Got kicked out because she kept failing her tests by drawing the sea over her test. She was trying to do the tests but gets bored so, she draws the ocean. 2.Flooded the school because she got upset that a bully was bullying her friend Evie Woods. She didn’t mean to but when she gets upset water always seems to come to her and the water bursted out of all the pipes in the school. ( The teachers didn’t know who to blame but Kitana because she was always in trouble for weird stuff.) Horses love her. She went to a horse stable once and they all stampeded to her.

Family- Mom: Mai Ng

Relationships- Never really had anyone but, her mom and Evie Woods. (Evie is a satyr.)

Favorite place to hang out- At the beach.

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Sabrina Leonardi
Age- 14
Daughter of Hades
Appearance- Tall with pale skin and long pitch black hair. If you look into her grey eyes you can tell she is very sad. She only wears black and the occasional dark grey.

Personality- Serious, quiet, with loner tendencies. Enjoys solitude and tends to sit back and observe. Private, rarely talks about their feelings. She is always prepare for the worst.

History-Her family died when she was young and she lived on the streets still she was 11. She could do anything she wanted because she made sure if someone didn’t give her what she wanted (food,a place to stay) she’ll make sure they pay or just scare them enough to give her what she wants.

Family- Maria Leonardi

Relationships-No one wants to have a relationship with Sabrina.

Favorite place to hangout-Anywhere it is dark.

Powers- Ability to raise the dead(summon them), can put people to sleep by pointing at them, she knows if someone she cares about dies, can tell if someone dies with a tingle in her elbow, can create shadows around her to blend in, can shadow travel, can make shadows attack, and can manipulate the rocks( can make wholes in the ground.

Other- She learned how to do karate when she was young and mastered it.

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Earl Salli
Child of Athena

Appearance-Stormy grey eyes with short light brown. Lean and strong.

History-Always the smart know it all. Ask him any question and he will probably know the answer.

Family- Andrew Salli- Father

Relationships-Open- wants a girlfriend

Favorite place to hangout-In the library

Powers-can craft thing very quickly.

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Melody Piper
Child of Apollo

Appearance- She has long bright yellow hair and blue eyes. She is tall and thin. She likes to wear bright colored shirts with jeans.

History- She arrived at camp at age 7. She was always know to make really bad haikus and songs but, her friends love her for them. She also is really good with anatomy. She can name each one of your bones while breaking them.

Family- Mom- Ms.Piper- no one knows her first name

Relationships-Open- wants a boyfriend

Favorite place to hangout- Anywhere in the sun- and that is warm.

Powers- Can tell if someone is very sick, heal people, and manipulate light.

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