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The Talisman

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message 1: by Cassie (new)

Cassie | 7 comments Has anyone read Peter Straub & Stephen King's "The Talisman"?

I read somewhere that Stephen King has an influence on the writers of "Lost". Anyway, "The Talisman" is about a character named "Jack Sawyer" who travels to a parallel universe to find something to save his dying mother.

Should this also be on the bookshelves?

message 2: by Ted (new)

Ted Rohe (vangelicmonk) | 42 comments Mod

I am open to adding it. I have thought about adding the "Dark Tower" series. I never read it, but I think it would apply (especially since I think Damon Lindelof will be directing a movie based on the first book or something like that). I think Talisman has a connection to the Dark Tower series as well.

I added some other shelfs on the bookshelf to help organize it a bit more. Books directly appearing on the show, books referenced on the show, and fan suggestions. I need to go through and add the books to where they go on the appropriate shelf.

That book sounds interesting. I'll have to look into it to read myself.

message 3: by Cassie (new)

Cassie | 7 comments Vagelicmonk,

I just got the book and haven't read it yet. I hope that it is good.

There are actually a lot of books with a connection to the Dark Tower series. I think the Dark Tower series woudl be a good addition, but I'm not so sure about adding in every book that somehow ties to the DT series.

What about the books that weren't referenced on the show exactly, but in the episode title? I am thinking specifically of "Stranger in a Strange Land", and "A Tale of Two Cities".

message 4: by Lori (new)

Lori (tnbbc) Hey there.
Some books I noticed that werent on the shelf yet, but I have seen on Lostpedia:

The Island -Huxley (the name of the ferry Dharma used was taken from this book. Also,Michael is given the Others' boat here, along with his son Walt. He is told that if he steers it to heading 325 then he will "find rescue".)

The Mysterious Island - Verne (In the novel, several people and a dog crash-land a balloon onto an island in the South Pacific (as the actual Henry Gale apparently did), where odd things happen. There is an orangutan called "Jupe" (short for "Jupiter") on the Island. The Hanso Foundation's Joop is very likely a reference to this.)

Just a little info to help you decide if you want to add these. I am planning at some time to pick these up and read them. Mysterious Island just sounds too similar to pass up!

message 5: by Howard (new)

Howard (howardmittelmark) What's Hanso's Joop? I don't remember that.

message 6: by Lori (last edited Mar 04, 2008 08:22PM) (new)

Lori (tnbbc) Joop is the world's oldest orangutan in the storyline of the alternate reality game The Lost Experience, according to thehansofoundation.org. This is a major breakthrough that is the result of The Hanso Foundation's Life Extension Project. As Hanso executive Peter Thompson says on the website, "Considering that the average lifespan of chimps in captivity is 60 years, this milestone is clear proof that The Hanso Foundation's Life Extension Project will someday help human beings achieve useful lifespans well beyond the current norm."

On the Official Lost Podcast/May 4, 2007, the writers joked that Joop was their solution ending should the show be abruptly cancelled. The final scene would be a cut to a desk and a leather chair, which would turn to reveal Joop saying "Hello I'm Joop. I bet you're wondering who I am", with a pipe in his mouth. Joop would then proceed to explain all of the Island's mysteries in a crisp and satisfactory fashion.

I never did the Lost Experience, but I got this info from Lostpedia....

message 7: by Somebody (new)

Somebody (vkvk) | 3 comments I loved the Talisman. Black House, the sequel, not so much. I hadn't thought about that one and the show, but I know that in the first season there were a lot of characters that related to characters in The Stand. I believe the writers even addressed that at one point. (Maybe this has been talked about already, I still haven't caught up with all the posts!)

Jack's ability to slip back and forth between worlds does remind me of what Desmond is going through currently.

Just an aside on the book. Did you know that the journey Jack takes follows roads and places in the real world? I met someone once who went to several of the places on the east coast that are mentioned in the book!

message 8: by Howard (new)

Howard (howardmittelmark) (Thank you, Lori.)

message 9: by Ted (new)

Ted Rohe (vangelicmonk) | 42 comments Mod

I agree not everybook should be on the shelf. That is the situation I ran into in wanting to add The Chronicles of Narnia. So I added TLTW&TWD and one novel that has every book. So just adding the first book should be fine. I'll do that.


There are a lot of books I am sure I have overlooked. I'm definately not on top of everything dealing with LOST. I would like this group to be like a wiki site in that everyone adds something that may be missing (info, insight, a book etc.). The only thing I ask is that if you do add a book, then go to that book's specific page. There it will show what groups have that book on their shelf and an area to start a discussion on that book. Just put a little about why the book is associated with the LOST bookclub. This is to help us and hopefully make others interested in this thing we call LOST addiciton. :)

message 10: by Arctic (new)

Arctic Lostpedia (wiki) is a really useful site.

message 11: by Brian (new)

Brian (nebulosity) | 4 comments There are MANY similarities between The Dark Tower series and Lost, altho I agree we need some different bookshelves to keep them seperate. If you haven't read the Tower series you are truly missing a great series of books. If you immediatly think of horror upon hearing Stephen King then these books will truly change your mind, they are amazing.

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