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Thomas Cromwell : Villian or Superhero?
Daniëlle Van den Brink Daniëlle Oct 27, 2017 07:15AM
I have watched almost every series on the Tudors out there and I have seen many different versions of Cromwell. What do you think? Was he a good guy that was a victim of circumstances or did he deserve it?

Strategist. Pragmatist.Rationalist. with that soupcon of personal heart, loyalty and affection which the foregoing three qualities would advise be well-tempered by caution. The quintesse tial civil servant and administrator.
Readers may have a better chance of a balanced viewpoint than viewers, if over time we see the same dramas played out on screen by less charismatic actors.
However, less received partisan histories and more Mantel-like research and depiction from the records can only assist our assessments. Our own assessments are also unduly?or inevitably swayed by where we sit on today's spectrum of pcness. Judgements need the relevant perpective of the period to have any hope of underxtanding.

Ingrid (last edited Nov 23, 2017 06:25PM ) Nov 04, 2017 06:32PM   0 votes
I have concluded that Thomas Cromwell was a victim of circumstances because he rose from humble birth to a position of unimaginable power. After leaving England, he gained exposure to many different lifestyles. These lifestyles allowed for growth instead of positions determined by birth; this meant that individuals could secure advancement in status based on skills and education. However, upon returning to England, he discovered that many did not share this belief of self-advancement. The Duke of Norfolk commonly referred to Cardinal Wolsey as “butcher’s boy". This insult was meant to introduce shame by indicating that he did not have "noble blood” running through his veins; and thus insinuating that his position was not a permanent one. Thomas Cromwell had gained the attention of a king and this was unheard of because only members of the aristocracies were meant to have this privilege. Jealousy and the desire to displace him from a position of power and influence ultimately won.

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