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Looking for Alibrandi
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Set in Australia, the female protagonist is Italian and gets bullied for it growing up. [s]

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Dhana Latchmi Mahesh (latchmigirl) | 55 comments It’s a Australian high school student story. She is Italian or half Italian and people used to call her Mussolini. The book cover shows a girl with big frizzy curly hair.

Her parents are not married, she was raised by her mum and her dad becomes close and over-protective of her during her teenage years.

She is really smart, runs for school student body but becomes Vice President or something, she gives speech about teen sex and consequences or food (either one and I can’t remember which). She meets another male student who gives a short speech about ‘voting’. These two become sort of a couple later on. There’s another blond girl who is the school president and always competes with the female protagonist.

There’s also a scene where the couple try to get together under sheets and she makes a point about wearing a ‘granny bra’ and not something sexy or normal on that day of all days.

In the end, a guy (another school student) commit suicide and the lead girl’s Boyfriend says he needs to achieve something in life before he can be her partner since she won three top awards in school on the day of her graduation.

Any idea about the above described? Please help.

Dhana Latchmi Mahesh (latchmigirl) | 55 comments Thanks Laura. That’s the book I was looking for. Read it in my early teens and I couldn’t remember the title.

LauraW (lauralynnwalsh) | 374 comments It is a good book - very enjoyable. I have read it at least twice.

Dhana Latchmi Mahesh (latchmigirl) | 55 comments Yep, it’s a good book and years after I read it, a friend of mine told me she she liked a book but couldn’t remember the title and it happened to be this book Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta - I didn’t remember the title back then as well..

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