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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex Markson (amarksonauthor) | 10 comments Hi,

Please can you add my new book to your database.

Title - Sally’s Shadow (Kinky Companions 1)
Author - Alex Markson
ASIN - B076NBPTB8 (please see below)
ISBN - 9781386303435 (please see below)
Publisher - Parignon Press
Pub Date - 27/10/2017
Format - please see below
Description -

When your fantasies begin to overflow, the ideal partner can turn up in the most unexpected place …

Sally, a university archivist, meets Marcus, a writer, at a book club. Both are introverts, but they soon find they have a lot in common. She has a growing list of fantasies she’s eager to explore, and discovers, almost by accident, that he shares many of them. They quickly realise this could be too good a chance to miss. Grasping the opportunity, they slowly turn some of those fantasies - pain, restraint, domination, submission - into reality.

But they’re uncertain whether they’re just playing for mutual pleasure, or seeking something more serious. Neither had been looking for ’the one’. They both have personal issues to deal with, and events hidden away in Sally’s past will return to haunt her.

As the relationship develops, and mutual trust allows them to push their limits, how far will they venture into a world they’ve only fantasised about before? And will their shared pleasure grow into something more?

This is the first book in the ‘Kinky Companions’ series, which is for readers 18+.

Page count - take you pick! Amazon says 256, iBooks says 353

With regard to format, I’m confused! Your guidelines say that if it has an ASIN, then it’s a Kindle edition, but because it’s also publishing on other platforms, it also has an ISBN, provided by Draft2Digital, which seems to make it an eBook? Does this mean it needs two editions in your database? I’ll leave it to your experience!

Cover photo available from Amazon listing here -

Thanks very much.


message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex Markson (amarksonauthor) | 10 comments Thanks for this; very efficient! The series will be a continuation of the story with the same - and some new - characters.

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