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In the light of the female missionaries Peterson mentions in this interlude, who would you say are the saints for American female evangelicals? Currently, and in the past?

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D.L. Mayfield | 7 comments Mod
For me, I think the evangelical saints for women are mostly missionaries like Dangerous Territory mentions. Currently, people like Beth Moore might have such a place? And there are still so many discussions about whether or not she "should" be teaching/leading men . . .

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CJ Surbaugh | 1 comments A female evangelical saint I thought of immediately was Aimee Semple McPherson. She's such a complicated figure (and arguably not quite evangelical, since she founded a Pentecostal denomination), but in a lot of ways modern megachurches are built on her example. Growing up, I learned about one very narrow side of her work with the Salvation Army, not as a preacher or evangelist. But like missionary narratives, there was a lot more to Aimee than met the eye, and I think the complexities of her life are all tangled up with evangelical beliefs about women in leadership.

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