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This is where you can post information about the world of Temeraire that you feel is important. It is all about worldbuilding and hopefully will help you imagine the locations where the action takes place since this is not really dealt with in the roleplaying chats.

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Loch Laggan – Inverness-shire, Scotland

-lake with yellow sand
-forest with pines
-gravel road from northern shores to the complex of the covert
-covert on low mountain
-quadrangle of several large wooden sheds on a level clearing near the top, open fronts, where harnesses and aviators’ equipment are stored/repaired
-main building: medieval sort of fortification, four bare towers joined by thick stone walls, framing an enormous courtyard in the front and a squat, imposing hall that sinks directly into the mountaintop
-courtyard: heated flagstones, where dragons sleep, heated from below thanks to Roman bath
-building: narrow and dark corridors
-another open courtyard on the other side of the building (?, not quite sure about that), framed by building and steep cliff with an outcropping on the right where Celeritas can watch formation training
-valley, feeding grounds at the far end of the training valley

-captains seem to live in tower rooms
-Roman bath, close to where dragon eggs are until they hatch
-dining hall: captains and lieutenants dine at smaller round table, midwingmen and ensigns at long rectangle table, cadets eat earlier

(source: Temeraire, Chapter Five)

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Aerial Corps Ranks

Senior Captain

(source: https://naominovik.fandom.com/wiki/Ae...)

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Ranks in the Armée de l'Air

Général/Générale d'armée aérienne
Capitaine adjudant-major
(2nd Lieutenant would be Sous-lieutenant/e)

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A map of Great Britain and its coverts, credit goes to southpaw. More coverts could be added, if needed. The original map looks better: https://naominovik.fandom.com/wiki/Gr...

Places that are canonically associated with the British Aerial Corps:
- Dover Covert (the largest)
- Edinburgh Covert (rather small)
- Falmouth Covert
- Loch Laggan Covert (training)
- London Covert
- Middlesbrough Covert
- Portsmouth Covert
- Weymouth Covert
- Pen Y Fan Breeding Grounds
- Breeding Grounds in Ireland, Halifax and Gibraltar

(source: https://naominovik.fandom.com/wiki/Gr...)

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