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message 1: by Paul (new) - added it

Paul Silverius | 3 comments HI
I need some honest reviews for my book.

message 2: by The (new)

The Writer | 12 comments Please reach out to me at

message 3: by Somya (new) - added it

Somya Sahni | 3 comments Yes I am interested !
But can I read and review it in December as I have my university exams.

message 4: by Somya (new) - added it

Somya Sahni | 3 comments If that's fine with you you can send me a mail!

message 5: by Merrybrains (new)

Merrybrains Book Reviews | 88 comments

You can write to for Book Review request.

message 6: by Richa (new)

Richa Nidhi | 4 comments Merrybrains wrote: "

You can write to for Book Review request."

hi, I would love to read and review Psychopathic love story. mail me at

message 7: by Venkitesh (new)

Venkitesh Mathakode | 54 comments Hi,

Please send me a physical copy. will read and submit review.

message 8: by Paul (new) - added it

Paul Silverius | 3 comments Venkat please send your address

message 9: by Venkitesh (new)

Venkitesh Mathakode | 54 comments D504 Rohan vasantha apartments
Bangalore 560037

Arushi Singh (ginsberg420) | 4 comments Hey! I am Arushi, a poet from India, and I have recently had my poetry collection published. It is available for free on Amazon. I would be honored if you would read it and review it on Amazon and Goodreads. I would gladly review your book. The link to my book is-
Thank you

message 11: by Bharat (new)

Bharat | 6 comments Hi Guys,

"The Insider" is my debut novel released across the globe in recent times. Its a fiction novel that carries the elements of Love, Suspense, Action and Thrill. It is available in Amazon and all e-commerce sites.

Story Line:

Anjaan was the modern day Abhimanyu. He learnt the strategy hard way of not only entering the chakravyuh, but also to exit the vyuha. He was erudite and intuitive enough to create an exit even if not existent. Anjaan’s body synchronously responds to his meteoric brain at such situations and like a Queen who works as an entrepreneur in the game of chess. He finished his challenge once again in his own way & made his moves towards exit. He left the place with his trademark signature. Cops could not cope with his swiftness and they once again played the role of spectators.

Kabir’s, who gracefully sculpted a Romeo by the tip of his pen, is in despair to sculpt the “Anjaan” blemish inspired by the non-fictional character of international fame. He is puzzled if the earlier, benchmark of his success stories with romantic genres, could be accomplished with a crime thriller. Being a well determined personality, Kabir has accepted a challenge from his rival and toiling towards success. His life takes an exhilarating turn and pokes his dark past from the moment he started writing his new novel.

Maya, the lady love, helps Kabir to rediscover himself and also helps him in completing his new challenge. Maya is also not the one who she seems to be.

* What was her secret ?

* Did Kabir win the challenge?

* What happened to real Anjaan ?

Amazon link (India):

Amazon link (USA):

I am honoured if you would read and share your reviews @Amazon and Goodreads.

Thanks, Choudary Bharat

message 12: by Ramesh (new)

Ramesh kumar (mendiratta) | 44 comments hi, please send me hard copy.Would certainly review it and post next month.

message 13: by Bharat (new)

Bharat | 6 comments Hi Ramesh,
Pls share me your contact details.
Choudary Bharat

message 14: by Ramesh (new)

Ramesh kumar (mendiratta) | 44 comments Thanks my address is
F2 A5 Karma palm groove Mundvel near GSL Vasco da Gama 403801 Goa
pH 8668533657

message 15: by Venkitesh (new)

Venkitesh Mathakode | 54 comments Hi Bharat,
If you can send me a hard copy will review the same. My address is D504 Rohan vasantha apartments, marathahalli,Bangalore 560037, 7259023569

message 16: by Ramprasath (new)

Ramprasath | 3 comments Ever thought how it would have been if human love, relationships and dating are mathematically modeled? Every wondered if there is a mathematical fiction written on Love, dating and relationships? If yes, check out the book "When a Wanderer meets a pilgrim" (Amazon kindle Edition)

Reach me at

message 17: by Vedant (new)

Vedant Khandelwal (kvedantk) | 4 comments #SingleRuleForSuccess released today! 😀

Read for free on Kindle Unlimited or buy one to make your life successful... Share your success story with me and it will be published on my website! 😊

Download link -

message 18: by Alok (new)

Alok Asthana | 3 comments Hi guys
Am a retired army Colonel at Thane, India, now a consultant on leadership. Just published - Leadership for Colonels and Business Managers. More details on my site -
I'd love you experts to review my book. I've offered it as a digital free giveaway at Anyone can read the whole book for free for some more days. With all modesty, its good stuff.

message 19: by Shubham (last edited Jun 09, 2018 01:15AM) (new)

Shubham Balasaheb | 24 comments T&C Soch Ki SochHii !!!

I'm Shubham Savita Balasaheb, an Engineering student, I have published my first  book "T&C Soch ki Soch" which is in English language.
T&C is a book that will make Indian’s to think actually where we are lacking in our THINKING and how does THINKING AND COMPARISON relate with each other and how we can upgrade our THINKING .This book contains various emojis in order to express the feelings of that line or sentence .
I would love if you review my book,
its also available on ;

use coupon code SOCHKISOCH for 25%OFF
book link -

Also available on Amazon -

my mail id: (less)

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