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Ashley Uzzell | 8 comments Hello, I needed some help with an issue with my book cover. I have a book listed with another author as the main (I think I did this accidentally when I first put it up here years ago.) and now adding covers and combining editions is difficult since I am not listed as the main author. The other author is deceased and does not have a Goodreads account. Please help me get this cover as the main edition for this book. I tried adding a new edition but I don't think it went through.

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lethe | 13747 comments Authors should be added as they appear on the cover.

Librarians cannot set the default edition. Please contact staff to set the default for you: support (at) goodreads (dot) com

message 3: by lethe (last edited Oct 23, 2017 03:54AM) (new)

lethe | 13747 comments Is this edition an actual new edition or is it a duplicate and should it be merged?

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Ashley Uzzell | 8 comments lethe wrote: "Is this edition an actual new edition or is it a duplicate and should it be merged?"

That is the new edition I added when trying to get my author name first, so I could update covers or info. It is the correct cover. All other editions merging with that one is the goal.

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lethe | 13747 comments There are two editions with the new cover, a paperback and a Kindle edition.

The paperback was already added in December 2016. Have removed the incorrect ISBN (please don't alter an ISBN in order to get it to save, it can cause confusion and problems!) and added Alternative Cover Edition notes:

I added the Kindle edition info from Amazon to the empty edition you added a couple of days ago and added ACE notes:
Did the cover change take place at the same time as for the paperback? (December 2016?) I have put the pub date as October 2017 for now, but it can be changed.

The older editions may not be merged, because they are valid editions and people may have shelved them (Goodreads does not delete out-of-print editions).

If you want to make either the new paperback or the new Kindle edition the default, you will have to ask staff. Librarians cannot help with that.

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