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Rachael Arsenault | 2 comments Hello all,

I have two books of a trilogy available as ebooks on Amazon with the third well under way. If you're interested in reading and reviewing, let me know and I can send you a copy.

This first book in the series is Stranger & Stranger:
Ainslee Saunders goes through each day fearing the same thing all sixteen-year-olds fear: getting snatched by the fae. When her worst nightmare comes true, Ainslee is forced to live in the forest community of Duircean until she completes the change from human to faerie. Her life is already made stressful by culture shock, prejudiced humans, and jealous changelings, but things only get worse as she slowly discovers that her change is far from normal.

When her world is shook by an unexpected death and she has only herself to blame, Ainslee is forced to question if there's something more sinister about her unique change.

The second book in the series is A Blessing & A Curse:
Ainslee Saunders thought getting snatched by the fae would be the biggest change in her life, but she was wrong. After participating in a disastrous exorcism, things are more screwed up than ever. Her friend Derek has fallen into a coma. Her friend April is possessed and locked out of Duircean. And her (sort of?) friend Shawna is keeping her in the dark. To make matters worse, the professors are suspicious of her, her Blessing is on the fritz, and a new classmate has it out for her.

Sick of feeling helpless and clueless, Ainslee decides to take matters into her own hands. But is she doing the right thing by trying to save her friends and right her wrongs? Or is she about to make a mistake that could put all of Duircean at risk?

Also, if you're interested in keeping up to date on my writing and other creative projects, check out Rachael Lynne Artistry.

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Laura (lfbookblog) | 6 comments Free free to contact me on -

Your books sound highly interesting.

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