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message 1: by McCall (new)

McCall Hoyle | 2 comments I am a new member of the group whose first book published 9/5 (THE THING WITH FEATHERS HarperCollins/Blink). There are two versions of my audio book listed on my book page. They look exactly the same, but I'm wondering if one is supposed to be the cd format and one the electronic (Audible, etc.) edition. I did not list the books. I'm wondering if my publisher did. I want to do a giveaway but there is no cover image for the audio books. How do I add coverage images for the audio book, and how do I know which book is the CD version and which the electronic version? I'm terrified I'm going to mess up the ISBNs or something...

message 2: by Lieke (new)

Lieke | 3227 comments I added covers and info to the audio from Amazon. Both are cd's but one of them is mp3 cd's.

message 3: by McCall (new)

McCall Hoyle | 2 comments Hi Lieke!

You are fast, efficient, and *appreciated*. Thanks so much for your help. If you read contemporary YA, I'd love to send you a signed copy of THE THING WITH FEATHERS. You can message me here or email me via my website and tell me where to send the book.

Thanks again!

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