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TR (elrowe) | 13 comments I am seeking a beta reader who enjoys a serious M/M fantasy read where romance is tied heavily into the story but not the focus of the plot. Following Shadows is a slow-building character driven narrative that takes the cliches of a classic adventure quest and deconstructs them through the eyes of a character whose foray is not what he expects.

Technically my story falls into the fantasy genre; though, the fantastical elements are very light and approachable. Please let me know if you're interested. Book is complete at 130K, and I hope to seek publication soon!

I should also mention that I am an experienced beta reader, willing to offer services in-kind for the right work!

MountainGuardian | 8 comments Your story sounds interesting, but what does M/M fantasy mean?

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TR (elrowe) | 13 comments Sorry, I assume most people know. It's a fantasy story with gay protagonists, essentially. Though, in my story, sexuality is not so straightforward.

It's basically a good fantasy read. I just like to give people the heads up in case they are offended by LGBTQ characters.

I wouldn't mind doing a swap, if you're interested. We could each send the other more details about our stories.

Send me a private message if you want to learn more!

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