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((This topic is for those of us who are RPing SkyClan's rescue. Only join if you volunteered one of your cats to go on this journey.))

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Patchwhisper padded along in silence beside Crimsonflame, glancing over her shoulder to make sure everyone was following. She played Birchscar's directions over and over in her mind and prayed to StarClan to guide them safely. She was relieved that they had a couple deputies with them since they should be more able to interpret signs from StarClan than most of the others. As she looked at everyone she did her best to imprint their names and faces into her memory. Whenever they stopped to rest she'd take the time to memorize their scent as well. Continuing on in silence, the young she-warrior glanced up at the sky, where Silverpelt was disappearing in the first rays of morning.

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Foxfeather | 273 comments Foxfeather made sure no one would fall behind as she was alone at the back, her tail swayed side to side. Her blue eyes scanning the area around them, she sniffed the air and started to recognize each of the cat's scents. She didn't need to know their faces because she thought no one would actually talk to her. The dark-red she-cat sighed and looked at the sky watching the stars disappear and the sun appear. She kept walking, she liked the quiet.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) ((How much of the journey do we actually want to RP, or would you all rather we skip some time to be closer to the old territories?)

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((Time skip is fine.))

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Xwft | 817 comments ((OK time skip it is then.))

Crimsonflame walk silently along in front beside Patchwhisper and Fireblaze. She had giving up looking behind her by now if other cats got lost it was their fault and not hers. Sometimes though she did glace back to make sure Batwing and Fowpaw were still with them. She had know idea how long they had been walking be if felt like forever. Yet Crimsonflame was used to walking long distance so this walk didn't faze her much. Considering all the stops the took she had the energy to keep walking for days. Though after awhile she got sick of seeing the same things over and over again. "How far away are these Old forest territories?" Crimsonflame asked Patchwhisper. "Surely we are close?"

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Bwackbewwy | 130 comments flamepelt walked among them, having a severe argument in his head. should I talk to them? no, of course not. but I might grow closer to them, and it would help on our journey. I only went on this journey because I am ashamed of our warrior ancestors decision. but still, it would help!! "what are we going to do about territories when we get back to the lake? we have to give up some of our land." he meowed to patchwhisper

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Paperjam (sailormecury) | 641 comments hollowsoul padded silently at the back of the group, she would defend the back of group no matter what. her paws tingled with excitment as she looked at the head of the group, "were here!" her long tortoishell fur was fluffed up, her face was big with pride, "i cant wait to find skyclan."

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((On the way back to the lake territories with SkyClan, or even now, something else needs to happen to our group of volunteers. It would be rather unlikely for them to be in perfect condition after trekking for several days.))

Foxpaw glanced over her shoulder at Hollowsoul.
"No, we're not there yet. Look ahead; there is still a distance of flat land we have to cross." She meowed matter-of-factly. "But we should be pretty close. We already crossed the mountain, and according to Birchscar, that was the hardest bit."
The russet ShadowClan apprentice padded ahead to get away from the noise. She gazed at the distance and thought she could see the tops of trees. Her heart thudded with anticipation.
We're close! She thought. Soon, we'll have to face whatever it is SkyClan needs help with. Then we'll have to bring them home.

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Paperjam (sailormecury) | 641 comments hollowsoul felt embarresed, "oh ok, thank you foxpaw, its hard to see at the back," her eyes were clouded with mixed feelings. at first she felt excited to find skyclan, but then again scared at what challenges would face them. her paws soon became tiresome as her belly grumbled, "hopefully there are some squirrels around here."

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) ((We could have some cats get injured/sick when they have to enter the twoleg city in search of SkyClan. That's a perfect way to have Jack and Jill show up too.))

Patchwhisper moved along, dragging her paws as they throbbed with pain. They have been walking for days, only stopping to hunt and sleep, and it was definitely putting a strain on her small, young body. the fact that the cold was biting at them through most of the day as well as the night now wasn't helping any. She lifted her head to answer Flamepelt's question. "I'm not sure what we'll do. I guess all four clans are just going to have to change our borders some to make room for SkyClan. No one's going to like it, especially since leaf-bare will be in full swing, but it's what we have to do to make up for the past. I'm sure no matter what, everything will be fine, it'll just take some time for everyone to get used to it." She glanced back ahead and meowed to gain Fireblaze's attention. "We should stop for a bit to rest and hunt. From the stories I've heard, most of the old territories were taken over by twolegs, so we need to make sure we eat well while we have the chance, right?"

^_^(:Phoenix:)^_^ Leafdapple padded with the group, eager to find the new clan. “We should rest and hunt.” She meowed. “Does anyone want to come hunting with me.”

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Foxfeather | 273 comments {{Twolegs could come and try to catch some cats? Or a Skyclan or one of the cats on the journey could fall in love with one of the journeying cats or Skyclan cats? Irdk these are ideas.}}
Foxfeather sat away from the cats not even speaking to her own clanmate, the blue-eyed she-cat just looked at the sky and sighed. Her black tail tip flickered side to side. She looked at the other cats, her paws hurt like she had just stepped on thousands of hot coals but the cold wind soothed them, also making her cold.

^_^(:Phoenix:)^_^ “Okay.”She meowed. “Does anyone else want to come?”

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Xwft | 817 comments ((Yeah like Foxfeather said maybe the Two legs could get in the way then maybe one of the cats or a few of the cat could get hurt. that would give a reason for the Skyclan cats to help cuz most of them are either kittypets rouge of loners all of which would know how to deal with tow legs.))

Crimsnflame flopped to the ground when they stopped. Though she was used to walking long distances this walk was taking its toll on her. Her mind began to wander to her clan but was interrupted when some of the cats asked if anyone would like to go hunting. "Sure i'll go." She said getting to her feet again. Her legs hated her for it but she told herself to get over it. They needed food and some where more tired then her so she had to step up. She walked over to Leafdapple ready to go when ever.

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Bwackbewwy | 130 comments ((btw sorry im not active as much, my mom changed the pass word to the computer at home, so i really can only do it at school))

flamepelt padded over to leafdapple. "sure, i'll come too." she meowed. she was hungry, and craved mouse at the moment.

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((I like both Darlana and Foxfeather's ideas. I volunteer Foxpaw for whatever we decide to so!))

Foxpaw's pads were cracked and still bleeding from the rough mountain paths, but she didn't tell anyone. And she suddenly felt the urge to hunt, so if she told anyone about her paws now, they'd never let her go with them to find food.
"I'll go." She meowed immediately, loud enough for the others to hear.

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Foxfeather | 273 comments "I'll stay." Foxfeather meowed loudly and looked around at the cats, with a small smile. She leapt, gracefully onto a big boulder and laid, scanning around the area the cats rested. Her blue eyes shimmered in the sun that was setting slowly on the horizon.

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Xwft | 817 comments "OK let's go before all the pray sleep for the night." Crimsonflame said motioning for all the others that were going hunting to follow. She headed off into the woods walking a fair way from the group before sniffing the air to find prey. "Maybe we should just split up we will have better chance to catch things that way." She suggested. "Me and Foxpaw. Leafdapple Fireblaze." She said deliberately pairing her and Foxpaw because they were from the same clan. Without saying anything else Crimsonflame walked off follow the sent of a rabbit that she had picked up.

^_^(:Phoenix:)^_^ Leafdapple looked sympathetically at the young apprentice. “Okay” She meowed, licking her paws.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Patchwhisper yawned largely but hauled herself up onto a nearby rock to keep watch. She figured someone else could take over once everyone has eaten and slept. As she gazed over the area around them, her mind wandered to why they had left such a beautiful place. In the distance, through the trees, a twoleg camp could be seen. If everything she knew was true, that used to be RiverClan territory. The river would be there if it was still there at all. Straining her eyes, she was glad to see what look like riverbanks, but different, fake almost. Patchwhisper assumed that'd be the group's best bet to find SkyClan, so she stored the information at the back of her mind to tell everyone when the hunters got back. At the thought of food, her stomach clenched in hunger and she cast a furtive glance into the trees and grass where the hunting party had gone.

The Batman (Reagan) (thebatman7424) ((I have Jasper open if we go into the Twoleg Camp. Also, Where should Batwing come back in?))

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Xwft | 817 comments Crimsonflame walked trough the woods. She had caught a rabbit and few rats but that was right close to where they had stopped for a rest now she was walking through the woods she was finding nothing. She had picked up the sent of many things but most were of things she wasn't used to catching so just ignored them. Finally she picked up the sent of squirrel. "Finally something I know how to catch." She muttered following the sent trail. Awhile later Crimsonflame was staring up into a tree the squirrel in her sight. "Right i'll go up scare it down and you can catch it. Deal." Crimsonflame said already heading towards the tree.

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The Batman (Reagan) (thebatman7424) Batwing ducked under some underbrush, following a chipmunk. It stopped to sniff at an acorn and Batwing quickly pounced on it. He delivered a bite to its spine and buried it beneath an easily recognizable tree with a twisted trunk. He peeked up his ears to listen for more prey.

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Paperjam (sailormecury) | 641 comments hollowsoul stopped, looking out at the sky, how long will this journey take us? what something happens to skyclan while were looking for them, ..what if somecat dies on the journey? i have so many questions...that i dont know if they will be awnsered!
she kept walking till she took a puase, man im hungry

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Bwackbewwy | 130 comments "why are you pausing? are you scared?" flamepelt asked. she had no patience for slow cats.

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Paperjam (sailormecury) | 641 comments hollowsoul turned towards flamepelt, if were werent finding skyclan together, i would have clawn your mouse-brained ears off.
"im fine, not scared." she half growled. turning away again, she began padding slowly next to diamondstar.

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Bwackbewwy | 130 comments "well then." flamepelt growled. she bounded off, looking for mouse.

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Foxfeather | 273 comments Foxfeather hadn't eaten yet and just kept walking, her head low and her tail swaying. She sniffed the air and watched the sun disappear and the moon rise on the other side with her beautiful blue eyes. She sighed and looked at the other cats on the journey with her. She pinned her ears back as the wind roared through the {What ever terrain they were in}. Her paw pads were cracked and bleeding but she fought there the pain

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Xwft | 817 comments Crimsonpaw continued to catch stuff feeling very prud in herself for catching so much. However way she caught so much was mostly because of the place she was in. Not many cats were in this area so there was heaps of prey to be caught. With a large about of prey, that both her and Foxpaw and caught, piled up onto a oak leaf, Crimsonflame grabbed the steam of the leaf in her mouth and began pilling there pray back to the others. When they made it back to camp Crimsonflame dropped the left and called out. "Anyone hungry because we go a lot of food here."

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Sitting up when Crimsonflame called out, Patchwhisper lashed her tail in excitement at the thought of food. She hesitated though, as she was still on watch for danger. She turned in a circle upon the rock to gaze around the forest for any signs of predators, strange cats, or twolegs, but she saw nothing of note. Still, she sat and waited for one of the other cats to take her spot after they'd rested and ate. Finding her eyes drawn back to where she was sure the river was, she felt it best to tell the group now while most were awake to eat. "Everyone, if I could have your attention for a moment, please. I think that the river is inside the twoleg camp, over that way. To follow it we'll have to enter the twoleg's domain, so I thought I should tell you all so we can get some thoughts and ideas on the matter."

The Batman (Reagan) (thebatman7424) Batwing brought the prey he'd caught over to the growing pile. Normally, he'd wait to feed the elders, kits, and queens first, but seeing as how everyone here was a Warrior or Wolfstar, he grabbed a rabbit and lay down to eat it. When crimsonflame mentioned the Twoleg camp, his hackles raised. "Can't we go around it? "

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Paperjam (sailormecury) | 641 comments hollowsoul looked at patchwhisper, walking towards her, she flicked her tail towards the prey, " thats good to know, you can go and eat, i can keep watch."
she wasnt feeling so hungry, she was too busy thinking about skyclan and the old forest territory.
sitting up straight, she licked the the top part of her ruffled fur,"as a deputy, i should be putting my clan-mates before myself, even if you arent apart of my clan, it is my duty to make sure every cat is safe."

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Blinking in a friendliness and nodding her head in thanks, Patchwhisper jumped down to the ground and grabbed a vole. She crunched into it immediately and purred at the delectable taste. Before she knew it she was done, so she groomed for a bit before stretching out and falling asleep.

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Xwft | 817 comments Crimsonflame watched everyone take some food. Some even came back with more. After everyone had taken there bit, Crimsonflame walked over and took a piece for herself. she only took a small bird because she wasn't overly hungry but she knew she needed to keep her strength up. She took the bird and lay down in the diapering sun. She played Patchwhispers words over in her head River is inside the twoleg camp, over that way. To follow it we'll have to enter the twoleg's domain, so I thought I should tell you all so we can get some thoughts and ideas on the matter. The twolegs. The ones that caught and did horrible things to them. She pushed that thought aside before it could get to far. Her mind then wandered to Smokeheart. She felt so bad for leaving him but knew she couldn't really have helped it. She hopped he was ok and wasn't taking that fact that she left of hard. Crimsonflame let her mind wander as she finished her food. Thought most of the time her thoughts went back to Smokeheart. Licking the blood off her jaw, Crimsonflame got up. There was no way she was going to sleep tonight so she just decided to keep watch. She walked up beside Hollowsoul and sat down silently.

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Paperjam (sailormecury) | 641 comments she watched crimsonflame approach her, she nodded towards the shadowcln warrior then turned back towards twoleg place.
"i hope were going the right way, hopefully starclan is still with us."
her tail was wraped around her paws as she watched the nightly sky.

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Foxfeather | 273 comments Foxfeather just sat alone looking at the sky, not talking to anyone, just thinking about what could happen when they crossed into twoleg place. Her blue eyes were dull as she watched the other cats speaking and eating.

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Xwft | 817 comments Crimsonflame nodded just going along with what Hollowsoul. So far there were no signs from Starclan. She had know idea what Starclan was doing but they were definitely not helping. "Yeah I hope we are. Patchwhisper seems to know what she's doing so i'll follow her unless she does something dumb." She said with a small smile. "Now if you want you can get some food and sleep. I don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight anyway so you might as well catch some sleep if I wont." She said. It was the first kind thing she had in quite awhile.

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Xwft | 817 comments Crimsonfame listened to Fireblaze. She nodded along making it seem like she agreed. She thought his words over more thoroughly thinking did she rally believe in Starclan. If Starclan was real they didn't bother to help her or her mum in times of need. Yes they were rouges but they never did anything bad they were just trying to live. "I guess." She said slowly. "I guess." She stayed silent awhile before speaking again. "Well if everyone has had enough sleep should we get going?" She asked.

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Bwackbewwy | 130 comments flamepelt padded over and sat next to crimsonflame. "i'd like to. we need to hurry with this quest, because I am a deputy and i can't be away from camp for a long time." she meowed.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Patchwhisper sat up when some of the cats started talking anxiously about moving on. "We need to go slow and be careful, Flamepelt. Rushing into a twolegs camp could get us hurt, killed, or captured. We should rest through the day and get some herbs for cracked pads. Once night falls again, we can go in under the cover of darkness. Doesn't that sound like a better plan?"

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Foxfeather | 273 comments Foxfeather looked over at Patchwhisper. "I agree, I know you all want to go back to your clans, I do too, but we need to take it slow so we don't get hurt or captured or never come back to the clans." The dark-red she-cat said walking over to them and sitting down, her tail wrapped around her paws.

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The Batman (Reagan) (thebatman7424) "Should some of us go in and see if we can find a guide? Better a few of us first,so we don't attract too much attention to ourselves."

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Paperjam (sailormecury) | 641 comments "yes," hollowsoul spoke, hoping to calm down all the cats who had gathered next to crimsonflame and her, "we should always have faith, starclan sent us that vision, and they havent given us a sign that were doing this all wrong, so we must be going the right way."
"starclan wants us to find skyclan," turning she looked at flamepelt, "if starclan wishes for us to find them, then we shouldnt try being in a rush, i know its kinda of..well scary, not knowing what troubles lay ahead, but remember in your hearts that starclan will protect us, no matter what."

she paused, her thoughts whirled about the Pale one who had spoken at the gathering, telling them about the rogue she-cat, oh mouse-dung, what was her name again, brokenclaw?
turning towards crimsonflame, she nodded in deep respect, "and ill take that offer of getting some prey and a quick nap, thank you crimsonflame."
jumping up, she walked slowly, grabbing a small squirrel, seeing the dead prey reminded her of thunderclan, i hope they'll be okay without us for awhile..

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Xwft | 817 comments Starcaln this Starclan that. Crimsonflame muttered as the other cats discussed what to do next. Starclan was always brought up. They were always saying that Starclan would help but they never seemed to. Crimsonflame didn't speak but nodded to Hollowsoul as she left. "If we are sending scouts i'm going." She said awhile later in a tone that said this was not up for debate. "Now go you guys should sleep I can keep watch alone." She said wanting some alone time. If they were going to wait until the next morning Crimsonflame had enough time to sleep later but at this moment she really didn't want to.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) ((Just a thought, but maybe the group that goes in to scout out the place gets separated by a pack of stray dogs? Some might get injured, but save the major injuries or illness for when they follow the river to the end and have to enter the second twolegs camp in search of SkyClan cats or volunteers?))

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Xwft | 817 comments ((Yeah i was thinking something like that could happen, It would give a excuse for us to bring in some of our other characters so they can help and stuff. So i'm down for that idea.))

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) ((My two characters are going to be in the second city where the group has to try and find Skyclan cats, but some of the volunteers could be from this city and travel with the Clan cats to help them.))

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Bwackbewwy | 130 comments flamepelt liked the idea "actually yes. that would be nice." she responded.

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Xwft | 817 comments Crimsonflame sighed. What part of you guys go sleep I can watch alone did they not understand. Slowly, Crimsonflame got to her feet. She walked slightly further away from the group just out of ear shot. She had enough of socializing for one day. Lying down and placing her chin on her paws, Crimsonfame watched the dark forest. Her mind wandered back to her home again most of the time end in her thinking about Smokeheart. Soon Crimsonflame gave up trying to distract her thoughts away from Smokeheart and just let them do what they wanted. "This is going to be a long night." She muttered.

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