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The Black Blade: A Huckster Novel
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Title: The Black Blade: A Huckster Novel
Author: Jeff Chapman
Genre: Weird Western/Fantasy
Formats Available: Mobi
Page # 137
Review Due Date: November 12, 2017

Book Description:

An enchanted blade. An evil old man. An ancient spirit behind a mask. The Weird West just gets weirder.

Orville and Jimmy are a pair of hucksters, struggling to scrape together enough coin for a square meal. While Orville angles for the big score, Jimmy hopes to make an honest buck for a day's work. When an old man calling himself Marzby asks for help with a supernatural pest, Orville smells opportunity. Jimmy smells danger.

In two shakes of a lamb's tail, Marzby imprisons Orville and only Jimmy can save him from a gruesome death. The price for Orville's life? Jimmy must retrieve an enchanted knife from inside Skull Hill and put it in Marzby's hands in three days time. With the blade in reach, Jimmy runs head on into more trouble: a shapeshifting opossum, a larger than average coyote and an ancient spirit determined to keep the blade where it is. Maybe the evil Marzby shouldn't have the blade, but without it, how is Jimmy going to rescue Orville?

The Black Blade is a weird western novel in Jeff Chapman's Huckster Tales series, mixing horror, fantasy, and comedy in an Old West setting. Climb up in the wagon and follow Orville and Jimmy as they once again plunge over their heads into supernatural trouble.

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Review Due Date: November 12, 2017

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I'll post review on GR, Amazon, and Into the Abyss Reviews blog.
Thank you!!

So glad I signed up for this one!
also Amazon, and http://thehauntedreadingroom.blogspot...

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sent Mallory an email

Renetta | 54 comments Yes please!

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Renetta wrote: "Yes please!"

Renetta sent you an email

Renetta | 54 comments Tana wrote: "Renetta wrote: "Yes please!"

Renetta sent you an email"

I got it. Thank you!

Renetta | 54 comments Thanks for the fun read! It was just what I needed! Here's my review...

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