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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew (northeastreader) | 1 comments I'm an aspiring speculative fiction writer with a few projects on the go. Always in desperate need of a sounding board for advice on anything from plot points and ideas to technical grammar/word use. I've had a few short stories published in various places during the last 12 months and my plan now is to step it up and aim for the professional SFWA markets. Would love your help getting there!

message 2: by Cillian (new)

Cillian Flood | 12 comments I need a few more days with something else but then I'll be free to do some swapping with you. Email me at Note the three Os.

message 3: by Ted (new)

Ted Carmichael | 17 comments Hi Andrew! I'm also an aspiring speculative fiction writer. I have one story that's been published in a small magazine called "L0w L1f3" and another that's being held for consideration by an online speculative fiction mag - not sure if it's actually going to be published, but after sending emails back and forth with an editor my guess is it might have something like a 50/50 shot.

My taste in sci-fi leans toward authors like Philip K Dick, JG Ballard, Ryu (not Haruki!) Murakami, China Mieville, Thomas M Disch, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, and Stanislaw Lem. I also have a soft spot for the slightly more experimental side of literary fiction (authors like Anne Carson, WG Sebald, Kobo Abe, Maggie Nelson, Victor Pelevin, Clarice Lispector Alexander Kluge, Will Self, Antoine Volodine) that hopefully shines through my sci-fi writing. I'm definitely NOT a Star Wars, space opera, YA kind of guy.

(I hope that's not too much info - I just wanted to give you a clear idea of who I am as both a writer and a reader.)

Anyway, I'm always looking for smart and insightful critique partners. Right now I have seven stories (about 27,000 words total) that could use feedback.

You can reach me here at Goodreads or at my email -

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