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message 1: by BetteandWayne (new)

BetteandWayne Price | 17 comments Hello Kent!

We are willing to read and review your books. A quick glance shows two quality works! Both Bette and I have started both of them since they have already been downloaded. The reason we are interested in doing this with you is we are also authors. We will read and review yours--we usually give five star reviews simply because we look for the good in every book we read. However, we always give fair and honest reviews. If we have a problem with your book, rather than dinging the review we will communicate directly to you so it can be corrected if you so choose.

If this fits your needs, we have a request for you. We have two books that are Christian testimonies. Books can always benefit from five star reviews but we particularly need a review on one of them. If you are willing to read and review in our genre please consider our book Pure God: Unmistakable, Unexplainable, and Undeniable. It is 97 pages and can be found on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M4KWZ5Z

Reviews on purchased books are best because the Amazon flag of “Verified purchase” shows up next to the review. However, since our book is $2.99, we would be willing to buy your books when they are for a price, or if you would prefer we would gladly send you a PDF copy right away. Anyway, whatever you want to do is fine with us. We look forward to your response.

In His service,
Bette and Wayne Price

message 2: by Chrys (new)

Chrys Cymri | 9 comments Hi all

Please forgive me for sticking my nose in--but Amazon has been taking down reciprocal reviews.

message 3: by BetteandWayne (new)

BetteandWayne Price | 17 comments In this case Chrys we appreciated his "look inside". Being another writer we simply downloaded his. Since you are an author what is the name of your book(s)? We like to read other Christian author's books especially since we know how hard it is to get a book out to the public. Thanks for the heads up and please know we don't want to go against an Amazon rule! Thanks!

message 4: by Chrys (new)

Chrys Cymri | 9 comments Thank you for taking my comment in the spirit in which it was meant.

My books are Christian fantasy novels. The first one in the series is only 99p at the moment. You'll see that I've done well in gathering reviews, so feel free to focus on authors who don't have the same number of reviews:

The Temptation of Dragons

message 5: by Acacia (new)

Acacia Slaton | 6 comments Hi Kent! I’d be willing to review your book on suffering in exchange of your review of one of my books. These are my books: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=is...

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