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message 1: by Susan (new)

Susan | 9430 comments Mod
Just to let you know, Judy and I are starting a new group as well as Reading the Detectives. We have loved running the group (along with our fellow moderators of course!) and the input of all our members. In fact, we have enjoyed the experience so much that we have decided to venture out and start another Goodreads group, along with a third moderator, based on our interest in the literature, culture and music of the Twentieth Century.

'Reading the 20th Century,' is a new group, which we hope will be friendly and inclusive. Each month we plan to explore a ten year period within the century, or a movement or idea, by nominating and voting on a work of fiction or non-fiction linked to the monthly theme. Aside from this group choice, there will also be an alternate read, nominated by one of our moderators. Group members are welcome to choose one, both, or indeed, neither of the monthly choices.

Although we cover all aspects of the 20th Century, we are a UK-based group and our main emphasis tends towards the UK and Europe.

We hope some of you will take a look and, perhaps, find something to interest you.

Susan and Judy

Find us here:

message 2: by Judy (new)

Judy (wwwgoodreadscomprofilejudyg) | 8429 comments Mod
Thanks for posting this, Susan!

Yes, we are looking forward to this new group and, if some of you are interested and would like to join you will be very welcome.

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 351 comments That sounds really interesting and your group page already looks well thought out! As a loyal fan of this group, I'll gladly follow you there too :-)

message 4: by Judy (new)

Judy (wwwgoodreadscomprofilejudyg) | 8429 comments Mod
Thank you, Jessica. :)

message 5: by Roman Clodia (new)

Roman Clodia | 734 comments Exciting! I'll definitely pop over to sign myself up!

message 6: by Susan (new)

Susan | 9430 comments Mod
Good news, RC!

message 7: by Sandy (new)

Sandy | 2561 comments Mod
Good luck with group. I will be checking your reading list. Goodreads needs a 'lurk' feature.

message 8: by Susan (new)

Susan | 9430 comments Mod
Feel free to lurk, whoever wants to. We are happy to welcome those who prefer to participate less - I still lurk in a couple of groups which I joined ages ago, but have never completely dropped out of.

message 9: by Brina (new)

Brina I may lurk too just to get ideas of what classics to read but I cannot promise being an active member.

message 10: by Susan (new)

Susan | 9430 comments Mod
It is not really concentrating on Classics, Brina. It is just books between 1900-1999 based around a particular decade (1940's, 1960's, an author or a theme. You don't have to join and we will, of course, still be running this group. However, if you wish to lurk, you will be very welcome :)

message 11: by Susan (new)

Susan | 9430 comments Mod
Just wanted to say thank you to many of our 'Detectives,' who have taken the plunge into our new group with all the enthusiasm we have come to expect from you. We can only hope that that group is as active as this one. Our first group read, next month, will be The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh, if anyone is interested...

message 12: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 310 comments Thanks for the invite Susan and Judy - I think the two of you plus Nigeyb will make a great combination as moderaters! 🙋‍♀️

message 13: by Susan (new)

Susan | 9430 comments Mod
Thank you, Ruth. I don't think the group will have such a wide appeal as Detectives, but it is going well so far and we are enjoying having two groups on the go!

message 14: by Judy (new)

Judy (wwwgoodreadscomprofilejudyg) | 8429 comments Mod
Yes, thanks, Ruth, very kind of you.

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